The Count Continues

So the countdown to WOTLK is down to days. It won’t be long before Northrend will be full of toons leveling to 80 while Death Knights roam the servers. Granted I should be playing to get ready for the new expansion. Instead I’m preparing to usher in WOTLK in my own unique fashion. Yeah I’m still working on my story. So far I’m at just over 2,000 words. It’s a pretty lame count, but I’m sure I’ll get more in over the course of the week. The characters are building into characters and slowly the whole thing is beginning to take shape. It’s always fascinating to read books and watch as characters slowly grow through the text. It’s pretty fun watching the same thing all the while knowing that I’m building them from scratch. Well here’s hoping that it turns into something worth reading, heh.

Today I added two new extensions to the blog that I hope to get some use out of pretty soon. The first is called Toolbox which is a link organizer. It stores keys that can be used for quickly adding links to my posts and also posts the same links with more detail on a seperate page. Since I’m not finding time to slap a links page together, this should at least help me to get going, not to mention the fact that this should be easier to maintain over time. I also loaded a WOWTooltip Extension that uses the tools built by WOWHead to create the cool little JavaScript menus that display gear information when you hover over the link. I’m actually pretty excited about finding that since I wasn’t too sure how I was going to get that implemented on the site. I’ll have to blog more about those after I work with them a bit more.


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