Oh the Joy…

This post is really more of a “note to self” but if it helps out
others that's cool too. OK in reality I think a good 99% of this blog consists
of “notes to self” but I digress. So I set this whole thing up under
a domain I manage on remote hosting. I've struggled with this hosting provider
for a while now but I've managed to tweak things to work or I've been helped
out by others who have bravely trudged through the madness long before and left
footnotes of their struggles to success. I am eternally grateful to those
folks! So now I've got BlogEngine set up and for the most part I'm really happy
with it as it makes it really easy to post blog entries and to customize the
look/feel (or flavor /shiver) of the blog and pretty much everything involved
therein. I LOVE CUSTOMIZATION (insert maniacal laugher here). [more]

So I've been able to set up my blog to at least somewhat match the pages on
www.creeptheprophet.be by using a theme available for download from the BlogEngine.net website. I
wasn't too stoked with the cheetahs used as the header graphic so I edited the CSS
file of the theme to use the same header graphic from creeptheprophet.be.

Editing the CSS file wasn’t a problem since I can edit those in Notepad.
They’re pretty much just text files with a funny extension. I did have trouble
however once I realized that I wanted to add some other functions to the main
page. The “Standard” theme that comes with BlogEngine has a nifty
dropdown box that will just add these elements to the front page. Yay! but the “Standard”
theme is painfully vanilla (plain). So I thought to myself, if this is
something available via the “Standard” theme, I'm sure that it's
something that's part of the BlogEngine code (thinking from a coder's
perspective, if it's available in one place, it has to be part of the
underlying code). Well it is, and thanks to the BlogEngine documentation I saw
the code I would have to add to the Theme to make other elements visible on the
front page.


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