A Little Secret

I have a secret. Nah it’s not one of those really good ones
that makes folks run to post on a forum. It’s not even one of those sort of
blah ones you hear old ladies discussing, at great length, while in line at the
DMV. My secret is that I love comics.

I read a whole slew of them every morning (then I remember
that I have to go to work, eep). To me they make the world a better place.
Comics give us a laugh when we need it, they bring us together over common
topics, and they can be just plain fun. I’ve always read comics but it’s only
recently that I’ve started drawing them too. Drawing a comic about something
that terrifies me makes it easier for me to deal with whatever it is. Poking
fun at something that frustrates me to no end even makes it a LOT easier for me
to just get over it. It’s kind of hard to explain, but basically drawing comics
helps me work out emotions that otherwise end up hanging out, kicking their
feet up, and whining when they can’t find the remote.

I did draw the comic I posted last night for ‘Making up my
Minds.’ Yeah I didn’t sign it, after drafting it, scanning it, finding out that
my tablet has decided to spaz, tracing the draft, rescanning it, and then
finally prepping it for posting, I didn’t really feel like worrying about
anything other than posting it. Honestly, posting anything I draw terrifies me.
I’m not sure why, I must be coming down with the same thing my tablet has.
Regardless I think I’d like to post more comics to go along with my posts
instead of just screen shots. I like the screen shots, but sometimes they just
aren’t right for the subject.

Now though I’ve got to get my tablet working so it’ll be
easier to actually add *gasp* color to my comics. I’m pretty unhappy with
posting a black and white comic, but I figured if I didn’t get it posted while
I had the guts, I’d probably chicken out. As you can imagine, I’ve chickened
out a few times so I know the pattern.

I do a job thing and that eats up a bunch of my time. I’d
like to draw some real finished pieces that have more polish and flair, but
that’s probably going to have to wait, probably until I retire.  In any case, drawing these things keeps me
from getting any nuttier so even if they aren’t totally pro worthy, it’s
something I’m doing for fun and figured hey, maybe other folks can get a laugh
or two out of it as well. While I can’t promise that it’ll be a regular thing I
have to admit that I’ve had a lot of ideas for comics coming at me lately! I
mean there’s some servers you log onto in WOW and folks are just handing out
comic material like it’s Halloween candy.  Well we’ll see what kind of trouble I can get
myself into, and thanks for reading.


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