I Got Yer Zombies Right Here

I'm really torn on the whole Zombie issue. They were recently
added to the game temporarily as a WOTLK (Wrath of the Lich King) in game
promotional event. I'm a big fan of events. To me the events are part of what
make WOW more interesting by breaking up the kill/quest grind.

At first I liked the idea
of the Zombies in game. It's a great way to add some lore to the game while giving those who started playing before WOTLK the ability to say “I was there
when the Lich King released a Plague on Azeroth”. But if you're leveling a Horde character in the Barrens, you're totally screwed.

I'll have to preface this by saying that I've only leveled
Horde characters in game (all of my friends play Horde). So unfortunately I
have a one sided view of the Barrens which for the most part consists of “pain in the ass”. It's a HUGE zone with quests spread
out all over the place and it's a bugger to run from one place to the next. Now let me turn
your attention to a happy little hovel called Crossroads. Evidently this is the
Alliance level 70 playground for those who think it's absolutely hilarious to
kill off all the Horde NPC's and watch as the funny little Horde players QQ and whine while waiting for the NPC to repop. Yes, yes, great fun. Most of the time this can be
ignored on PVE servers as really you just /rude to the Alliance dork and wait (on PVP server, I can just imagine).

Due to the happy little Zombies event the Crossroads had entered a whole new ring of leveling hell. Now it seems like everyone (Horde and Alliance alike) goes
to Crossroads to become a Zombie. Then they proceed to kill anything and everything while furthering the chaos by turning the attacked into Zombies
as well. It's enough to make me want to scream. In the past at least I could
get off the bat without a tinge of mortal fear.

For folks not attempting to
level a toon it's a blast! I mean it's not every day that asshattery of this caliber
is sanctioned and encouraged. I wish them all the best. As for myself, I can't
wait until the Zombie mess is over. It's a really cool idea and I thought it
was pretty fun the first day or so. Now however I'll be quite happy to dance on
the Lich King's severed head in retribution for his epic Zombie epidemic.


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