So this morning I decided to check whether or not I’d receive notifications when folks comment and also make sure that the Contact form is working. Safe to say, it wasn’t. Poop. So I spent some time pulling hair and tweaking code before work today. Yeah, that didn’t work AT ALL.

I usually prefer creating my own applications from scratch. They usually don’t have the same features or polish as the stuff that I can either use for free or could load up otherwise. When I write my own code though, I know what’s there and I know how it works. When working with a loaded app, I don’t always know what’s there OR what works with what (or conversely what can break what). So instead of continuing to bash my head on the keyboard, I figured it was time for a nuke and pave. I found that the blog application (BlogEngine) that I’d loaded by hand is also offered as a free web based application that my hosting provider can load up and configure. So after I felt a little sheepish for not looking into that sooner, I made a back up of the site, exported my 5 blog entries, and blew out the blog configuration that I’d set up and allowed my hosting provider to essentially put it back, but correctly configured.

After a little testing, tweaking, (and adding some tables to the new SQL database), everything is working. While there’s still some back end stuff that I can’t quite get to work the way I want it to, at least I’ve got things rolling. In time I should be able to spiff up the graphics and add a consistent theme throughout the site. At least for now though I have my blog running through a SQL database, and the Toons page is also able to access the two tables it required out of the same datasource.

Yeah not that anyone can tell really, but the all of the information found on the Toons page is actually pulled out of the SQL database. The accordion is even set to display only the data for the character in the accordion header. It’s nice to finally start using some AJAX features on this hosting provider (and it’s just nifty technology).

Well that’s why the site and blog went a little funny today and why I didn’t get a post in this morning. I’m just surprised that I’m getting so much writing in as it is!


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