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Since I'm blogging from a different computer tonight I don't really have a picture to add to the blog. It's a sin I know but hey I'm blogging from bed so… Hmmm probably shouldn't have shared that part. Well anywho I actually tried to get through Utguard Keep today with a group of friends. Safe to say I actually had fun. I need to work on my tanking though, and probably go blood instead of Unholy. The pet's kind of nice, but I can see how it's a pain to heal and I feel really sorry for the Priest we had with us (who did an awesome job by the way). I also hit 72 finally after clearing the second room. Yippee 8 more levels to go.  /sigh

I did however finally pick up that Axe I'd been drooling over the Edge of the Tuskarr. I also hit the Auction House to see if I could upgrade a piece or two of my armor. Really the only way I'm going to get any experience tanking will be to, yeah Tank. So I probably ought to get out there and get to business. The sad part is that pretty much ever other message in the general channels includes requests for healers and tanks. Hey if nothing else I should start answering those just to push up my experience bar.  

I think though, if I changed out for a Blood tanking build, I'd drop Dual Wielding. Then again I could just stick with Dual Wielding for now, but just go for a Frost tanking build. The only reason I'm leaning toward a Blood build is that it's easier on healers. After being a healer I like the idea of making their jobs easier. Although I haven't tried an all Blood build yet, so perhaps I should give it a shot and just see what I think. I was not a big fan of running Frost. The burst damage is kind of nice, but the rest of the time there's not a lot going on. Also until Unbreakable Armor, the shielding DK talent is buffed a bit, the Unholy equivalent, Bone Shield is really very helpful.

Then again, since I run solo a lot, I'm wondering if sticking with Unholy isn't such a bad thing. That little pet ghoul can be pretty helpful. Then again that's only if I remember to set him to docile before making a pull and then setting him to defensive once the mob is in range. Otherwise I end up aggroing half the mobs in the area as the idiot goul goes chasing after whatever it is I'm trying to pull one mob in. Oh well, AOE for the win right? 


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