Making up my Minds

Picture a crossroads. On one leg there’s a promising server, there’s still a
bunch of pretty silly folks, but there’s also a few gem players that make the
server stand out. On another leg there’s a Priest, a lot of time and effort has
gone into getting that priest to her current level, all she asks is for
completion, but all she offers is a lot of downtime and a monotonous grind.
Then on the last leg of the crossroads a Death Knight stands. Her power is
seductive and her every move delivers swift and blinding violence. She’s pretty
high maintenance in talents research and rotation configuration, and most shun
her as an overplayed or poorly played class. Then again, just like a sports car
that’s costly on mileage and insurance, it sure is fun to drive! I know
it’s a weird analogy for a gal to make, but just go with me on this.

Then there’s also the leg I’m standing on. This is the leg that led to WOW
in the first place. Part of me looks down, and then looks behind me and thinks,
‘my god woman, let the insanity end and get back to doodling!’ [more]

The rest of me gets a huge migraine and wants to tell all the gals ‘sorry
but I need some space.’

I’m always inspired when I come across a blog and someone is really enjoying
a class that I play. Lately I’ve enjoyed reading about Hudson’s Priest over at Hudson’s
Hideout. It’s cool to hear about all of the fun people he meets as he
plays.  I also like reading Skeleton
Death Knight blog, but more for tips on gear or talent trees than
about actually playing. I see these posts and I think ‘wow it would be
cool to play around folks like this!’ Then I log on.

I haven’t really found a place on my server and my sense of humor seems to
get lost in chat. So I spend a lot of time questing solo. As a DK, it’s no
biggie. As a Priest, it’s a drag. Then I think to myself, why am I paying to
play a multi-player game if I’m just going to play by myself? So I check out a
couple of other servers. For the most part the servers share a common theme (it
may be different on the Alliance side, I haven’t spent a ton of time there),
there’s not a lot of folks that I have anything in common with. I’m not one of
the ‘cool kids.’ There’s no way I can fit into the kid category anymore, I’m
way too old for that and I never was cool so that doesn’t really work for me
either. I also don’t sport a level capped toon with epics in every slot. That
kind of puts me out of two of the more noticeable demographics that I’ve seen
while playing.

A friend of mine got me into checking out Warcraft Realms and taking a look
at the server information. He also recommended that I check out the RP server
Blackwater Raiders. During the cue backlog days after the WOTLK release Azmim
and I tried out Blackwater Raiders. I liked it. The folks on the server are
more helpful and there’s always something going on. I logged on last night and
spent about an hour there just chatting and watching. It was better than TV. It’s
kind of distracting and I couldn’t imagine leveling quickly on a server like
that, but it was fun to watch. I still like to hide out there and just listen.
It’s such a change from the servers I’d been on and there’s still some folks
dying for an audience and make sure everyone knows. I’d like to find a server
with more folks just there to play and meet others as opposed to putting on a
show, but hey win some lose some. For now I don’t think I’ll be moving to
Blackwater Raiders, it’s just too slow in the evenings when I’m actually able
to play, I’ll still haunt the server, but that’s one road I’ll probably be able
to eliminate.

Hudson’s posts almost make me want to give Strategeist another try. I pretty
much play WOW as a way to meet and hang out with some other folks who are
enjoying something that I enjoy too. I like reading about how Hudson was
jokingly hassled by a fun tank or how he puts the foot down in a group to get
them to straighten up and complete the instance. That’s the kind of WOW I’d
like to play. I just don’t want to play it as Strategeist. I could take the
time to assess just what gear she needs under the new mana regen rules. I could
try to stay in the Group channels looking for someone to stand in between me
and the mobs. Somehow though, I just can’t bring myself to enjoy playing
Strategeist. There’s a long story there, but let’s just say that while I’ve
leveled here this far, it’s going to be a while before I’m going to be able to
work on getting good old Strat’ to the level cap.

For me Geistig is sort of like Strategeist’s revenge. Geistig is able to
single handedly take on more than Strategeist could dream of taking on (unless
I wanted to spend most of the night hitting psychic scream and wanding the mobs
to death, don’t ask it was a VERY bad night). Geistig is able to take more
hits, she’s able to do more just as much if not more damage, and let’s face it,
after months of standing at the edge of a village picking off the mobs one by
one, there’s just something that’s manically liberating about running into a
village and slaughtering the lot of them in one go. Ok, yeah I did feel bad
about the frog, but he did get
aggroed by my Desecration AOE (I was laughing pretty hard until the same talent
aggroed an Elekk in Nagrand). That is the downside to playing a DK. With great
power comes one of two things, great responsibility, or great irresponsibility.
I try to be responsible, but I still fail. I’ll help someone that didn’t want
to be helped, or I’ll pull something someone else wants, or and my most heinous
sin, I’ll try tanking. Yeah, I’m trying but I’m still no good as a tank.

So in the end I’m left thinking to myself, where do I go from here? Well I was discussing this today with the friend that recommended checking out Blackwater Raiders in the first place. In that conversation I got to thinking about how I think and how I play. I’m one of those crazy non-linear thinkers that doodles (sometimes incessantly), problem solves, you know the ‘think outside the box’ kind of person. So it really doesn’t make sense for me to focus on any one character, and it’s probably that focus that’s burning me out to start with. So while I know it sounds odd, perhaps for me the choice isn’t any One of the paths, but All of the paths, just at different times. I guess it’s just that kind of variety that keeps life and even WOW interesting for me. Who’d have thought?


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13 years ago

If you need a fresh home/guild place, I’m always looking for a few good corpses. Awesome blog by the way, you’ve got a new reader.

13 years ago

Thanks! This is a lot of fun, sometimes I’m a little more inspired than others. I wouldn’t mind standing in as a corpse, that actually sounds like fun. hehe

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