A Busy Evening

Yesterday after a nice long sanity break I logged on to Tanzengeist to do a little fishing and chat with Azmim. Honestly I felt pretty down about my inability to fill the guild charter which so many other folks had been able to do. While chatting with Azmim though, I became inspired once more to go ahead and complete the guild charter. Both of us were pretty tired of getting asked to join this or that guild (or worse just having the window pop up overriding everything else). So despite the fact that I felt completely embarrassed doing so, I went to Orgrimmar and typed my request into the trade channel. Surprisingly enough it actually worked! I just reduced the number of signatures required in my trade channel request each time one spot was filled.

I’ve already set up the tabard and purchased the first guild bank tab. It’s not much but it’s a start. Now comes the hard part, being a leader. I have already requested that that guild chat stays clean since I know that there’s some younger folks in the guild. So far I’ve only set up Azmim as an officer and I need to make sure that the folks in the guild know that I did so because I know that Azmim has real life leadership experience. I’m keeping the original guild levels for now, and I’ve promoted all of the guild’s founding members to Veteran and have given them rights to add new members to the guild. Although I did ask that they ask folks if they want to join and not just send out the invite and explained that it closes anything else folks have open. I’m so demanding aren’t I?

I’m pretty sure that ‘Ghost Walkers’ will not be a big guild and I’m fine with that. What I would like to see though is that the folks that wear this tabard stand out on the server as being helpful, competent, and courteous players. I also want to help keep the game fun an interesting. I’m not sure how it’ll go over but I’ll give it a shot.


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14 years ago

Good luck on your guild endeavors!

14 years ago


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