Something Old Becomes Something New?

So I was reading through the blogs today and over at Spooncraft there’s a post on new changes to the Old World attunements.  Evidently Blizzard (the folks who make and run WoW) have noticed that quite a few folks actually still enjoy running the Old World content despite having hit the current level cap (80). Why? Nostalgia perhaps? Or perhaps they’re folks like me that didn’t play back in the days of the ‘Vanilla WoW’.

Yes before Wrath of the Lich King, even before the Burning Crusade, there was just good old World of Warcraft. For me this is a world that I’ve leveled through like crazy to catch up with friends who started playing long before I did. It’s a world that passed by in a blur. In getting to the level cap most of the time online is spent questing here, questing there, ding, run for training, empty the bags, lather rinse repeat. To this day there’s still a ton of the world that I haven’t had a chance to see yet. I mean I haven’t even rolled an Alliance toon. So there’s an entire side to the game that I have yet to experience.

I would actually like to go through the old world instances and take a look at what things were like. I know they aren’t remotely as hard as they used to be what with the level cap being 20 levels higher now than when these instances were originally set in place. I also know that a ton of the players running through the fresh new instances offered by WOTLK would probably think I’m mad for even considering wanting to run through places that don’t drop ‘phat lootz’.

I’ve always believed that the journey is just as important as the destination. If you’re not taking time to stop take a look around you may miss something that you’ll regret later (like leaving your wallet on the seat next you or something just as obnoxious). I think I’ll have to just get geared up as much as I can and see about taking a walk back in time in a way, and check these places out. Get some nifty screen shots, maybe snag a few achievements, who knows?



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