Sure You Can Trust Me…

I took this shot while getting some questing done via Nagrand last night. I’d just fought “The Fat Guy” and popped the Herbalist Heal to remain in Shadow Form. It is sort of embarrassing to have the stupid flower popping up after a heal, but I’ll deal with the flowers to stay in Shadow Form. However in this situation I just couldn’t help taking a screen shot. It just looks so strange. Here you have the Ogre chatting it up wht a pig-tailed Shadow Priest, and suddenly flowers pop up all around the place. I kind of wonder what the conversation would have been like. [more]

“Tell me all about it. You can trust me I’m a Priest, and see I even have pig-tails.”

“But you is Shadow, Shadow is scary.”

“Aww don’t mind that… Look I can make pretty flowers!”

Yeah, it’s pretty wrong I know. Kind of reminds me of the “axe that randomly procs trees that come out of my ass” reward for the quest that Undead was on when he freed the Illegal Danish Paladin in “Escape from Ogrimmar.”


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