Two AM and Halfway to 68

Here’s Geistig my Death Knight. I’m totally stoked that I finally finished the Ring of Blood quest chain thanks to an awesome group of fellow Death Knights. While it would have been nice to have had a healer, we still managed to take down the whole set of them pretty quickly. I’m also fairly pleased with my latest talent tree set up. This evening I went through and did some reading up on Death Knight tanking. Based on what I read and based on some other ideas I’m formulating I’m working my way up to a Dual Wield tanking Death Knight. Yeah it sounds kind of crazy when I look at it in type, but it seems to be working so far. Not only did I solo the two out of three of the Nagrand ‘Nestingway’ quests (I was getting a bit too tired by the end to find the last one), I completed the ‘Ring of Blood’ quest chain, and I knocked a few other quests out of the log. I found that with my latest revision to Geistig’s talent tree I suffered a lot less damage than I had previously, but I was still able to take down mobs pretty swiftly. [more]

Basically this new set of talents draws on hitting as many ‘tanking’ talents as possible while also snagging talents that help out with Dual Wielding. My plan at this point is to max out the Unholy Death Knight Talent tree just enough to get some good tanking skills out of this tree. This build also runs up the Blood and Frost Death Knight Talent trees just far enough to pick up a few more tanking talents. There’s also a few talents hit that boost damage done by Dual Wielding weapons and getting a little extra parry to help keep the damage down.

So far, I’m feeling a lot better running with this build than with my earlier and undocumented experiments (trust me, you don’t want to know). I also really enjoyed grouping with other Death Knights. I still want to get some tanking practice in so that I’ll be able to test this build more thoroughly once I get Geistig to the level cap. I’m also kind of starting to like the tanking role over the DPS role. Well I’ll have to get more details in after I get some sleep, otherwise I’m going to end up with qwerty on my forehead.


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13 years ago

Amazing how well a deathknight can tank without a shield, I have been curious about dual wielding myself just haven’t switched over due to the lack of quality weapons to use…I know exactly what you mean about QWERTY forehead syndrome… 🙂

13 years ago

Yeah with Death Knights Blizz took a side step from the norm and they build the shielding into the Death Knight talents. So if folks pick the right talents from the trees and *cough cough* remember to use them (one of my biggest challenges), it works out all right in the end.
Weird but hey it’s their world right?

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