Death Knight Dual Wielding – More notes to come

I have been Dual Wielding exclusively for a few levels now. So far I haven’t noticed any performance drops. I did however spoil a talent point on the Ghoul. I’m not a huge fan of minion pets. I’ve played a Warlock here and there and for the most part the minion pets have ‘short bus’ written all over them. So tonight I’m running quests in Dragonblight and I head down into a cavernous area for Black Blood of Yogg and Scourge Armaments. I head towards one of the blood nodes when I look up to see that my Ghoul is in combat. Oh goody. I turn around and I don’t see the little bastard anywhere. Yeah, it’d dropped down into a cavern below to beat on something it’d found down there. Yeah I know, you’re thinking, well she probably left it on aggressive. Yeah no, I’ve only left a pet on aggressive once and that was to clue me off to instant spawns. For the most part it’s either on Defensive or Passive. [more]

I try to keep my Ghoul on Passive now because he just LOVES running off to kill stuff. I mean, I can’t blame him, I’ve probably instilled a bit of blood lust in the little guy. By the same token to he’s MY minion so I’ve gotta make sure he’s listening to orders. You know orders like ‘Oy nummie, please DO NOT aggro half the continent when I’m just trying to snag one elk using my grabbo arm here’. Oh that’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I set the Ghoul to passive just before I make the pull and set it back to defensive as I’m getting in the first strike.

This actually works on two levels. First off, the Ghoul isn’t charging into enemy territory and making friends that it just HAS to bring home for some reason. Secondly, it gives me a chance to get aggro and this way the Ghoul’s coding knows that once I have aggro it goes into melee DPS mode. How is this good for me? Well it means that the Ghoul (at least now), runs around behind the mob and starts whompin’ on it. This way I dont’ have to worry about the mob doubling it’s defenses and laying the smack down on me. Yeah, defensive manuvers don’t work too well when you’re attacked from behind, at least in WoW. I’ve noticed that every once in a while, if I don’t give the Ghoul this nonverbal heads up before I start beating on something, the Ghoul tries to play toy tank. It’s so cute to watch until you realize that the dang thing just died and for some reason you’ve managed to run out of corpse dust. Not a big deal unless you skin everything, if you’ve got no bodies, and you’ve got no Corpse Dust, you’ve got no Ghoul.

Seriously sometimes I wonder if there’s an underground market in pushing the stuff. quot;Hey yeah you want some, sure but it’s gonna cost ya” says some shady character in an overcoat.

Yeah, so I need to make a complete analysis of my gear up to this point and compare it to the Lichborn article that I’d been tracking to make sure that I was picking up the best gear I could find for Geistig.  Once I’ve given all that a once over I should have a good article to post. I should probably look into some pet management strategies too. You know, other than yelling “why you little bastard”.


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