Thank You Raiders!

OK so it turns out that I'm not the only player who is
unhappy running as a Shadow Priest these days. “A Dwarf
” blogs that players raiding Shadow have been monitoring Mind
Flay and it turns out that it' been malfunctioning. [more] That explains quite a bit
actually since I typically only remember having to hit Mind Flay twice in my
rotation, but this weekend I found myself hitting it closer to three times and
having to throw Shadow Word Pain up twice. Typically mobs are pretty close to
the end of their hit points before the Shadow Word Pain DOT ends (I do have
Improved Shadow Word though). So it did seem pretty odd that it not only took
me a bit longer to kill mobs, but that it took long enough that I had to toss a
second Shadow Word Pain on every once in a while just to get some added damage
in. It's one of those situations though where add-ons really come into play. Raiders
use add-ons to monitor their spells and hence their damage during the raid. The
numbers thrown out by the add-ons make it a lot easier to see when spells
aren't acting the same way from one raid to the next. Also presenting actual
data makes it much harder to refute claims that a spell is acting up, heh. Fortunately
though Blizzard is looking into the issue and hopefully they'll get things
worked out.


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