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Since my last post I’ve been pretty focused on playing Geistig.
In such a short time she has swiftly become my favorite character and class to
play in WOW. The Death Knight class I quite easy to level and very fun to play
but these aren’t the only reasons why I’m becoming attached to rolling with
Geistig over Strategeist or Tanzengeist. No there’s a lot more to playing a
Death Knight than just mowing through mobs like a scythe from hell, there’s an
entire ethos and back story to rolling a Death Knight that makes it a very
unique class to play.

As I’d mentioned in a previous post I enjoyed playing a Shaman not only because of the class mechanics, but also because of the Shaman quests. Unlike the other classes I’d played previously, it was quite refreshing to actually go out and quest for the totems and to know where the shaman’s magic comes from. To an extent you also find this in the Warlock quest lines,
but it’s more to obtain minions or gear. To become a Death Knight however the
player and character have to complete their training under the control of the
Lich King and then battle to free themselves from the same. My attachment to Geistig stems directly from the quest line leading up to gaining her freedom from the Lich King.
The Death Knight training/freedom quest line involves quite a bit of psychological conditioning and becoming a DK is as close to boot camp as I could imagine with respect to conditioning an individual in preparation for military service. Arguably it is much more twisted than any military boot camp I’ve heard of, but I’ve got the feeling that this is what the designers were going for. If you’re paying attention during the quest line, you’ll notice there’s a few things that are pretty off kilter.

Attention! Spoilers Ahead…. OK with that said there’s some things that I want to discuss.

For starters Gestig is sworn into the service of the Lich King. Once accepted, the first quest from the Lich King himself, Geistig began the process of training. Via this process you learn to use your new skills. There is also however an underlying sense that Geistig’s loyalty is tested right
along with her skills. The Death Knight starting area, Archerus, is good and creepy, and gives you an ‘abandon all hope ye who enter here’ sort of feel to the ambiance and decor.

I’m not quite sure why, but I really like this sort of thing. The real creepiness however came into focus when Geistig left Acherus to begin questing. It seemed like the first few quests as a Death Knight centered on killing everyone and everything. From dueling with other Death Knights to mass destruction and chaos, the Death Knights quickly learn that they are tools of mass destruction.
As they continue their training the voice of the Lich King is always with them, pushing them to kill everyone and everything. If they die they are quickly raised again to continue in the service of the Lich King. Citizens cowered or ran as Geistig approached with her rune enchanted sword drawn and prepared to strike.

There were also events that were they reality, would have seriously messed with a person’s head. Geistig was sent to execute a friend of hers. The Undead spoke to her and couldn’t believe what had happened to her. Even in the game I was touched by the event. While I knew that I was going to free Geistig some way, somehow, I could just imagine what it would be like to experience something like that. Geistig couldn’t reveal the cause for her apparent treachery to her compatriot and peer.

Eventually after quite a bit of slaughter and a raid on Light’s Hope Chappel, Darion Mograine quickly comes to realize the error of his ways and turns on the Lich King. Here you can see me kneeling before Darion’s father as Darion begins to understand the gravity of his decisions.

And here I kneel once more as the illusions of father and son discuss some rather unholy transgressions.

We then use our “Death Gate” spell to return to Archerus to oust the Lich King’s forces from the citadel to take it as the new home and fortress of our brand new faction The Knights of the Ebon Blade (for which I cannot wait to obtain and sport a tabard).

Some may have noticed a lot of yelling and NPC interaction associated with Death Knights in Ogrimmar. Well after overthrowing the forces of the Lich King and earning their freedom, the Death Knights find themselves at the gates of the main hub city for their faction. The Alliance folks are dropped off at Stormwind while the Horde are sent to Orgrimmar. Personally I’d have preferred to turn in to Lady Sylvanas myself, but you’ve gotta go with the program. As it turns out I had to deliver the missive to Thrall. As Geistig ran through the streets of Orgimmar, the npc’s spit at her, threw rotten food at her, and insulted her. What a reward for fighting to get the Lich King out of your head and out of his own citadel! Fortunately they don’t outright attack.
At level 58, battling with the Orgrimmar level 60 elite guards would not have been pretty. At last I finally arrived in Thrall’s chamber and delivered the missive. Since I was alone I had to send out a /yell letting the npc’s know how I felt about the treatment. I know perhaps this is only further proof that I’m slipping into madness.

Of course for further trials I had to know if the power of the Death Knight was exclusively found within the Death Knight training zone. I decided that the Outlands would be the best place to test Geistig’s prowess. As soon as I’d completed the rather insulting quest of begging the Orcs for the Horde’s Support, I returned to Acherus. The citadel is now under control of the Death Knights, and is used as out only access to the rune forges which we require to enchant our blades and access to our trainers. Using my portal to Acherus, I hopped the bony bird from Acherus down and around through the Eastern Kingdoms to the Swamp of Sorrows. Summoning my charger I rode on into the Blasted Lands and on to the Dark Portal. As with Strategeist I also took a few screenshots to commemorate the event. Even though I’ve been there before Geistig has not and it is a pretty momentous occasion regardless.

For Strategeist I’d waited until she hit 60 before running her into the Outlands. Partially because she’s just so squishy (she is a Shadow Priest) and partially because XP comes so much faster in the old world. But I’d
decided that running Geistig directly to the outlands would be the best method of testing the Death Knight abilities that had seemed so powerful in the Death Knight starting areas. So with Geistig at a fresh 58 I entered the Outlands. I quickly found that the power I’d experienced in the training grounds could be
found within the Outlands as well. I could not believe how much different the outlands where when slaughtering mobs with a Death Knight as opposed to the very careful pull and drain techniques required when soloing a Priest. I pretty much sat at my computer with a smile on my face Saturday and Sunday as Geistig quickly rose from 58 to 61.

The leveling could probably go much faster if it were not for the competition of quest items and deaths derived from multiple instant respawns of non quest related mobs. I can only assume that the instant respawns were a reaction to the increased player volume, however actual quest related mobs were respawning at a lovely slow rate so I’m more inclined to believe that the areas were bugged. Running through last night I didn’t see the same recurrence of instant respawns and there was also no waiting cue to log on to the server, strengthening my theory that the instant respawns may be related to a heavy player density. Then there was also the time I took out of questing to assist a team in downing the Fel Reaver and single handedly wiping a raid on Honors Hold via AOE agro. Yes I won the dumb ass award. Safe to say that I learned a very valuable lesson about raiding, AOE spells, and staying with the raid group, I’m still kicking myself over this.

I did notice however that my killing power was beginning to reduce dramatically. My health was staying pretty high but the mobs were dying more and more slowly as I continued to progress. I’d also been slowly swapping out my Death Knight quest blues for Outlands quest greens. I swapped out the greens for my original set of Death Knight blues and the killing continued unabated. I think I’m going to try to only replace my armor with blues or substantially better greens in the future to keep my performance high. This
does require more instancing of course, but I’ll be more than happy to instance if it means better performance during questing. Last night I also revised my talent tree per the suggestions of Skeleton
. True he’s Alliance, but the talent tree logic was sound and I’ve found it to work pretty well so far. I’ve also picked up Mining and Blacksmithing to help obtain better equipment in the future. However in order to boost the Mining and Blacksmithing to something I can actually use I’ll have to return to Old World to do some base level mining before I can begin to level the Blacksmithing or mine viably in the Outlands. This would however be good news for Azmim as Geistig would also be able to run her through some quests
while searching for ore.

The downside to this however is that leveling a profession takes time away from actual questing and leveling. I’m fairly behind as it is and I think I’d prefer to focus on leveling and learning how to play the Death Knight class efficiently.

Now I just need to complete my study of Duel Wield vs Single weapon and post the same. I’d hoped to log in this morning…. But it’s Tuesday….

Here is a more recent screen shot of Geistig sans helmet and sporting the tabard of the Psychotic Bunnies. It’s a guild I joined after running with a fellow Death Knight in the guild. Not quite sure about it yet, but that’s how it is with any guild I suppose. While this does take time away from my exploits on Blackwater Raiders, there is the option of transferring both Strategeist and Geistig to Blackwater Raiders at some future juncture. However I’d rather save the money for now and focus exclusively on my new love Geistig and leveling her to battle the Lich King himself.

Until next time.


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