One More Level and Some More Dual Wield Observations

Northrend finally! Yeah I should have headed out once I hit 68. Instead I swapped out professions Skinning for Mining and spent a little extra time in the Outlands building up my Skinning skill before rushing to Northrend. Well that and collecting a little more quest turn in gold. Geistig is still Dual Wielding but I’ve got to do some more tweaking to build up her damage output. She’s currently rocking a Stoneblade Slicer and a Coldstone Cutlass. While I like the stats on the Stoneblade Slicer, I have to admit the dual swords just don’t seem to have the same kind of menacing aesthetic that I enjoyed with my Grunt’s Waraxes. Honestly though that’s just a style thing and well I’m willing to forgo style for stats to be a killing machine. I am however looking forward to picking up this guy though the Edge of the Tuskarr which is a quest reward from The Tides Turn. [more]

I am not enjoying the fact that I’ve got to build up my skill in one handed swords, but at least it’s better than my skill in one handed maces (whew it’s embarrassing, I’ll have to equip a mace and go bash some stuff one of these days). I did however work pretty hard for the Stoneblade Slicer, *cough cough* yeah I failed the quest (Trial of Fire) a few times before finally running the crazy apothecary out of danger. This quest brings the “I hate Escort quests, it’s like trying to rescue one of Jerry’s kids” into a whole new realm of yeah there’s a reason why you got captured, but why am I crazy enough to try and rescue your bony butt.  Arguably I’m not a huge fan of these new weapons though, rocking a pair of, well, rocks, with pointy ends just bugs me. When Strategeist hit the Outlands honestly I wasn’t too worried about upgrading my gear. I did however miss upgrading from a staff I’d obtained in Black Rock, but since I hadn’t been a raider in any sense of the word, it’s not as though I had epic gear that I was exchanging for greens. I did start to know the feeling though with Geistig since I’ve had to replace some of those awesome starter blues with greens and now with the uglies. Except for my weapons though I’m a big fan of Northrend and I’m looking forward to questing there, seeing the sights, and of course, killing the natives.

So I still have doubts about the spec I’m working with currently and I may have to make some changes here and there. I’m glad that I hadn’t already posted specifics as I’ve already had to go through and remove the 2-handed weapon specialization. OK I don’t know what I was thinking when I added that to a Dual Wield talent tree. Arguably, reading comprehension is pretty rarely at it’s best after working all day and then piecing together Death Knight research a little at a time in the evenings.

I’ll be happy when the Death Knight class is well documented and the class tweaking and tuning is complete. In the meantime though, I am kind of enjoying being a part of a class that’s still evolving. I haven’t played WOW for years and years, so for me it’s like being right there at the beginning of things. I really like that.

I’m not sure what the future will hold in Northrend for Geistig. Hopefully some new and fantastic weapon choices. So far I like the fact that there’s defense ratings added to single handed weapons and I’m hoping that I can get my hand on some of those. If I can’t use a shield, I’m curious if using a second weapon with some defensive stats will help augment the Death Knight shielding abilities. Guess we’ll have to see how things roll out over time.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty exhausted and ready to get some sleep in before starting a new week. Here’s to Northrend!


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Skeleton Jack
14 years ago

I stumbled on to your website from a link back. I read your “About” page and saw, “The author isn’t really creepy per se, though she does like the ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ and other spooky styles in artwork.” Which is hands down one of my top5 favorite movies. Hence the name Skeleton Jack. Didn’t see an e-mail link for you to give you a shout out. So just wanted to say, I love your taste and plan on checking out your site later when I have time. Off to work, and good luck leveling!!


14 years ago

Thanks! I’m going to need the luck I’m sure. Yeah as soon as I set foot in the Undercity I was pretty much hooked on WOW. That and now Acherus is of the same genre, so being a DK just fit.

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