I pretty much rolled a Shaman to compliment playing with my Mum. Since my Mum chose to play a Priest I figured that I’d need to play a class that could melee and give her opportunity to blast mobs. I’d also thought to myself, yeah but if things get pretty sticky, it wouldn’t hurt if we both played characters that could throw a heal or resurrect the other.

This would be my first tanking roll outside of drain tanking with a Warlock (which is just a blast, heh). Since I’d already experienced leveling with my Shadow Priest Strategeist, I had a pretty good idea of what the experience was going to be like for my Mum. I was really lucky though, I’d made a good friend on another server who was willing to help me level Strategeist. He rolled a Fury Warrior to balance well with my Shadow Priest. I learned a lot while running with him because he has a ton of experience in the game and is an awesome tank.

I frustrated him to no end though once we got up around level 50 or so by pulling agro away from him when one of my spells would crit and getting myself one shotted. A warrior can’t do a whole lot for a dead Priest and vice versa. So he either succumbed to the mobs and we were both corpse running or he was grumbling at me for pulling agro while corpse sitting (I can’t blame him really).


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