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I finally updated the blog so that I can include Wowhead Tooltips in the blog. It is a pretty nifty API that renders pop up tool tips when moused over. I've seen this implemented on several WordPress WOW blogs, but since I rolled with ASP.net instead, I had my doubts. Don't get me wrong I usually figure out ways to get ASP.net to do what I want it to do. The only down side to tenacity is that there are other things I'd rather be doing. It turns out that adding the tool tips was actually pretty simple (well relatively, when in comparison to things like juggling while standing on a bowling ball). [more]

The Wowhead Tooltips api can be accessed via adding a little line of code to the header of a web page. This is pretty much a cut and paste job for most standard web documents and Wowhead has documented the process in their forums. Adding the happy line of code to the main web site was pretty easy. I use ASP.net Master Pages to give the web pages a uniform look (which reminds me that I have more work to do back there too). ASP.net Master pages are pretty handy in that you can create one page that has all of the navigation links, header banners, and the like without having to add all this junk to each individual page of the website. Each subsequent page just points to the MasterPage and actually only contains the bits of code required for that page. It seems a bit complicated at first, but really it cuts down on redundant code and makes it a LOT easier to go in and edit one or two lines of code on one page and not have to edit one or two lines of the same code on each page of the website (ah the good old days). So with that said the 'header' of ASP.net sites utilizing MasterPages is not found on the individual pages, but rather on the MasterPage. This too is convenient because it means that you only have to add lines of JavaScript include code to the header of the MasterPage (and only have to change it in one place when the web service you're using blows out and neglects to tell you that they've added another number to the call address, oh the joy).

Still doesn't sound too tough right? Yeah I know, bowling ball and juggling. With that being said BlogEngine.net utilizes a few different forms of MasterPages throughout the site. So I'd reasoned that the JavaScript include code had to go into the header of the MasterPage, but which one? Well the uniform appearance of my blog is based on the MasterPage associated with a 'theme'. In ASP.net the 'theme' also holds the style sheet and other descriptive documents that tell the server “this is how the page should look when it gets to the browser”. BlogEngine.net is then able to set the MasterPage for the blog based on the theme chosen by the blog admin. W00T. I added the Wowhead JavaScript include to the MasterPage found in the theme file and now I have the happy pop up Tooltips. Yay!


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