A Little More Dual Wielding and a Great Big Axe

OK so last night by the time I logged off I ended up hitting 70 as mentioned, and I’d run around collecting some new gear. So right now I’m up to the Mightstone Helm, the Pugnacious Collar, the Ramshorn Inlaid Shoulders, Mightstone Breastplate, Mightstone Legplates, the Scout’s Signet Ring, and the Rigid Tuskring.  After picking up the Rigid Tusk Ring I threw my swords back on again (if nothing else just to keep my skills up) and WOW, what a difference that extra expertise makes! I had dropped the two swords in exchange for 2 handed quest rewards to get a little extra damage in as my Dual Wielding became a little hampered by my lack of +hit and boosted expertise. I enjoyed being a whirling instrument of destruction again for a bit.

The evening also became a little more interesting after the General Channel erupted into non-stop madness when a player asked for the location of a quest and received the response ‘crossroads’. Of course the player posing the question had to point out that the Crossroads is in the Barrens. Somehow I guess he/she never considered that there could be more than one place in the game where roads crossed and hence formed crossroads. But that’s neither here nor there. Next thing you know there’s a dude claiming Mankrick’s wife is at his house, another dude asking if Mankrick knows, and three other people asking if this is all part of the standard fee or if we’re paying extra for this nonsense. I did notice hosever a severe lack of Chuck Norris jokes which tend to be a staple in Barrens chat asshattery. The worst part is that I’m not sure whether I should feel that I dodged a mental blow by missing out, or if I should feel cheated. Either way I’m puzzled by my reaction.

It saddens me to say though that as swiftly as the general channel cleared of all intelligent life forms, I too dropped Dual Wielding again, well at least for now. Last night I also completed Hellscream’s Champion for which I was rewarded the Axe of Frozen Death. Finally a blue item to drop in the slots. I rushed back to Acherus to slap the Rune of Cinderglacier on it and made my way back to Northrend. While it isn’t the main hand Axe I’m waiting on, it does look pretty intimidating.

I’ve got to admit, I like the gear in Northrend a lot more than the gear from the Outlands. It’s kind of nice to put on matching quest rewards armor. Ah there’s nothing quite like trying to head out to cause terror only to look as though you’ve dressed yourself in the dark. There were times in the old world where I was just waiting for some humanoid mobs to say ‘look it’s bad enough that you’ve come trouncing into my home, but seriously, you’re not going to kill me while wearing that are you’? Don’t get me wrong, I’m much more concerned with the stats of an item over the look of it, but there are sometimes where I wish I could hide more than just my helmet and cape if you know what I mean. The Northrend gear I’ve collected so far however, is pretty easy on the eyes (at least for folks who like black, which I do). I’m almost looking forward to leveling Strategeist here once Geistig has hit 80. For the most part I always loved Shadow form because it not only has a great sound associated with casting it, the armor kept Strategeist alive a little bit longer, and it covered up the 64 color landscape that’s usually associated with armor that isn’t crafted or part of a Tier set. Ah one day, I might even have one of those! Meh, if I can get home from work earlier. Oh yeah, work. Well gotta go, enjoy Thursday everyone!



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