A Little Help from Friends

It’s always nice to have friends to run with and to share new aspects of the game. In the image above I wanted to show Azmim what happens when the ‘Lady’s Necklace’ quest is turned in to Sylvanas. While it makes for a cool screen shot, it’s also a unique aspect of the game that’s fun to share with folks just starting to play WOW. The more I play WOW the more I’ve learned that while I enjoy running solo, there really is something to sharing the game with other players and helping out friends.  [more]

Azmim and I helped a Hunter tame a Wailing Caverns Serpent as a pet. We were doing a little gathering so we answered a request for assistance from the general channel. I was logged in as Geistig and we were hoping to find some ore to help boost her mining level a bit. It’s always fun when you offer to help someone, they ask you what level you are, and you can reply ’65’. So Azmim and I ran into the Wailing Caverns instance with a 20’s level hunter. I cleared a path and Azmim made sure that the Hunter didn’t take any damage.

When we did get to the little cave with the Serpents, it took a couple of tries to successfully tame one of the beasties, but we were successful. It was kind of cool for Azmim because she’d never seen a Hunter taming a pet. As we parted ways I let the Hunter know that Azmim and I are forming a guild and if he knew of anyone looking for a guild to give us a holler. The Hunter was grateful enough for us helping him out that he signed our guild charter.

So far of the signatures I have received, all of the signers have been pretty cool people. I even got a tip for an add-on I’d like to try out! So far we’re three signatures away from being able to turn in the charter. I’m not a huge fan of asking folks that I don’t know if they’d be willing to sign a guild charter. But at least helping out the Hunter gave me enough confidence to get two additional signatures last night. It was almost frustrating to log out with only three left to go. I’m pretty excited though, it’ll be nice to help out players and give them a place where they can ask questions and get answers or ask for help and get a response. I know it’s a dangerous task and that I’ll have to make sure to set limits early on so that I can also meet my own goals, but this is really something that I’d like to do. Oddly enough, I’m almost looking forward to it.


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