Poof Goes the Server…

So last night I logged in and hoped to spend some quality time questing with Azmim. She logged in a little
after I did and I flew up to meet her in Orgrimmar. I was just about to complete a couple of transactions when ‘poof’ the server went down. We tried to log back in, but nope the server was out. So I called up Azmim and suggested that we just dink around on another server for the night.

So we rolled a couple of Blood Elves on Blackwater Raiders, which is an RP server. For the most part it
didn’t seem like there was a whole lot of difference between Blackwater Raiders and the PVE server we usually play on. There were tons of Blood Elves rolling paladins and there was quite a bit of
competition for the quest objectives. Though what I did notice is that the player base was a little different. The players actually talked. It was almost alienating at first. There was very little use of lol speak and people seemed to want to chat. Azmim and I ended up in a group of three by the end of the night and while we didn’t get as much xp and we didn’t get as many quests done, the ones we did complete we decimated and we got to meet some new people while we were at it.


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14 years ago

For most part I find the RP servers tend to be a bit more social and mature. This is especially true for the horde side.

I used to play on Black Water Raider (BWR) but now I do all my playing on Earthen Ring horde which is also a RP server.

14 years ago

Since I don’t have a lot of time to play, it’s nice to play around people that are more mature and more willing to group. I’m starting to like playing on BwR quite a bit, but time will tell if it will become a home server, sadly.

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