Off Topic and Let it Snow!

Sweet! It’s snowing in Seattle! Geistig here isn’t the only one getting to enjoy a little bit of the cold powdery goodness. I love snow. I’ve lived in places where there was snow on the ground for months at a time. I’ve even spent months working at a ski resort. Somehow I still can’t get over this almost child like excitement that comes over me ever time snow starts to fall. [more]

I think it comes from growing up mostly in the southern regions of the US (mostly Georgia and Alabama) otherwise known of as ‘the South’. It rarely ever snows in the South. Sure as you get into the more northern bits you see more of it on occasion, but it still isn’t a regular, for months on end, shoveling the driveway kind of snow. I actually did have to shovel the driveway in North Georgia one year, freak snowstorm, it was AWESOME. Nope in the South the snow is a brief fun experience where everything shuts down for the most part and the world looks totally different, well for about 8 hours or so.

With that being said it’s I still love it when I see snow even living here in Seattle where it’s pretty much expected that snow falls at least once or twice a year. The city typically stays too warm to snow, although it does rain, a LOT (the author is not a big fan of rain). So yeah even though it’s the snow’s expected, I still love it. I’ve even lived in places where it snows for months at a time, yeppers, still love snow. Even after a brief stint as a snowboarding bum, I still love snow. Then again if nothing else my experiences snowboarding probably only solidified my perception of the powdery goodness just that much more.

While I know I need to log in and hit 72 (SO CLOSE!). I can’t help wanting to fix a hot cocoa and just sit and watch the snow falling outside.

/Salute /Dance


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13 years ago

I was quite bowled over by the quality of the content on this blog – often authors just ‘churn’ out posts, but you clearly took good time and wrote with a good writing style. Thanks.

Leadership Styles

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