Walking on Water

The weekend is finally here! I’m pretty excited about that, it means that I get some time to do all of the things that I can’t do during the week because of the whole ‘go to job’ thing. Meh, it pays for WOW. Here’s a fun shot of Geistig using Path of Frost. This spell allows Death Knights and party members close enough to the Death Knight the ability to walk on water (via freezing it as the walk over it). Of course my first thought on this spell was “EPIC FISHING”. Yes, I am a fish’a’holic. Geistig unfortunately hasn’t been trained in Fishing yet, but I plan on rectifying that this weekend.

I was running with Azmim when I decided to try out Path of Frost. Though Geistig wasn’t able to test the fishing theory, Azmim almost instinctive hauled out her fishing pole to test it out. SUCCESS! I’ve included a screen shot.


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