T-Minus 0 and WAITING

So here it is, Wrath release day. Hopefully when I get home tonight there'll be a package waiting for me. There'll be a box within a box that contains a DVD that will change my world forever. Supposedly.

Don't get me wrong, I've been looking forward to WOTLK, it's something new in WOW that I can experience with everyone else. That's kind of exciting. But really, until I can get more time to play I don't think I'll ever wrench free of my 'casual player' status. Yeah I know, 'whiner' right? It's just that I'd really like to try raiding and I think I could get into PVP (especially when I'm in killer mode). It's just that when you have about 3 hours a day to play, it kind of takes away from the experience.

So do I really think that WOTLK will change much about the way I play. Not really. Well hopefully it'll make it easier to level in the old world since all of the annoying Alliance quest ganker toons will be in Northrend and competing Hordies will probably abandon alts in preference of rolling a Death Knight or leveling their main. While I don't think that I'll be raiding for 'teh sweet loots' anytime soon, at least I can hope that WOTLK will make it a little easier for us lowbie/noobies. Hey I can dream can't I?


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