Death Knight – the New Hunter

I can remember when I first started playing WOW, and how everyone gave Hunters a very very hard time. I’ve pugged with several Hunters over the course of my WOW adventures and I can say that there are some really good Hunters out there. These Hunters take the time to understand the mechanics of their class, they work well with their pets, and they’re fun people to run with. Then there’s the ‘other’ Hunters.

While I hope that those reading this have not grouped with players that aren’t as meticulous in the study of their class, I alas have. There’ve also been situations where I’ve been that player much to my chagrin. Those experiences have taught me that if I’m going to play a class I need to take the time to understand how the spells and abilities affect the class, what kind of gear is required to get the most out of the class, and that I should only experiment with play style hypothesis outside of instances. I try to take these to heart at all times if for no other reason than the fact that playing my class to the best of my ability not only helps me, but those who group with me. It takes some reading and some experimenting, but it’s worth it in the end.

There’s a lot of folks rolling Death Knights. I’m guilty of this as well. My own innate curiosity lead me to try it out as soon as I could. The Death Knight class can be a very engaging class to play. It’s not strictly a grab and slash class. It’s important to know which abilities heal as they cause damage, it’s important to know which abilities consume the most runic power and when to use those in spell rotation, it’s important to know which talents woudl serve you best for your play style, and it’s also important to know what role the Death Knight plays when grouped. The Death Knight can DPS and the Death Knight can Tank. The trouble is knowing which role you want to be geared for and making sure that you know how to play that role.

Currently Geistig is set up as more of a DPS Death Knight. From what I’ve experienced under my current talents and gear, Dual Wielding keeps Geistig but it does not  generate sufficient threat through weapon damage alone and I’d have to work out an AOE Tanking routine. Since I’ve had a whole lot of zero experience tanking in a group situation I figure I’ll stick with DPS for now. Then take into consideration the fact that until running as a Shaman, I played a ranged caster/healer. While this means I understand healing threat, I’m still new at melee DPS in a group situation. When running around on a quest it’s easy enough to run up to something and hack it to bits. I enjoy this thoroughly (and the Death Knight Dual Wield animations are entertaining). In a group situation though, melee DPS has a specific role. As melee DPS you want to make sure that the Tank has the mob’s attention, and that you hit the mob from behind. This keeps the mob from parrying you’re attack and hitting the Tank harder than it would have otherwise and it keeps you out of the range of any magic and or fire blast that the mob would be able to spew at those standing in front of it.

Currently though there’s a lot of players that are still growing into the Death Knight class. There’s also a lot of misinformation being spread about general chat that folks are taking as the solid truth. In reality if a lot of these folks were willing to take the time to test out some of the theories they might see things differently. It still blows my mind that folks are willing to ask the general channel about their spec and take the word of a player that doesn’t play the class over going to a few forums and READING. I mean come on folks, chat is text too.

Now there are a lot of Death Knights, and while some are a credit to their class (and some like myself are trying to learn and become a credit to the class), there are other players who are turning the new Hero class into the class clown. It saddens me in that there is so much potential for this class. The play style is unique and challenging. The animations are amusing. Even the voices are fun. Then you think about how much fun it is to /spat on for playing a Death Knight. You think about all the players who don’t take the time to research this complex class sufficiently to play it well. You think about the players who haven’t quite got the hang of learning how to Tank or Melee DPS. You think about these things and it almost makes you want to quit playing the class.

But then you also think that for every player that is legitimately complaining about how poorly the class performs when it isn’t played well, there’s a peanut gallery behind them. In this peanut gallery you have those that tried to play a Death Knight but lost interest and went back to their main and you have those who just like to make fun of any class that they aren’t playing. So I’ll accept constructive criticism when I find it and ignore the school yard bullies.


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14 years ago

The title of this post cracked me up ha ha

14 years ago

Heh, thanks, I had a good giggle when I thought it up too.

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