Off Topic and Mouthy in General Chat Again

What? Was it something I said? Well yeah it usually is. What can I say, when I’m not shooting myself in the foot, I’m usually putting it in my mouth. I have a tendency to either make the general channel explode or bring it to a screeching halt. I’ve noticed that asking someone why they made a particular comment usually blows the lid off of anything anyone had been waiting to say. I’ve also noticed that there’s a sure fire method for ending general chat conversations, well at least on my server.

A few nights ago a player announced in the Borean Tundra General Chat that he was probably the only level 70 that didn’t have an epic mount. Unfortunately in the evenings once I finally get a chance to play, the filters that usually hold back my jack ass comments have melted away after a day at the office. This means that I had to call out that player by asking ‘Why would you announce that?’. Pretty soon the chat blossomed into the expense of controlled substances and ladies of negotiable affection (prostitutes for folks that don’t read Terry Pratchett books). Arguably the blue mount player was not the most epic fail of the evening and several other players chimed in (elbowing their way in past the lol speak) to announce the evening as ‘kiddie night’. I pretty much agreed with that assessment as the mountless wonder was not the only epic/epicless fail of the evening. While I’m pretty sure that the channel was going to blow up regardless of whether I had been the catalyst or not, it still kind of wierds me out to know that I pushed things over the edge.

Next to the topic of halting general chat. As mentioned in the ‘About Me’ section of the blog, I am not a dude. However since most guys in game play gals, I roll all gal toons. For me this is sort of a method of hiding out in plain sight. Evidently I do such a good job of this that most folks instantly assume that I’m a guy. But I digress. In chat the topic of the models comes up every once in a while, and for the most part I like the look of the male models in the game. While for the most part I like the Dwarve, Human, and Gnome models because they make me laugh, but some of the male models aren’t built half bad. Which probably explains why I’m not the only gal who plays WOW (insert giggles here). OK so how does this silence general chat so quickly that the crickets don’t have a chance to chime in? Well as soon as I kind of hint that the male 3D models aren’t half bad…. ‘poof’…. silence.

Pretty much the general chat doesn’t pick back up agian until some one needs a port.

I can’t quite explain why this happens. I’m pretty sure that most folks just don’t have a response. This makes sense after all when I remember that I’m playing a game surrounded by guys. Regardless it’s nice to know that I’ve got an instance chat silencing weapon. For the most part I forget to even use it. It’d be nice to have someone agree with me for once. I mean I can’t be the only gal that plays WOW that thinks the male 3D models are easy on the eyes. I just don’t get why mentioning this clears the chat faster than a silent but deadly can clear a room. There’s probably some unspoken taboo on this that I’m unaware of and hopefully I’ll get clued in one day.

This was just something that’s been bugging me and I just wanted to share. /Salute


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