Reaching a Conclusion

Wow, so boring weekend all over. A lot of the comics didn’t update, except for Weregeek (which is just a fun comic). That’s ok though. I did get quite a bit of work done this weekend. I filled out my absentee ballot, I did some dinking around with the blog, and I spent a retarded amount of time in game too. Mostly so that I could avoid getting my links page done. Tee Hee. But I do need to get the comics and videos links done. It’s always good to get to some laughs.

So I completed quite a bit of quests with Tanzengiest and she hit 23 today. I also ran through some quests on Strategiest this morning. Even with dispersion though, playing a Priest is just not my style. I’d
originally chosen to play a Shadow Priest to act as a mana battery and off heals while playing with my friend (Undead Mage) and her hubby (Orc Warrior). But yeah, that strategy has been blown to hell since I’m at level 65 and soloing or pugging all of my quests. Yeah I’m whining, but as much as I want to get a toon
to level 70, getting those last 5 levels for Strategeist is almost painful. Arguably it’s a lot less painful as shadow, the new skill Dispersion is pretty handy when you’re grinding though mobs. The strategy entails pulling/pwning mobs until my mana is low, then dotting them up with Devouring Plague (with a short
enough cool down that it’s actually useful in standard rotation), Shadow Word (which ever), Vampiric Embrace, Vampiric Touch, then “poof” Dispersion. While the mob is draining out slowly my mana and health are regenerating both via Dispersion and via the Vampiric Embrace/Touch duo. Dispersion REALLY makes a difference on how much drinking a Shadow Priest has to do. This in turn decreases downtime. This helps, and I’m sure that with some Shadow Gear and Hit + gear I could probably melt faces. It’s something to think about. Then again the Priest class is NOT a soloing class. While I can do ok most of the time by
watching where I go and pulling mobs carefully, it’s still a pain in the butt to level without a group or at least a tank. I can say this pretty confidently since I did have a great tank helping me out for quite a bit of the leveling process and it can make a big difference, especially when you don’t have to pull mobs quite as carefully and your spells are interrupted less frequently. So while I’m sure I’ll get booted out of my guild here soon, I just don’t know how much more work I’m going to put into leveling Strategiest. She’ll always have a special place in my memory, but her class is just not working for me. That and I’m about ready to scream from all of the “come heal x instance” tells that I turn down because I’m SHADOW. But those are stories for another time.

On a side note, I ran into a semi PVP like experience today when questing with Mum. We did the “Turn in a Piece of the Centaur Flag” (or something of the like) today while out questing. Even though I was about to
pass out (spent way too much time online last night). I enjoyed the out and out chaos of the event. Yeah I was almost clobbered a few times, but it was kind of fun to go after the Centaurs in battle mode. Tossing down totems, kiting to heal, bashing this guy, blasting that one, the whole experience made me wonder
what PVP is like when you play a class that doesn’t wear cloth. I guess I’ll find out eventually, heh.


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