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PVE servers are… interesting. I've considered trying out PVP servers as the lower population on those server might reduce quest competition. I don't have a lot of time to play the game right now though, so spending a lot of my time corpse running just doesn’t' seem very appealing. I've considered rolling on an RP server in the past. If nothing else just to see what they're like. For the most part quite a bit of my server and faction choices have been made by friends of mine who started playing WOW well before I downloaded the trial. While it's kind of annoying that you have to play on your friend's server and in your friend's faction if you want to spend any time around them, it's a small limitation. Since those friends have all rolled on PVE servers, I've followed them. But for a few distinct reasons I think I'd like to mix things up and at least check out the culture on an RP server or two.

No I don't like generalizations, they're like used cars, they tend break down on you at the most annoying times. So I don't think that all PVE servers contain what I'm about to describe, but this is what it's been like on the three or four PVE servers I've rolled on. I've noticed some very annoying behaviors on these servers. The most annoying behaviors revolve around Duel Flags, Guild Invites, and abuse of the Trade Channel.

The MOST annoying part about PVE servers would be the Duel Flag. You're probably going to say “what a wuss, just hit accept.” Right well when I'm waiting for a zepplin, 'Accept or Decline', checking my mail in Crossroads, 'Accept or Decline', waiting for an instance 'Accept or Decline.' It's pretty freaking annoying. I wouldn't be so annoyed if the characters were throwing down a Duel Flag because they actually wanted to see how they stack up against other classes. Usually a lot of the folks that throw down a duel flag are at least 2 levels higher, have at least one weapon enchant (for which they are usually at the minimum level to qualify), and choose to duel classes with lower armor ratings. Picking a fight with someone when the odds are in your favor is behavior usually associated with school yard bullying, not sparring trials. It's like the master of the dojo sparring with a kindergartner.


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