When the World Ends

I've been scouting out some new servers to play on for a few weeks now. The server I've rolled on recently has taken to having mental break downs on a next to daily basis. The additional animations introduced in patch 3 have really started to degrade it's performance. It's not a huge deal, my guild barely knows that I exist and I rolled there to run with friends that I've never quested with. While I've had some good times on that server it's not like anyone is relying on my presence, except for Azmim, but if it comes down to being able to play on a stable server, I'd be willing to pay for her to transfer as well if we'd at least be able to spend time in the game as opposed to on the phone (“yeah server's down AGAIN”).

I've been hiding out on Blackwater Raiders. Yeah it's an RP server, but hey since I'm just a 'casual player' (due to having to hold down a job and all that kind of stuff), somehow the sting of rolling on a 'care bear' server just doesn't seem to faze me anymore. Not to mention the fact that people seem more likely to group on Blackwater Raiders than they do on the PVE servers I've been on, and well for Azmim, that would be a bonus since she's a class that does really well in a group.


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