GuildWars2: Guardian Update and Nourishment Basics

Shiny new armors!

Right now I’m cooking, but while I’m cooking I’ll make a quick post to update my Guardian status. Right now she’s about 45, chances are if I use some food buffs I’ll be at 50 by log out time tonight. Maybe a little less but definitely 50 tomorrow.

By the way here’s a quick tidbit of useful info. If you don’t know using food to help boost stats is also a great way to get a small xp boost depending on the food you use.

Seriously, you can almost break wind and level in Guild Wars 2. Personally I find it rather nice.

You can also use some pretty helpful boosts as well like Sharpening Stones (weaponsmithing), Tuning Crystals (artificing) and Maintenance Oils (huntsman). These skills will not only give you stat boots based on your current stats but they ALSO give you an XP boost.

You’ll just want to spend some time hanging out in areas where you can get a lot of the dusts you use to make these, if you want to craft them. Otherwise they go for a reasonable price on the AH since a lot of people craft it just to help level then flog it.


You can use one of those along with any food at any one time to give yourself a stat boost as well as giving yourself an XP buff. So that gives you a nice double boost at any one time.

If you know a cook you can bribe for noms that is always handy. Otherwise food generally goes for pretty reasonable prices on the AH because people level cooking and don’t always use the food. At least at the lower levels.

Bro tip: if you can get your hands on the magic find food that’s even better. You can use that to help boost your magic find by a small percentage. It’s not much but if you can manage to eek out finding one yellow grade item or so a day you can make some handy cash flogging it on the AH.

If you’re crafting that kind of cash can help you out quite a bit in getting some of the little things you need to eek through that next level.

Currently I’m sitting at 169 Weaponsmithing. Mostly I’m leveling Weaponsmithing to be able to make Sharpening Stones for use at level 80. The extra power they’ll give based on the amount of Toughness and Vitality I’ll want to equip my Guardian with will hopefully give my hammer a little more oomph.

Until Next time I’m going to be exploring Tyria and hopefully getting around to completing the storyline quests to get Desderata into the Vigil. I really want the armor skins and weapon skins for a cool level 80 look I’m going for.

Hopefully you’re enjoying your game of choice this fine weekend.

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GuildWars2: The Guardian Stands

The Intrepid Explorer

So I think I’m in love with the Guild Wars 2 Guardian class. Desderata Geist, my Sylvari Guardian, is sitting at level 33 and I’m really starting to get a feel for what the class has to offer.

Thing is that the Guardian class is incredibly slow to ramp up. You really don’t start to get a feel for just how much they can do (at least for me) until you get all of the slots unlocked around 20. Getting your Elite unlocked at 30 makes you feel pretty effing heroic.

Though if you just want to play a more paladin themed sword and board class then the Guardian is for you. I just need to finally admit to myself that I really do enjoy more paladin oriented classes. Even if sometimes they can be a right pain in the backside to level.

In the past I’ve rarely been able to get a Guardian past level 20. I usually burn out somewhere around 19 or so and can’t bring myself to make the last few levels.

This time I used a birthday booster on Desderata to get an instant boost to 20. Honestly I think that has made all the difference in the world. Running around with just the hammer and mace/shield probably would have bored me to tears by now as it has in the past.

I also have more motivation to level a Guardian this go round since I wanted to have a beefy class to help my guild mates level. The Guardian has made a big difference in group leveling. I’ve been able to take aggro off my guild mates and buff them up to do more damage. That and the speed boosts are pretty handy as well.

Rolling Guardian has also been a bit of a change of pace for me. I kind of phone it in when I’m playing some of the GW2 classes, but I can’t really do that when I’m up close and personal with veterans and champions. When you’re front line it’s best to not let your guard down.

One prime example is when we ran headlong into the Giant at Nageling in the Diessa Plateau during a play session last night. I enjoyed it quite a bit though it was REALLY hairy especially for my guild mates.

I spent most of the time trying to keep the Giant’s attention on me and toss out whatever buffs weren’t on cooldown. I really need to get into the practice of using them on prolonged fights. I also need to determine what slot skills I want to use to help keep everyone up and on the champion. That’s easier said than done, but I’m hoping I can get it down.

I did work on using my Virtues to pump out regeneration, protection and aegis. I also used my shouts to absorb conditions, hand out aegis and give myself enough buffs to pump out some damage. Having my elite skill Renewed Focus also helped since that brought my Virtues back up and kept me from taking damage for a short time. Which can mean the difference between getting in another hit and taking a dirt nap when you’re standing toe to toe with a giant.

I’m not totally set on my build as of yet, but I think I like where I’m going with it and I still love the weapon combo I’m working with.

So far the best part about my Guardian is that I’m enjoying soloing on this class just as much as grouping. Honestly with a buff bot I figured that I’d be a sitting duck if I decided to do any content by myself.

With the Guardian it does take me longer to kill things, but due to their heartiness they can take a bit of a beating too. That means I’m able to solo some situations that I would have been kiting like mad on some of the other classes. I did that quite a bit with the Engineer and Mesmer. The Thief I didn’t really enjoy playing solo. It’s all personal taste mind you so if you do enjoy it, keep at it and more power to you.

Honestly I can’t wait to get to level 80 and put my Guardian in some spikey armor. I have a thing for spikes.

Until next time I hope you’re having a blast in whatever you’re choosing to play. I’ll be on Ring of Fire with my friends and fams in Brothers of Something Something [BOSS].

GuildWars2: Go Go Guardian

Desderata Geist
Desderata Geist

My husband and I always talk about making and leveling a Guardian. Guardians can be tough to level because they just don’t give you the powerful offensive feeling that a lot of the other classes in GW2 have. Well outside of the Engineer and the Mesmer. Those classes start out kind of bland but give you more bang for the buck once you get into traiting them.

This time around though I’m not playing a guardian to have a heavy hitting class. If I wanted a heavy armored power house I’d level the Warrior.

I like the idea of playing a defensive, healing, buffing Guardian. In GW2 there are no specific healing classes or taking classes. The Guardian can be a little healing and a little tanking, but it doesn’t fall into the traditional holy trinity rules. That of course is one of the reasons I love playing GW2. If you’re low on health in GW2 that’s your problem, pop your heal and roll out of the damage, problem solved.

The other interesting mechanic in GW2 are buffs and debuffs. Now debuffs or dots are downright killers in GW2 and you want to make sure you have at least one debuff removal on you at all times if you’re going up against mobs like Krait or Risen. Those bastards are mean and deadly. The nice thing about the Guardian is that they have a lot of debuff removal skills that don’t require extra traiting or tweaking. That makes them idea for going up against these types of mobs.

The reverse of that would be buffs. Buffs can be the secret sauce in GW2 combat.  They can give you that little extra edge of survivability as well as giving you an extra combat edge. Downside is that many buffs have to be actively triggered through abilities or slot skills. It can take a time to work out just how and when to use them, but once you do it becomes hard to live without them. The Guardian can be a buffing machine if you trait into it correctly and in little ways even without traiting. That makes them ideal for group support.

I’m looking forward to creating a Guardian support/buff/damage sponge build that I can use to help keep my friends alive as we take on everything Tyria has to throw at us. The downside is that I will have to work at doing just enough damage to get loot credit, but I still like the idea of having a more supporting class. If you’re looking for a heavy hitting Guardian build I’m sure there’s some out there, but I’d have to direct you to the GW2 forums to find those.

At the moment my preferred Guardian weapon combo so far is a Hammer with Mace/Shield combo. The Hammer dishes out through very gratifying big bash action. The Mace/Shield is more or less my emergency duo for when I have a bunch of mobs on me at once or I’m fighting something that’s starting to drain my health pool. It may not do quite as much damage, but being able to stand toe to toe with a lot of mobs and beat the tar out of them is really, really gratifying.

Eventually I plan on going with power/vitality/toughness armor and working with that to do at least solid damage and be able to take a few blows. Not from everything of course, it’s still GW2 and there’s some mobs that cut through plate armor like a hot knife through butter. If you have enough vitality you can keep rolling but if you don’t then it’s time for repairs.

In the long term I do intend on finishing up the Necromancer. That goal hasn’t changed. I have noticed however that I can only play on a Necromancer for so long before I feel the need to play another class. This happens pretty much every time. Chances are I’ll probably level back and forth between the Guardian and the Necromancer.

Even with 3 level 80 toons, I still don’t really feel like I have a solid “main” character in Guild Wars 2. I guess I just love being able to change classes at will.

For now though the Guardian will hopefully help me and my friends battle through Tyria. Not to mention give me a better perspective on melee combat in GW2 which the Thief gives you a taste for but really differs when you delve into the two heavy armored classes.

The race is on, which character will keep my attention long enough to reach 80 first. Will it be the Necromancer or the Guardian? Only time will tell.

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GuildWars2: Necro Progress

Going Up or Going Down?
Going Up or Going Down?

At the moment my Necromancer Epona Rhi is sitting at level 63 and at around Tailoring 300. That means I’m up to Silk tailoring which is nice since it’s a lot easier to get your hands on Silk.

Well silk seems easier to get your hands on once you’re roaming Orr a bit. That is my husband’s favorite zone so we spend a lot of time there on higher level characters when he gets and itch to bash risen.

At the moment I am really enjoying just putting on music and wandering through zones picking up skill challenges and vistas. I stop for random events when they pop up close by and always try to pop in to help out with the local champion when I see it.

I really want to work at unlocking as much of the map as possible in at least way points and vistas. I’m not super worried about making map completionist, I just want to be able to go where ever I want.

I also found a pretty neat little cave yesterday out in Diessa Plateau over by Nolan. There’s a random hidden strawberry garden that is pretty killer for screenshots. It is a bit of an unofficial jumping puzzle, but if you like going off the beaten path it’s worth the trouble.

I’d recommend putting on a speedboost of some kind before going, it makes the jumping a lot less of a hassle.

Here’s a peek at what I found:

Go toward the light!
Go toward the light!

I have a post on Guild Wars 2 combat brewing in my head. If anyone has any combat questions they’d like some info on just buzz me here, twitter, in game, where ever. Keep in mind though I can give you tips for surviving against what the PvE world has to throw at you much more so than some other aspects of the game. If that’s your bag then I can help you get a leg up. Otherwise I can point you to the forums for WvW, PvP and instance content builds.

Until I get that post worked out I will probably be randomly exploring Tyria. That also includes helping people level, collecting crafting materials for AH sales and even some map chatter. Here’s hoping that you’re having a blast wherever gaming takes you.

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GuildWars2: Living Story Installment Entaglement

VIDEO! Enter Entaglement on July 15.

Now this video displays some delightful evil I would like to take a look at with my Necro once she’s finally big enough to participate. As if I needed more reasons to level.

If you have Guild Wars 2 be sure to log in on the 15th so you can unlock this adventure to play at your leasure as part of the Story Journal!

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GuildWars2: Crafty Leveling

How Much for the Asura?
How Much for the Asura?

First off I should make the disclaimer that I love crafting. I am a big fan of games that offer a solid crafting system and Guild Wars 2 is no exception.

Now in most games crafting is pretty much a gold and time sink.

  • You don’t always get gear good for your class.
  • You can end up spending a lot of money on components.
  • You take time away from leveling because you’re in the city and not doing quests or killing mobs.

So crafting in many MMOs is something that you wait until end game to do when you have more cash and time on your hands. Guild Wars 2 breaks from that tradition. Though crafting is still a gold sink, it can be more rewarding to craft while leveling than in most MMOs.

First of all, crafting in GW2 doesn’t mean that you stop leveling. Even when crafting you can’t escape getting XP. Without swapping trade skills you might not be able to fully level a character exclusively through two trade skills, but you can put quite a few levels on a character while making armor for profit or personal use.

A good portion of my Necromancer’s levels game directly out of crafting. It has really reduced the grind for me since I enjoy having peaceful moments in the city to just relax. This also means that I don’t feel as though I’m wasting time while crafting, because my character is still progressing in levels.

Secondly, when crafting you can choose the item stats. You may not be able to mix and match for the exact stats you would like to have, but you do have several options to choose from.

Customizing your armor for your playstyle can make all the difference in the world. It can make leveling out in the world a lot easier, especially when soloing groups of mobs or skill challenge veterans. While better gear won’t make you a better player in GW2, it can give you more wiggle room in survivability and overall damage output.  You can also see which types of armors sell for the most on the AH and then recycle your old armor at a profit.

Third on the list we have the gold sink aspect of crafting. Usually the gold sink aspect is enough to bankrupt me in most games because I’m so focused on leveling a craft that I have a hard time keeping tabs on my gold. That can be a problem. In GW2 though, if you’re a crafty consumer you can save yourself some coin and recover some costs if you’re careful in your crafting.

When making armor or weapons you usually need the one piece that determines the stats of the item and two crafted pieces that form the item. For a chest piece you would need an insignia, the padding and the shell.

If you check the AH it can be sometimes cheaper to buy the insignia if you don’t have all the components required to make them. Usually the components go for a bit more. Sell what you have, then buy a whole insignia.

Same can be said for the padding and the shell items. If it costs 1 silver to pick up the chest padding, but it costs 2 silver for one piece of linen, then might as well save the linen you have for the rest of the armor and pick up the chest padding. This will save you those last pieces of linen you can use to make the less fabric intensive pieces of armor.

You can check the AH directly from the crafting table by right clicking on either the crafted components or the required materials.

Also a quick side note. If you make green items and don’t put runes in them they aren’t souldbound. That means you’ll be able to use them until you’re too big for them and then flog them on the AH.

If you put runes in them to boost your skills then they will be soulbound. That leaves you with two choices, vendoring them or salvaging them. Personally I’d salvage them. That usually helps to complete a monthly requirement and you can flog the components on the AH.

Everyone in the game can harvest. As long as you have tools that are the correct level for the harvestable item. This means that if you take the time to do some harvesting for yourself, it can go a long way in helping keep your costs down. Just bear in mind the tool cost, as you get higher in level they get more expensive.

If you want to gather all of the crafting components yourself that is an option. If you have a guild to help you, that saves a lot of time and energy. Otherwise the AH can be a handy if sometimes costly resource to help you get the materials you need. It just means trading off materials you don’t use to help make up the costs.

Personally I am getting a lot further in my Tailoring goals on my Necromancer. I am currently at around 250 Tailoring. That means I am really only at the halfway mark. I have a goal to craft one piece of ascended leggings so I have quite a bit of work ahead of me.

Until next time I’ll be working on level 60 on my Necromancer which is pretty much just around the bend as well as crafting 300. I’m working on little steps at a time. Hopefully you’re enjoying GW2 or your game of choice.

GuildWars2: Necromancer Goals

Epona Rhi Necromancer
Epona Rhi Necromancer

Right now my current goal in Guild Wars 2 is to finally fully level a Necromancer. I think I’ve created and deleted 5 or so Necros and so far only Epona has managed to make it past 50.

On top of just leveling her and part of what keeps me from giving her the ax sometimes is the host of other mini goals that I have for her that tie in with Epona’s long and winding path to level 80. I am a slacker so I take my time.

I plan on doing some Tailoring and Artificing on Epona. I want the sigils and consumables available from Artificing as well as just having some sweet looking armor with fancy stats that I can build via tailoring.

To complete the look I want at level 80 I’m going to want to make the light Ascended legs. That’s going to be a pain, but itl’ll look kind of sweet. Well to me anyways. I’m not worried about making a full Ascended set. Just one piece is good enough for me really.

Since I’ll need materials for leveling crafting. I might as well do some roaming about for trees and work on actually completing some zones. I’ll probably start out with the low level zones to get those out of the way and then work on the higher level zones later.

That not only gives me good gobs of XP but it also helps me work on map completion. I would like to manage to do that with one out of my 6 characters one of these days.

The sweet part about GW2 is that it’s almost impossible NOT to level your character. Walking through zones gives me XP. Completing the hearts or quest type objectives gives me XP. Helping out on random events, oh yeah XP there. Killing zone bosses, yeah that gives me XP. Oh and going back to town to craft with all the junk I just picked up also gives me some XP. Best part is that aside from the quest objectives, I can run back through the same zones and still get XP. Not too shabby.

As for my combat goals for my Necromancer, that is all going to revolve around having a fun grouping AoE killer with handy supporting elements. On the AoE note, basically I pan on going with a staff build and targeted wells. Then I plan on pumping as much of my build into those two things as I can at the moment. My husband designs my builds for the most part so I take no credit in what I end up with. Though playing them is all me.

Until next time I’ll be roaming about Tyria, killing stuff and poking my nose around every corner. If you’re on the Euro servers and want to say hi just let me know.

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GuildWars2: My Guilty Pleasure

Kleinubel the Thief Looking for Pockets to Pick.
Kleinubel the Thief Looking for Pockets to Pick.

I have to make a lengthy confession. I have been playing Guild Wars off and on since April 2013. My husband remembers. I’m horrible for dates.

I wanted to get into another MMO. I took a look at GW2 and decided that it was something that I wanted to try even though all of my friends had already played and left the game.

While I have also been in and out of GW2 just to have a change of pace I always find myself going back to the game. Now every time I play an MMO, I really enjoy it until I end up comparing it to GW2.

This is pretty much the growing list of GW2 features that keeps me coming back.

The List:


This is a new reason, but no less valid. Now you can’t go into a zone in Guild Wars 2 and NOT see another player. Even if that player is from another server, it doesn’t matter. If they are in a zone you are in, the Megaserver technology merges them and you get to play with other people.

This means zones aren’t empty. This is big for an MMO because when you are playing an massively multiplayer game you shouldn’t be playing by yourself.

Zone Scaling

This is a big one for me. So you hit 80 and now what? In GW2 the the whole map is your plaything. Same as in the original Guild Wars where you can go where ever with your fully leveled toon.

When you enter any zone your level scales to the zone. So if your level 80 goes back to a level 10 zone, you keep your traits, skills and abilities but you are scaled down to the zone around you. That basically means that if you’re not on your game a level 10 champion can still kick your level 80 butt.

This makes it a lot easier to enjoy playing with folks just starting the game as well as just being able to enjoy and get a ton of XP for completing even the starter zones of the other races.

Loot Scaling

In Guild Wars 2 the loot scales with you. So if you’re in a level 10 zone as an 80 killing stuff, you get level 80 gear. I am not joking. You won’t get high level harvestables from that zone but you will at least have something to sell to fix your gear. That’s really only necessary if you play with one of those special friends who love running head first into champions on a whim. I have those it can be awesome and it can be painful but it is all good fun.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that sometimes you get gear slightly below your level, but you still get stuff you can sell if not use.

Events Add Repeatable Content

In GW2 there is something to do in every zone even if you have completed the hearts that are the GW2 equivalent to quests.  The events give you more XP than the quests and usually more loot than you can shake a stick at. Remember too that the loot is for your level whatever level that may be.

This also means that if you are on a higher level toon and going back to help a friend level, you will be able to get XP in that zone not just from killing mobs but also from doing these events again. So this means running around with your friends gives you event XP and loot on top of kill XP even if you’ve completed all of the quest type based content.

The events also mean that the zones rarely feel like the same zone twice. Very rare events mean that you can go through a zone once or twice and only once run into some of these events. If you power level through a zone (which is really easy to do in GW2) you can miss a lot of content that you can always go back and see another time.

Shared Harvesting

In Guild Wars 2 you get XP for harvesting, you share harvesting nodes with everyone, and your harvestables can be sent to storage so they don’t fill up your bags or your bank.

The only downside to harvesting in Guild Wars is that you have to buy the tools. It’s not such a big deal for me though, I just make sure I have some extra tools in my pack. You can also buy permanent tools for Gems that don’t wear out and some offer extra loot. It’s up to you if you want them.

Collectibles Storage

In GW2 you can harvest like a mad person on every character on your account and right click to send all of the crafting materials to one central harvestables bank. You can access that bank while you are in the main city to pull things for sale on the auction house or you can access them directly while crafting. You don’t even have to have the items in your bags, the collectables bank counts.

You can extend your max collectables storage if you hoard things. That does cost gems on the market. Once again though, totally optional. I’ve played the game for over a year now and still haven’t extended my collectables.

This set up lets you have one or two characters you roam the map with and one character that just lives in town and does nothing but craft. This is handy for a character that you’ve invested a lot of time in but don’t really feel like playing their class too much.

Crafting Helps you Level

I did mention that you get leveling XP from crafting right? In GW2 if you want to craft while you are leveling it is actually beneficial. It not only gives you stat boosts and stuff you can sell on the auction house, but it also gives you level XP.

The downside is that if you have to buy any crafting materials from the auction house, it will seriously ruin your profit. On the upside, if you spend extra time in a zone at your crafting level collecting components you can still get plenty of XP from mob kills and events.

Join Multiple Guilds

In GW2 guilds are account bound. So if you join a guild every character you have is also in that guild. However you do not have to represent that guild on every toon or all of the time.

Representing a guild means that you are active in that guild at the moment. If you are a member of mutliple guilds, you have to represent another guild to access that guild bank, perks and/or chat channel. This lets you join multiple guilds that specialize in different areas of the game. It also means that you can be a part of one guild that is active at the moment, but not leave another guild that is less active for whatever reason.

Guilds are also cross server. You can also visit them whenever you like and not have to transfer server just to say hello or go on a rampage through a zone. If you want to get the guild skins or access the bank you have to have those perks unlocked in a guild based on your server though (last time I checked).

Free Trait Resets

GW2 now lets you change your trait build whenever and wherever you are as long as you are out of combat of course. This makes it much easier to trade out your weapons, skills and traits to match whatever content you intend to tackle for the day. The best part is that you can save the cash you were spending on changing your build to pay for more map travel and or the bigger bags you’ll need to carry extra weapons and loot.

Weapon Based Skills

In GW2 your weapon determines how you fight. Most classes can weapon swap on the fly to use different skills and weapon sets in battle. Even for those classes that cannot weapon swap on the fly, they either have access to a lot more skills per weapon or can slot in different bundle type weapons. That and being able to swap weapons out of combat means that you can be so detailed as to having the perfect weapon set up for any one type of encounter. That is for your class of course. Now with the free trait resets you can also revise your build on the fly to match the change in weapons.


Account Bound Dye and Free Dying Costs

In Guild Wars 2 dyes are an investment. For some rare colors you can spend quite a bit on the Auction House. Thanks to new changes every dye you buy binds to your account so every character on your account has access to whatever dyes you unlock.

Also dying your gear at any time, with any color you have is free. So if you want to go all green for saint patty’s day then back to the standard red and black the next day, you’re not going to pay extra for that.


The wardrobe is actually one of the newer features but it’s pretty neat. You can unlock as many armor skins as you can find in the game. It also stores them in a collectables fashion which means that you don’t have to actually retain that piece of armor to have an unlock for the look of it. Once you have the armor skin unlocked you can transmute it over your current armor. The only limitation is of course that it has to be an armor value that your class can use in the game. A light armor class can only transmute light armor for instance.

This lets you set up some very unique outfits for your characters based on what you’ve managed to pickup. So despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of players in the game, you may be the only bright pink Sylvari wearing that top and those trousers.

The downside is that you have to pay for the transmutes with gems that you buy with IRL cash. The upside is that it supports the game for a pretty minimal fee and is purely aesthetic. The cost for a handful of transmutation charges is still less than you’d spend on a monthly sub. You can also buy some unique skins too, but once again it is a purely aesthetic purchase and is purely optional.

Rotating Story Arcs and General World Events

So on top of the generic in game holidays that give you fun little side things to do in between the general grind, there are large story arcs. These are incredibly cool as they actually effect the world. When they call them “Living World” stories they’re not joking. Lion’s Arch still hasn’t fully recovered after a story arc turned it into a war zone.

End of story is that the whole map in GW2 isn’t static. As wars and battles rampage the map they actually leave lasting impressions. If you were a part of the stories you’re able to say ‘hey I saw this happen’ and if you weren’t you log in and it leaves you asking no end of questions.

Story Journal

So if you like the living stories but don’t really have the time to participate, Arena Net has added a fun new feature. The Story Journal. This lets you go back to events you missed for whatever reason and experience them even if you aren’t able to participate in the living story while it’s live. This has been one of the biggest criticisms of the Living Story in Guild Wars 2 and this is probably one of the most interesting new changes.

Siege Warfare

PvP is a big part of GW2 and World vs World or WvW is another aspect of it. This is really the PvP in the game that I enjoy. It has it’s own explorable map, keeps and siege weapons. I haven’t personally done a lot of it, but from what I have participated in, I can say that it’s PvP that I can get into, eventually.

Wrapping it up:

The purpose of this post isn’t to sell anyone on playing Gw2. You either want to play it or you don’t, the choice is yours. The purpose of this article is more to serve as a reminder to myself of the things I need to remember about GW2 before I check out another shiny new game. Thing is that if a game doesn’t have a lot of the features on this list I am probably not going to bother.

The thing about GW2 is that it is more of a game for ‘the other half’. I’m talking about people that do not want to ‘raid’ or ‘pvp’. I mean exclusively pvp because GW2 does have a heavy pvp focus, but it isn’t the only post level cap activity.

GW2 isn’t top heavy leaving the starting areas empty while people rush to get to end game content. This is a game that scales level 80’s down to participate in low level content but still gives them loot worth their time and effort. This is also a game that will scale players up to 80 just to participate in current Living Story content so that they don’t feel rushed to get their level cap. They still have to be high enough level to get to the zone to participate, but they can still participate.

To me the fact that GW2 is less about levels and more about content really is a selling point. The fact that I can roam the map with my friends and still feel like I’m enjoying and exploring the map regardless of whether or not I’ve already completed it, is also a big bonus.

For tonight I’ll be in GW2 working on a Sylvari Elementalist or maybe finish my 40 plus Human Necromancer. Either one would give me my 4th level 80 in the game.

In the meantime I’ll be debating whether I’m going to go back to WildStar and give it another shot. Either way I will have to log in and talk it over with my guild. I am still subbed for one more month of WildStar but at this point I really do not think the game is right for me. I am not saying it isn’t a great game. For people who love raiding and pvp content WildStar is totally for them.

Until next time I hope that you too enjoy playing whatever game you enjoy the most.

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WildStar: Bot Busting Addons

WildStar2 Are you seeing randomly teleporting bots stealing your nodes? Do they zoom away too fast for you to catch a name to report? Well how about downloading some great addons that will help you bust those bots!

Both of these addons are available for download through Curse. So if you want to bust some bots, check these out:

I’ve already downloaded BotBuster and I’ll give it a try while roaming around today. Hopefully I won’t need it.

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WildStar: FEEL THE STRAIN Patch Notes Up

WildStar-Strain The Strain Ultradrop Patch is now live! Check out this massive patch drop (hence the huge downtime).

Posted by BigV:


  • Blighthaven – Hello level 50 players, and welcome to Blighthaven!
    • The door to further adventure and excitement has been kicked the !@#$ down. Shimmering, golden death? It lurks around every corner. The water? It can eat your mind! Discover the origins of Drusera, and collect mountains of Elder Gems—that is, if you’re up to the challenge!
  • Northern Wastes – The passage to Northern Wastes has been opened!
    • In the aftermath of the Exile’s clash with the Dominion in the Northern Wilds, new enemies have moved in to stake their own claims. Strap on those snow shoes and prepare to battle for control of the territory against the beasts who now call these lands home. Level 50 characters, check out your faction’s local Venture Board inside Thayd or Illium for details! Dominion players can access Northern Wastes by reporting to Captain Zanaar for transport to Camp Icefury. Exile players can travel to Northern Wastes by speaking to Venyanna Skywind for a ride to Darkstone’s Landing.


  • Banned game accounts will display an appropriate message upon attempted login.
  • Many spell, audio, and animation fixes and updates were made throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where players falling under the world could end up hanging around stuck until doing the support-stuck command or getting a GM to help them. Now this is automatically detected, so stuck players will have to rez immediately to the nearest safe spot.
  • Significant updates were made to the way we handle the Datachron minimizing and maximizing, and the saving of that data.
  • Occasional crashes during general play have been fixed.
  • Changed the header on the Combat Options menu so it will read correctly on French/German clients.
  • Added sound caching to cinematics so sounds will play more accurately.
  • Fixed a bug with instance throttling where instances were taking longer to expire than intended.
  • Path Hoard-O-Tron 4000s can be found next to the Elder Gem vendors in Illium and Thayd. If you’ve accidentally sold your path gear, they’re available again on these vendors!
  • Character and realm select screens now properly report when you are disconnected. This fixes issues in realm and character select where it appeared to be working fine, but then get stuck waiting for server responses.
  • New art for the stun breakout gameplay has been added.
  • Keybindings for Stun Breakout gameplay have been added. They also have an icon and tooltip describing how they are allowed to be multi-bind.
  • Fixed an issue with certain AIs not reacting to mounted players properly.
  • Guards in Illium and Thayd should now direct you to the CREDD Exchange.
  • Trial accounts are now properly notified via a system message when reaching the reduced max renown and gold.
  • Fixed a potential client crash that can happen when 2-Step Verification is submitted without a code.
  • While consuming CREDD, the player animation is no longer late.
  • Fixed a pathing crash.
  • Fixed user server crash related to Guild operations.
  • Housing buffs are now removed when entering dungeons, adventures, and raids.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally when an order on the commodities exchange was filled, the client could crash.
  • Fixed an issue where using food wouldn’t always consume the food.
  • It is now no longer possible to use a gadget more than once within the same instance.


  • Using the Launcher with a High-Contrast Windows theme will now display a warning.
  • Launcher will now attempt to update itself if uninstalling.
  • Removing a start menu shortcut will now remove any empty WildStar start menu folders.
  • Fixed a bug that could slow or break the operation of account authorization.


  • A number of spell, audio, and animation fixes have been made.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some creatures to have interrupt armor when they should be uninterruptible.
  • Fixed a bug where interrupting certain creatures could cause a significant decrease in client framerate for a few seconds.
  • Overworld creature damage was inadvertently reduced when attempting to reduce the damage of group creatures. This has been fixed.
  • When interrupted, Pincer Flurry and Root Eruption should now place the caster in a Moment of Opportunity for the correct amount of time.
  • Ikthian Triton Guards have had their auto attacks fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with Barkblight Biters and Barkblight Feeders being invulnerable while attacking veggies.
  • Neutral Darkspur Butchers no longer reward XP when killed.
  • The following creatures will no longer forget their top threat target
    • Slavemaster Drokk (Normal)
    • Slavemaster Drokk (Veteran)
    • Genetic Monstrosity
    • Frostbringer Warlock
    • Maelstrom Authority
  • Players can no longer use Guards to gain XP fast/more easily by pulling AI into the Guards’ aggro range in order to help finish them off.



  • Dominion players will now correctly receive one Epic quality reward from completing the Galeras Adventure Gold Medal on Normal mode.
  • When gaining reputation with a faction, any amount of reputation beyond the value required to reach Beloved will be discarded.
  • Effective level (used when mentoring or rallying) can no longer be outside the normal level ranges.
  • Fixed issue with character rename that allows player to log into world using their original name.
  • The Dominion can no longer lure Exiles into their camp in the Cankertube Swamp using “Face the Fear” quest objective arrows.
  • Players will now dismount if they are in an area that their mount can no longer navigate.
  • Fixed an error in the calculation of rested experience. Rested experience will now properly be calculated based on the amount of time a character is logged out.
  • Players are no longer able to initiate a duel with another dead Player. No playing with the dead!


  • A new Strain-themed costume set was added!
  • A new Strain-themed hoverboard and set of hoverboard customizations was added!
  • Pell Ritual Mantle now has an updated icon.
  • Backpack slots past slot 80 are now usable.
  • Decorated Protostar Zapinators now has the correct display.
  • Isigrol Survival Shockers now has the correct display.
  • All hoverboards are created equal and have the same jump physics.
  • Malignant Headband now correctly sells for 150 Elder Gems.
  • Gadgets now trigger their cooldown when they are equipped.
  • Buyback price for items sold to a vendor will now be set at the moment of sale.
  • The Eldan Gauntlet imbuement items are now Legendary quality. The stat values of their imbuement bonuses will not change but the inherent armor values will increase.



  • Requirements that check if a Player has learned a specific Tier Level, only check vs Loadout 1 and not the Current Loadout.
  • Fixed a bug where Allies in the in Players group could not see the Soothe Telegraph.
  • Using Hold to Continue Casting abilities will now automatically dismounts the player if being mounted is blocking that abilities use.
  • Pressing a key on the keyboard will only register once when casting abilities.
  • Shiphand instances will now use the rallying system.
  • Gadget – Reduced the duration on Attachment Optimization Routines to 10 seconds down from 20 seconds.
  • Imbuement – Dasher – Reduced the Dash regeneration on all tiers from 30%, 36%, 40%, 44%, 50% to 16%, 18%, 20%, 22%, 24%.

AMPs General

  • Several AMPs have had their rarities adjusted to better coincide with their respective drop rates.
  • AMP item tooltips will now display correctly.
  • Fixed a crash related to AMPs that modify spell parameters such as resource cost.



  • Artillerybot and Bruiserbot
    • Fixed an issue in which using the granted ability that misses a target would set the cooldown to 3 milliseconds instead of 3000 milliseconds.
  • Logging out with Bio Shell’s T4 Buff Active will no longer allow the instant cast buff to persist.
  • Fixed an issue in which damage would not be dealt if multiple Engineers mark the same target.


  • Bio Shell
    • Fixed an issue that prevented it from dealing Damage if the foes has higher level Resist and Armor debuffs applied already.
  • Bolt Caster
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Tier 4 upgrade to fully reset the cooldown on Bio Shell.
  • Cutthroat
    • Will now consistently apply to the target when behind it.
  • Shock Pulse
    • Fixed an issue with the client showing the improper cooldown time.
  • Shred
    • ​Fixed an issue with Shred telegraph not lasting for all 3 swing animations.
  • Fixed an issue in which Shatter Impairment would not remove subdue effects.
  • Energy Auger – Fixed an issue that prevented the field from dealing damage if multiple Engineers stacked them.
  • Personal Defense Unit – Fixed an issue that prevented it from absorbing damage.



  • Damage floaters should now always appear for each pulse of a channeled spell.


  • Soothe
    • SFX for Esper spell Soothe now stops when spell is interrupted.
  • Fixed a bug with T8 Reverie not benefiting from the Healing Received Buff.
  • Soothe T8 Telegraph no longer sticks around when Hold to Continue Casting option is off.
  • Fixed a bug with T8 Geist that was preventing it from taking 100% of the Esper’s threat.
  • Fixed a bug with T8 Mind Burst ignoring shields
  • All 3 Spectral Swarms should now attack the closest target to the Esper when the spell is cast


  • Fixed a bug with Fisticuffs that was preventing it from procing.
  • AMPS Duelist and Inspirational Charge should now be able to stack.



  • Calm
    • The Tier 4 Bonus now restores 12.27% Assault and Support Power shield, rather than just 24.54% Support Power.
  • Crisis Wave
    • Fixed an issue where using Tier 4+ would consume all 4 Actuators following Energize.
  • Gamma Rays
    • Fixed an issue where using Tier 4+ would consume all 4 Actuators following Energize.
  • Crisis Wave
    • Fixed an issue where using Tier 4+ would consume all 4 Actuators following Energize.
  • Paralytic Surge
    • The Tier 4 Bonus has been swapped with the Tier 8 Bonus.
    • The new Tier 4 bonus no longer increases the Stun duration while the increased Interrupt Armor pierce remains.
  • Debilitative Armor
    • This now properly reduced PvP Offense by the intended 6.5%.
  • Gamma Rays
    • Fixed an issue where there was a noticeable delay between finishing the cast and being refunded the Actuator for landing all 3 beams.


  • Power Converter AMP – This buff is now applied when you enter combat and persists as long as you are in combat.



  • Adjusted gun grip location for Aurin female Spellslingers.
  • Players will no longer be stuck in combat after dying within a dungeon or raid.


  • Vitality Burst
    • Tier 8 Bonus will now roll for a chance to heal critically each hit.
  • Arcane Missiles will now apply stacks of expose correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in which sometimes the Arcane Missiles ability would deal an extra damage print marked as Magic Missiles.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a full Surged Charged Shot to fire off twice while ignoring its cooldown.
  • Aura’s should work more consistently now especially if a player enters / leaves the Void while in one.


  • Gunslinger AMP
    • Fixed an issue in which the tooltip did not state that it only occurs for Assault abilities.
  • Surge Damage AMP
    • Fixed an issue in which Arcane Missiles would not trigger this AMP. Arcane Missiles will now trigger Surge Damage at the start of the channel.
    • Fixed an issue in which Wild Barrage would trigger this AMP more than once during the channel. Wild Barrage will now trigger Surge Damage at the start of the channel.



  • Even Stalkers cannot evade the watchful eye of Eldan constructs in the first of many mysterious encounters with Drusera.
  • Added a 1 second cooldown to stealth while out of combat.


  • Increased the from behind range to 140 degrees up from 90 degrees.
  • Updated Nano Fields 2nd press to have a short 250ms GCD to prevent the combat option “hold to continue casting” from triggering it non-stop until out of Suit Power.
  • Fixed a bug with Impale that was causing it to have a higher deflect chance than intended.
  • Updated Stim Drone to have a small 250ms Cooldown to prevent “Hold to Continue Casting” from casting all charges at once.


  • Fixed a bug with the Stalker’s Stealth Regen AMP not firing after 30 seconds of being active.
  • The Cutthroat Debuff Stacks can no longer be deflected.



  • Whirlwind
    • This is now a channeled ability rather than a Press and Hold.
    • Fixed a bug where the CD reset was only occurring on the base Tier.
    • Fixed an issue where tiers 1-8 had a longer GCD than intended.
  • Plasma Wall
    • This is now a channeled ability rather than a Press and Hood.
    • Fixed a bug where the defense buff would sometimes not be removed.
    • Fixed an issue where tiers 1-8 had a longer GCD than intended.
  • Resolved an issue with Tremor that could cause ability charges to not recharge after reconnecting to the game.
  • Fixed an issue with Augmented Blade where it was not dealing damage.
  • Flash Bang tooltip will now update the blind duration for each tier.
  • Leap – Fixed a bug where the Tier 4 bonus would cause the Warrior to not leap the full distance when breaking free from Tethers.
  • Power Link
    • Range has been reduced to 15m down from 20.
    • The base buff has been reduced to 14% Damage Dealt, down from 18%.
    • Damage gained per tier has been reduced to 0.5%, down from 0.6%.
    • Updated the tooltip so that the base tooltip does not show the bonus of T4.
    • Fixed a bug where the T8 bonus would sometimes not trigger while sprinting.
    • The Storing Power buff will now be removed upon leaving combat.


  • Detonate AMP
    • Ranged increased to 10 meters, up from 8 meters.
    • Targets increased to 10, up from 5.
    • Damage dealt reduced to 225% Assault Power, down from 300%
  • Vigor AMP – Updated the tooltip to clarify that this buff stacks.



  • Fixed a rare crash in PvP combat.
  • The Warrior Arena PvP chest piece is no longer flagged for Medics.
  • Fixed a crash caused by PvP assists and saves.
  • Players that are flagged for PvP will see (PvP) appended to their name on the unit and target frames.
  • PvP buffs will no longer refresh the duration of each other.
  • The deserter duration for PvP activities (Battlegrounds, Arena, and Warplots) has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.


  • ‘Excellent Quality Chests’ can now be opened when discovered.
  • Datacore Fusionist’s Respirator no longer appears as a pair of boots when equipped.
  • Adjusted the drop rate of the Dominion Medical Station and Exile Medical Station decor items from the PVP reward bags and chests.


Halls of the Bloodsworn

  • The match timer will now appear for the defenders in Halls of the Bloodsworn.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused rating to decrease when leaving a Halls of the Bloodsworn match too quickly after the win.


  • Updated the Warplots Swordmaidens, balancing them as a melee DPS archetype; SFX for Swordmaiden spells have been updated.
  • The Avatus Warplot Boss now has sound effects.
  • The bonus provided by Nano-Pak node capture has been changed. Now, every node captured by a team will increase the damage taken for the enemy team’s generators. This bonus is 5% per node and caps at 25%.
  • Generators and Structure units are now able to be targeted by Spellslingers’ ‘Spatial Shift’.
  • Fixed several cases where Warplot guards would respawn immediately/quickly after death. Warplots guards should now spawn at consistent rates, across all guard plug types.
  • Warplots now requires 10 Warparty members to be online before the Warparty can queue. The Warparty then needs 10 members in the queue before they will be matched against another Warparty.
  • Fixed the Decorate button in Warplot matches so players can place turrets and traps during the match.
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent Warparties from properly matching, disbanding, or being able to port to the build map after queuing the first time.
  • Players of a Warplot match which are not a member of a Warparty can no longer initiate a surrender vote.
  • Kill counts during a Warplot match will no longer include NPCs such as the generators.
  • Fixed an issue with Warplot assets not loading in at their proper height.
  • The being disabled at the end of a PvP match can no longer be avoided if stunned moments before the end of the match.



  • Added and/or fixed the sound effects for many quests throughout WildStar.
  • Corrupted Abomination can now be targeted when fighting him in The Hidden Dark.
  • The Strain Ravager boss can now be targeted following the cut scene in the Drusera Instance 2
  • The Osun boss can now be selected in Drusera Instance 2
  • A unit’s health on nameplate and target frame will now show as 0 when unit is dead.
  • A Broadcast Camera for the Quest “Cuisine Commando” would follow the player everywhere if the player didn’t complete the quest. We ended this invasion of privacy and restricted it to a small area.
  • Illium and Thayd: Guards will now direct players toward the new location of Northern Wastes.
  • Players will now see Drusera if they log out and log in during the raid attunement quest: “ATTUNEMENT: The Genesis Key”.
  • The quest direction arrows for the step to ‘Speak to Executive Assistant Kunio’ for the quest ‘Attunement: The Genesis Key’ will now only display when in Illium.
  • Arkship Tutorials – Made it so the path representative would call players about the path quest again if players did not interact with the initial call before logging out.
  • Fixed a bug with “Bug Zapper” which required the optional objective to be completed.
  • Challenge cooldowns will properly count down while the character is logged off.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to reenter solo instances.
  • Secret Ops Report and Enigma Reports for world story episode completion will now be visible to players in the Secret Ops Center / Enigma Chamber.
  • The following creatures will no longer occasionally forget their top threat target:
    • Slavemaster Drokk (Normal)
    • Slavemaster Drokk (Veteran)
    • Genetic Monstrosity
    • Frostbringer Warlock
    • Maelstrom Authority
  • Fixed an issue where neutral hub guards would attack Players that were fighting overland creatures (not other Players/Player-related creatures).
  • Players may now travel to the Northern Wastes through a new portal available on the Northern Wilds biome plug.
  • The deserter duration for PvE activities (Adventures and Dungeons) has been increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.



  • ‘No Strain No Gain’ has been added for the Corrupted Laboratory enhancement.
  • The achievements for guild dungeon completion now refer to earning a medal upon completion for unlock.
  • Achievement completion times are now listed in UTC instead of local time.
  • The Eldan Gauntlet and Eldan Artifact Weapon Imbuement quests are now tracked with achievements.
  • Updated ‘I Like it Rare’ achievements in Grimvault to more accurately reflect their locations.
  • Quest checklists have been updated for the following achievements:
    • Everstar Grove – Episode Completion: Forest in Despair will no longer expect both Mordesh and non-Mordesh quest completions.
    • Algoroc – Episode Completion: Sunken Prospects will no longer require the optional breadcrumb quest, Protostar SOS.
    • Galeras – Fighting with Friends: Galeras will now check for Bonetalon instead of looking for 2 Stickypaw quests.
    • Auroria – Episode Completion: A Smoldering Threat will no longer check for the breadcrumb quest, ‘Bought the Farm’.
  • Reputation earned from completing Challenges should also grant reputation with linked factions (such as “The Dominion” or “The Exiles”).
  • Fixed a bug that caused some challenges to give the “out of area” warning and fail, while Players were still in the challenge area.
  • Fixed an error that would occur if the player changed zones while they were in the middle of a challenge.
  • Renown and prestige gains will now be properly processed within achievements including guild achievements.
  • Increased challenge time for “Snoglug Squasher” and “Shiny Snacks” from 3 minutes to 5 minutes in Ellevar.
  • Whacking Warriors – Kill 1,000 warriors is now worth 10 points to match the similar class kill achievements.


  • Kraggar the Earthrender has had his failure time removed so that he will remain up until defeated or 1 week has passed at which time he will reset. Dominion player will now be able to participate in the event for killing this world boss.


  • Osun Intro cinematic will no longer play every time a player enters its trigger zone.
  • Resolved an issue with a Dominion Auroria Quest that was not granted via Datachron if a player was past level 17. Revisit the Farm in Auroria if you think you missed it. Spoiler Alert, the quest is called “Radio Silence”.


  • Doctor Claremont is a little more succinct when he goes on about “Psychic Rescue in Progress” in the Cankertube Swamp.
  • Added zone restriction to ‘Ride the Lightning’ challenge.
  • The Protostar Corporation has finally fixed their global positioning to secure a route into Blighthaven.
  • Certain reputation rewards in Blighthaven and Northern Wastes had the potential to roll more Rune slots than intended. These will now roll the intended amount of Rune slots.


  • The ‘Fights of Passage’ public event will progress normally if the warpig is killed by a player outside the event area.
  • Explosive Mammodin can no longer explode other Mammodin.
  • Combustible Mammodins in Deradune should no longer have interrupt armor.

Dominion Arkship

  • So your ears don’t get bored, we’ve attached music to the Exile training grounds in Dominion Arkship Holochambers.
  • Emperor Myrcalus now speaks at a consistent volume on the tram ride to the Garden of the Vigilant.
  • Rise and Shine – Fixed and issue that was causing a player to be stuck in a stunned state for a few minutes after reloading UI.


  • Heightened Security: The player can no longer farm the dagun that are spawned when failing the CSI connected to the turrets.
  • The completion objectives for ‘All Hail the Queen’ will now refer the player to Nerissa Artan.
  • When failing the CSI in quest Blackout in Ellevar, the spell name now properly displays as ‘Shock’ and has appropriate sound effects.
  • Lightreach Commoners will now walk towards the church when called by the Vigilant Bell for the challenge “Hear ye, hear ye” in Lightreach Mission.
  • Increased challenge time for “Snoglug Squasher” and “Shiny Snacks” from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Quest “Spreading the Word” wasn’t giving enough indication to players about which Lopp were still able to be converted, and which were not. Made them change their pose if they’d been spoken to already.

Exile Arkship

  • Bridge Intro Cinematic now has VO.
  • Fixed Tram to Cryobay [exile] load spike causing cinematic sounds from coming in off time.


  • Added sound effects to meteor strikes.
  • The Exile Battle Suit and the Dominion Battle Suit for ‘Suits Me Just Fine’ will now damage only the Ikthians in The Sunder Flat. These suits will no longer deal damage to players.


  • Galeras Adventure will now drop the correct faction appropriate loot.
  • Skywatch Settler Payoff now able to be accessed directly.
  • Fixed a bug causing several imbuements in Stormtalon’s lair to not appear localized.


  • Big Baby and the X-Periment don’t create so many weird sounds when they become activated in Western Grimvault anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where the Creeping Eyestalks in Grimvault that were unable to see players.
  • Fixed a collision issue to stop the player from getting stuck.
  • Cryopods in the Fractured Fields or Shattered Sands for the ‘The Cave’ episode no longer changes collision, potentially trapping players.
  • Cinematic for ‘Cuisine Commando’ wasn’t playing ambient sound and music. Lovingly restored the audio to the cinematic.
  • The Dominion Military Cardio Program in the Fist of Azrion has undergone routine maintenance and is now back online.
  • The Terminus Complex in Grimvault is no longer a forbidden zone.
  • Ethereal Cavity and Ethereal Hollow – adjusted jump puzzle to account for the player needing more room to jump up the exanite platforms.
  • DATACUBE: Covert Adjustment now counts toward Datacube Decryption mission in Grimvault Tract 2.
  • Ensured that Journals in hidden micros in Grimvault Tract 3 are in the correct phase.
  • The quest, ‘Beyond the Wall’ can now be obtained by Dominion players.
  • The clone bosses targeted by the quest ‘Big Game Hunters’ in Western Grimvault are now bossier!
  • The Flank Tank from ‘Gates of Fire’ will no longer hurt Bulgoth the Wallbreaker.
  • Terminus Complex: Fixed issue where some players were unable to interact with the Data Integrator.
  • Adjusted visual effect animation to end at the same time as the despawn for “Psychic Rescue in Progress” in Grimvault.
  • Rotgear will no longer instantly reappear after he is killed.


  • The challenge “Back to Basic” in Illium will now clean up properly if it is abandoned.

Levian Bay

  • Players will now properly receive comm call from Juro Takigurain on finishing the episode ‘The Elder Cube’.


  • Darkspur Karaoke
    • The quest will now botch if the player removes themselves from the holdout area or if they run out of time.
    • This quest will now complete upon successful completion of the bar brawl.


  • Players will now receive a quest arrow for the step to ‘Speak with Research Assistant Bertha’ for the quest ‘Beloved of the Exiles’.
  • Guards will now direct players to the transport to Grimvault.


  • Whitevale Adventure’s fps should improve.
  • Corrected text for a Datacube in Whitevale which originally did not match the voiceover.
  • Removed unintended behavior of Silverscale Hydrocrawlers when a Player scans them.
  • Fixed an issue with the quest ‘Primal Powers and Triton’s Dread’ in where Primal Gillsting would not spawn correctly.
  • Tear Gas now has sound effects for quest Tear Gas in Whitevale
  • The Brandy Dagun in Whitevale now only attempt to heal badly injured players, and they can not heal the same player more than once per minute.
  • The Silversnout Patriarch should no longer be able to get stuck without respawning on the Exile quest ‘…But You Can’t Hide’.


  • Added more Corrupted Flora to Twilight Grove for the quest Tainted Samples.
  • Shinequester Andro and his camouflage will no longer disappear from the Kel Ulgar bridgeway if you complete ‘The Pulverizer’ before you turn in ‘Unchained’.
  • Bombing ICI Operatives now has sound effects for quest Crafty Critter.
  • Destroying War Drum now has sound effects for quest Noise Pollution.
  • Cleansing Fire now has sound effects for quest Encroaching Corruption.
  • Fixed an issue for the quest Race for the Everpool that could make it difficult to complete the step to shout to Dorian Walker.



  • Completing Dungeons and Adventures will now earn you reputation with your faction. This should provide an alternate means of reaching “Beloved” for the purposes of raid attunement, should you not choose to level up through questing.
  • Raid Key Attunement – The Reputation Check for ‘Beloved of the Dominion’ and ‘Beloved of the Exiles’ will now advance if you max your faction while inside an Adventure.
  • The cooldown for Sergeant Berog / Corporal Vizrek’s “The Big One” has been increased.

Riot in the Void

  • Summoning a mount while in the Void will no longer leave a riderless mount in the normal world.
  • Rioting Prisoners in ‘Riot in the Void’ now search for players in the appropriate rooms.

Crimelords of Whitevale

  • Cartel Firefighters should never get stuck in combat with players anymore.


  • Players will no longer be blocked from entering solo instances while in a group.

The Hycrest Insurrection

  • Players who log in after the intro has started will automatically port inside the barn.

The Malgrave Trail

  • Malgrave Veteran Adventure – Gold Medal will now reward properly.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing infinite food respawn at one of the hidden resource caches.


  • Shiphand mission Deep Space Disappearance now plays all audio properly.


Stormtalon’s Lair

  • Stormtalon model and creature display updated.
  • Fixed a bug causing several imbuements in Stormtalon’s lair to appear not localized.
  • Stormtalon will no longer attempt to target player pets when performing Lightning Rod.
  • Stormtalon will no longer attempt to target player pets when performing Lightning Rod.
  • Fixed a bug causing several imbuements in Stormtalon’s lair to appear unlocalized.
  • Engineer Artillery bots should be less likely to pull the final third of the instance when Aethros disperses

Kel Voreth

  • The Blood Pit in the Ruins of Kel Voreth can no longer be bypassed by climbing up the walls near the beginning of the dungeon.
  • Players at the Kel Voreth Front will now only see that area’s in-game introduction cinematic once.
  • Fixed an issue causing creatures to stop moving during combat.
  • Slavemaster Drokk should no longer be able to interrupt Destructo Constructs when they attempt to self-destruct.
  • Slavemaster Drokk should no longer be able to interrupt Destructo Constructs when they attempt to self-destruct.
  • Trogun now begins facing the forge and skips initial movement. This should prevent his AI from breaking at the start of the fight.

Slavemaster Drokk

  • Added a buffer between Enslavement Phase and casting Suppression Wave.
  • Drokk now stays in the Enslavement Phase for 30 seconds (down from 45) before resuming auto attacks. Tethers still last 45 seconds.
  • Deplete Silo and Suppression Wave now cast more consistently during the Enslavement Phase.


  • Players can no longer use the giant rib bones to escape Thunderfoot.
  • Adjusted the damage from Molten Heat hazard in the Molten Chasm.
  • Redmoon Wrestler will now knock players upward, and only hit them once, rather than hit them multiple times.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

  • Moved spawns around within Lifeweaver Terrace and Moldwood Corruption.
  • Added a few more clusters to Moldwood Corruption.
  • Lifeweaver Soulbinders should cast Invocation more frequently.
  • Corrupted Terrorantula – Burst should summon Spiderlings more consistently.
  • Corrupted Veteran Swordmaidens and Moldwood Maulers no longer set the instance busy.
  • Selene Holdout – Selene now takes x5 damage if no players are alive.
  • The public event should no longer occasionally fail to complete when Spiritmother Selene the Corrupted dies.



  • The Adventure step of the Genesis Key will now correctly give credit.

Genetic Archives

  • Updated Metal Maw for Genetic Archives.
  • Fixed player camera issue in Genetic Archives’ Gravitron Chamber.
  • X-89: Players should no longer collide with the platform from below.
  • Gravitron Operator
    • Gravity Swell is now a forced hit and can no longer crit.
    • Gravity Flux now removes the effects of Gravity Spike and grants a longer fall Damage immunity.
  • Phagetech Prototypes
    • Destructo Construct X can no longer be snared.
  • Phageborn Convergence entrance door now re-opens properly when the bosses reset.
  • Impending Demise can no longer be deflected.
  • Gravitron Operator – The doors to his room are now closed while he is in combat.
  • Revolving Door Room – If you kill one of the pair of mobs, and then wipe, the rest of the pack will respawn rather than just despawn.
  • Malfunctioning Battery – Thermal Insulation Damage reflect will no longer proc off certain effects like Fatal Wounds.


  • Added collision to stop player from reaching top of columns when shot up in the air during boss fight.
  • Removed collision that blocked players from entering Datascape.
  • Hydroflux – Gameplay adjustments were made to the Sinkhole telegraph.
  • Each of the Elemental Pairs in Datascape now have a corresponding Achievement.
  • Added Realm-first achievements for all boss encounters.
  • Glacial Fortress
    • Frostbringer Warlock
      • Increased Damage for Exploding Ice
      • Decreased HP for Glaciers
      • Glaciers now have floating Combat text
      • Increased animation priority for auto attacks
  • Elemental Pairs
    • Visceralus + Mnemesis
      • Leash Should be less likely to chain tanks to other units
      • Leash distance increased from 3m to 7m
      • Leashes will now correctly clear when one of the two dies
    • Hydroflux + Mnemesis
      • Logic Walls now show Combat floaters and have health bars
      • Should no longer occasionally reset when their top threat is launched into the air
      • Toned down the (somewhat overwhelming) visual effects from their combo-Tsunami
      • Mnemesis Should once again be using his telegraphs
  • Avatus
    • Annihilation now deals ~30k per hit (two hits for a total of ~60k)
    • Now reliably enters and exits Combat, and resets the Oculus and bridge properly
    • Burning Exhaust telegraphs now properly align with the caster and ground
    • Holo Cannon
      • Energized Bombardment – Shrapnel now deals ~10k to light armor
      • Resonant Discharge – now deals damage every 500ms (up from 250ms)
    • Neutralize – spell icon is no longer blank
    • Holo Hands – when near each other, they now have buff icons
    • Danger Room – Core Essence Fragments now properly mimic players
  • Gloomclaw
    • Should now correctly attack his primary and secondary threat consistently.
    • Should no longer attack a random target on the pull.
    • Interactions with Logic Fragments and Logic Essences now have more appropriate descriptions.
    • Gloomclaw Skurge’s Crippling Slash damage reduced by ~60%.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Volatile Mauler’s AI to break and stop moving towards the Essences of Logic.
    • Adjusted spawn location of Gloomclaw’s minions and increased the size of the spawning pool telegraph.
    • Manifest Corruption should no longer have a grow-in time on the telegraph, just the cast wave as intended.
    • Manifest Corruption tether should no longer be dispellable.
    • Caretaker no longer rudely interrupts Gloomclaw’s death monologue with a comm call.
  • Obsidian Wastes
    • ‘DS Fireroom Death Beam’ renamed in the combat log
    • Flammable Dracus AA is now 140d cleave (down from 180), damage increased greatly
    • Warmong Agratha
  • Conflagration telegraphs now target the correct players
    • Warmonger Chuna
  • Flame Totems’ telegraph messaging improved
  • Grand Warmonger Tar’Gresh
  • Meteor – Improved telegraph messaging, can no longer crit, Damage reduced somewhat
  • Pulverize – Improved telegraph messaging
  • Increased execution frequency
  • Increased AA Damage
  • Teleporter up/down to his platform will no longer force players to wait 20s before using the Teleporter again
  • Maelstrom Authority
    • Removed telegraph wave from Shifting Currents
    • Grapply Hook now removes the root effects from Typhoon
    • Added a telegraph at the Authority’s base for Ice Breath
    • Ice Breath is now an aura
    • Reduced Damage for Static Bombshell/Fallout
    • No longer chain casts Static Bombshell, Typhoon, and Crystallize
    • Freeze telegraph is now visible
    • Galeforce now targets 3 players instead of 1
  • Players progressing through the Glacial Fortress, Obsidian Wastes and Earthen Biomes in the Datascape will now be able to unlock new holocrypts after defeating certain mini-bosses.
  • System Daemons – Encounter challenge is now more difficult.
  • Defeating the Phageborn Convergence will now properly award the Achievement “Council of None”, which will allow you to buy Genetic Archive Weapons from the Elder Gem Vendor. (For all you raiders [hardcore] who have been kicking butt in there, sorry for the delay on earning your shiny new epics! [hardcore]).
  • Raid groups that are working on Datascape will find The Caretaker near the entrance with teleportation options to various locations in the instance.



  • Path Level Rewards have been updated. Players will now receive their Path-specific, Faction-specific Path costume shoulders at Path Rank 21.
  • Players will now receive their Path-specific Rear Mount Customization at Rank 24.
  • Players will now receive 2 Path-specific Side Mount Customizations at Rank 26 and Rank 28.


  • The Explorer Translocate Beacon will now trigger a global cooldown. This makes it work correctly with “Hold to Continue Casting” checked.
  • Explorers can now enter the Basement Door to complete the mission “Mad Ernest Vern’s Secret Stash” In Malgrave.
  • The Cartography mission in Prosperity Junction is no longer blocked by an invisible wall when the Settler project below it is being built.


  • Scientist’s Datachron information has been fixed and should not interfere with Players Scanbot information.
  • Updated Damage and Tooltips on Osun Spells for Heroes of the Osun Scientist Mission.
  • Updated Mining Drill and Mining Bot raw scans to despawn its resources after 3.5 min in Algoroc.


  • Improvements that were missing icons have been fixed.
  • Settler Project in Lightreach will now allow easier construction.
  • Wilderrun Settler Improvements will now have the appropriate duration.
  • Players can no longer stack the “Psionic Blast” buff from Settler depots.


  • The detonation of Dominion Key Elements now has SFX for the mission ‘Explosive Assault’ in Galeras.
  • Recharge now has sound effects for the path mission ‘Warbots Need Gigawatts’ in Thayd.
  • Spider Airstrike now has sound effects for the path mission Arachnapocalypse in Malgrave.
  • Detonation of the burrows now has sound effect for the path mission ‘DEMOLITION: Rockhorde Eradication’ in Ellevar.
  • Bail Out ability: Fixed issue where the ability was not working within certain areas of the game.
  • Grimvault: Demolition: Eldan Transistors – Fixed issue with the player being able to ‘demo’ the targets of the mission.
  • Detonating Poison Canisters now has sound effects for Soldier path mission Taste of Their Own Medicine in Ellevar.



  • Increased the range of power available to Tier 1 Power Cores to improve contrast in their values.
  • Scanbot upgrades on the Elder Gem vendor now correctly sell for Elder Gems and display their purchase requirements on the tooltip.
  • Reset the maximum amount of credits that can be sent in a trade to just over 2000 Platinum.
  • The purchasing of buying more than 1 C.R.E.D.D. in a short time was resulting in only 1 item being shown as purchased. This has been fixed and should now appear properly.
  • Players can no longer sell the Thayd Transmat Coordinates and Illium Transmat Coordinates rewards from the capital city tour quests.

Auction House/Commodity Exchange

  • Fixed an issue where searching “shield” in the Auction House could return unintended results.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused round robin to favor one player.
  • Need vs. Greed and Master Looter loot rolls would occasionally fail to complete after the servers were up for an extended period of time. This issue has been addressed.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing items dropped from trash in Dungeons and Raids to be awarded directly to a player instead of being available to the group to roll on.
  • Icy Kess and Shale the Shatterer no longer sell the Dominion version of the Hologram FABKit. They will both now sell the Exile version.
  • Adjusted the drop rate of the Dominion Medical Station and Exile Medical Station decor items from the PVP reward bags and chests.
  • Housing items that are rewarded from challenges are now item level 1.
  • You can no longer sell the Thayd Transmat Coordinates and Illium Transmat Coordinates rewards from the capital city tour quests.
  • Some decor items have had their levels adjusted to match the content from which they are obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where Crafting Goody Bag could not be purchased unless player was on a particular quest.
  • Stats on the Eldan Gauntlet imbuement items have been adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Decorated Protostar Zapinators, Epsilon Protostar Zapinators, Supreme VARIANT Force Chargers, and Meow-Meow to appear invisible when equipped.
  • Housing items that are rewarded from challenges are now item level 1.


Changed the error message that is displayed when trying to craft runes while mounted.
Level 45+ set rune fragments have had their drop rates adjusted down slightly.



  • Changed the error message that is displayed when trying to craft while mounted.
  • In Crafting, a botched craft won’t show the summary screen UI anymore.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a Coordinate Crafting Session to fail to complete if the item landed on is currently a locked schematic.
  • Added Tradeskill only special and Tradeskill only random special microchips intended for use to replace deprecated specials in crafted items.
  • Hybrid-type Power Cores that were obtained by salvaging items can no longer be sold for Crafting Vouchers.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow successful crafting of a recipe when precisely landing on the edge of the target when using Cooking, Technologist, and Architect.
  • The salvageable apparel items (Canvas Gloves, Silk Shoes, Whimfiber Hat, Manaweave Pants, and Starloom Shirt) will no longer grant Power Cores or Thread items, and drop less Cloth. However, Tailors now have a chance to earn bonus Cloth as well as Herbs.
  • In Crafting, there’s now UI support for a 4th additive if you unlock one via talents.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the base recipe from being crafted when landing on a locked recipe when using Cooking, Technologist, and Architect.
  • Only the first player to access a harvesting resource will gain the harvesting XP and resources.
  • Novice Harvesting Tools now have a purchase price of 5 copper and cannot be sold once acquired.
  • More tradeskill resources should now correctly show their name.
  • The text in the crafting summary for Technologist, Architect, and Cooking now properly describes the direction of the discovery when a failed discovery occurs.
  • Added tier-5 tradeskill nodes to Northern Wastes PCP.
  • Architect: Aurin Clock achievement on the tech tree will now increment when you craft Aurin Clocks.
  • Increased the damage it takes to cut down Herbs and Produce plants


  • Updated cooking recipes that were requiring incorrect ingredients: Magician’s Meal, Machinist’s Meal, and Dominion Dessert


  • Improved functionality of event that sends players into Wurm Tunnels.


  • Fixed an issue where most technologist catalysts were paired with incorrect catalyst effects.
    • ‘Used Tech Shopping for Relative Geniuses’
    • ‘Going, Going, Gadgets!’
    • ‘Lend Me Your Gears: Confessions of a Technology Thief’
    • ‘Medishot’
    • ‘Cooking with Technology: A Bad Idea’
    • ‘Nobody Touch Anything: Tech & Tragedy on Nexus’
    • ‘Eldan Tech Will Kill You: A Guide to Eldan Tech’
    • ‘Beware the Medi-Sinful’
    • ‘Heart Like a Spindrive, Head Like a Medishot’
    • ‘Charged Batteries, Fully Functional: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 1’
    • ‘Crossed Wires, Loose Bolts: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 4’
    • ‘Tight Nuts, Leaky Hydraulics: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 7’
    • ‘Sassy Chassis, Dulled Finish: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 11’
    • ‘Greasy Gears, Broken Circuits: The Lovebot Chronicles Vol. 15’
    • ‘Tech Me Away! Travelling with Technologists’
    • ‘You Gadget, You Brought It: A DIY Repair Guide’
    • ‘Eldan Tech: Why Does It Want Us Dead?’
    • ‘Augment This! Avoiding the Most Pernicious Hazard on Nexus’
    • ‘It Beats Dying: Coping with Medi-Shot Addiction’
    • ‘Inspecting Gadgets: A Life on the Assembly Line’

User Interface

  • Set up chat windows so they save information on the channels they show.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an achievement in the Achievement UI’s “Recent Updates” section did not always open to the achievement.
  • NPCs that give city directions now have an icon in the minimap and zone map.
  • Chat logging is now off by default.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ability Builder that caused the first ability that was dragged off the ability bar to clear the action bar slot.
  • Reduced the default max text length for edit boxes to 2048 characters.
  • The subzone menu is now available when there are subzones for the current zone, and is hidden when there are not.
  • Combat options properly load again.
  • Increased the server guild operation limit to allow for more robust Guild UIs.
  • Completing challenges in Grimvault will now properly update zone progression UI elements.
  • Overhead icons for already given path quests now display the correct icon.
  • Several Invisible UI windows that were blocking tooltips from appearing over game objects are no longer blocking tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the GuildInfo Addon from loading.
  • Players no longer get an unhandled network message in character select/realm select when a realm broadcast is sent.
  • Realm broadcasts now also are shown to players in the pregame character screens.
  • Pinned interface menu list buttons no longer auto scale text.
  • Fixed an error that the Non-Combat Spellbook was throwing when the player changed zones.
  • The zone map will now use the regular group member icon in all cases, and when group members are close by it will no longer draw multiple icons for a single member.
  • The Group Finder UI now opens to the correct tab if you open it in the middle of a dungeon/adventure/arena/etc.
  • Fixed an error that was thrown if the player received a social panel tutorial before the social panel was loaded.
  • Cluster targets no longer overlap unit frame cast bars.
  • Fixed an issue where the zone map would occasionally show a black screen after viewing another zone.
  • The Account Inventory tutorial should now be more accurate in explaining the functionality.
  • The quest tracker should no longer resize itself behind an open datachron if a challenge is triggered.
  • In Account Services, unfriending someone while in the middle of gifting to a friend will now close the UI and require you to try again.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes deleted stackable items when double-right-clicking on them while the bank is open.
  • Fixed nameplates so that they no longer get truncated above characters’ heads.
  • Fixed a bug that caused changing of the costume visibility to cause the preview window to display the incorrect dyes.
  • Items equipped into costume slots will now display the detailed item tooltip for that item when moused over.
  • Changed labels in the Reputation window so they cannot be expanded if they have no visible sub-labels.
  • Challenge timer display has been made more accurate; no more failing due to time when you appear to have crucial seconds left!
  • Fixed an issue that caused Combat Floaters to show twice.
  • Cluster targets no longer overlap unit frame cast bars
  • Fixed tokens so that they now display the correct values in the tool tip.
  • The ‘Selection Marker’ option will now correctly prevent the selection border around the nameplate from being displayed.
  • Fixed an error in the Reputations UI when the player had rep with an unaligned faction.
  • Guest Accounts can no longer open the Auction House UI (orders wouldn’t complete anyways, so we’re just not getting their hopes up).
  • Achievement scores longer than 4 digits will now shrink to fit on the Achievements UI.
  • In Video Options, Max Framerate Limiting and Field of Vision sliders have been added.
  • The use occlusion setting for Nameplates now works again for disabling and enabling occlusion. This will have reset everyone’s existing choice for this setting though.
  • Nameplates should be up to 1-2% faster per frame.
  • QuestTracker: Fixed timed public event objective and quest objective timer count down in the Quest Tracker.
  • Fixed an issue in the Quest Tracker where public event objectives would not always be removed once completed.
  • UI Dialogs should now clean up after themselves better.
  • Changed item tooltips so every item shows its required level if it has one.
  • Corrected a formatting issue that would sometimes cause a character’s name to get clipped in the character select display.
  • The server you are queued for is now listed on the queued server panel
  • UI: Nameplates: Fixed issue where a unit dismounts outside view and does not get the ability to update the nameplate’s attached unit

API Changes

  • Removed Unit:GetMiniMapMarker method. Unit:GetMiniMapMarkers should be used instead.
  • The ItemAuctionWon event will now fire correctly when an auction expires with a winning bidder. It will also now fire for both the bidder and the auction’s owner. * UI Addon: MarketplaceListings: Instead of polling for a list of owned auctions and orders, the UI will now keep its own lists and update them according to the appropriate events.
  • (Apollo) DialogResponse:GetRewardId will now return 0 instead of -1 when there is no reward.
  • Fixed a LUA API crash when accessing an unknown tradeskill schematic.
  • [LUA API] Added “AppereanceChanged” event when the server changes the player’s appearance. This is triggered by costume, dye, and disguise changes.
  • When using Packages in Apollo, the current working folder will be set correctly during packages’ OnLoad functions. Hurray for proper use of plural possessives.
  • Fixed user provided sounds to play out of lua module directory, instead of base game directory.
  • Apollo API: Item:GetRequiredLevel() returns the correct value for every item that has a required level. If the item has no required level, the function still returns 0.


  • A bevy of new strain-themed housing decor was added:
    • Strain Eye Stalk
    • Purple Rock Arch
    • Pulsating Strain Growth
    • Strain Spawner
    • Lonely Strain Heart
    • Leaning Creeptree
    • Strain Test Tube
    • Strain Eye Splotch
    • Disgusting Maw
    • Pulsating Strain Egg
    • Blinking Strain Eyestalk
    • Pointed Strain Spine
  • A new small landscape enhancement was added: The Strain Maw! Engage in epic bouts of critter-kicking fun in this new challenge!
  • A new large landscape enhancement was added: The Corrupted Laboratory! Enjoy a challenging puzzle quest as you attempt to power up your very own derelict Eldan facility!
  • Decor buffs will no longer be incorrectly applied when purchasing decor directly to the crate.
  • Left clicking after previewing decor from the Crate will no longer place the decor.
  • Fixed a bug where decor objects could be placed above the maximum height when the players manually entered a “Height” value using the Advanced Control Menu.
  • Fixed a bug where a house’s interior Room Configuration options would be reset to default after placing or changing a plug on the property.
  • Edit mode is now turned on automatically when the crate, vendor, or decor list are opened.
  • Chua Mailbox can now be used as a mailbox.
  • Players can no longer edit decor or housing remodel options while the house is building.
  • Fixed a server crash when players would attempt to visit a character’s residence whose property was set to Neighbors or Roommates Only.
  • Fixed issues with Account Friend Invites not working.
  • The housing action bar will now reappear after using a plug with a floating action bar.
  • Roommates can no longer delete decor.
  • The Housing widget color now matches the UI arrows and rotations.
  • Chua Mailbox can now be used as a mailbox.
  • The Sky option for the property will be retained when changing the house.
  • Characters on the same account can now properly edit the houses of their alt characters.
  • The decor item “Large Falkrin Gate” has had its model replaced.


  • A new Strain-themed emote was added! Get infected with /strain!
  • A new dye was added: Corruption Purple!
  • Fixed issues with Account Friend Invites not working.
  • Fixed problems that prevented certain account-friend features to notify players when requests failed.
  • We made various Friends list sorting fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed an error in the Auction and Commodity addons that occurred when closing the window while the search edit box had focus.
  • Fixed a Client crash caused by the QuestLog addon when loading the game with certain quests active.


  • Added zone music for the Northern Wastes, Crimson Badlands, and Housing Dungeons and Expeditions.
  • Upon level up the correct voiceover will be played.
  • Fixed sound effects for various mounts.
  • Added sound effects for many things throughout the game.
  • VO lines no longer overlap for French and German versions of Osun Intro Cinematic.
  • Varied but numerous sound effects added to Datascape.
  • Emperor Myrcalus now speaks at a consistent volume on the tramride to the Garden of the Vigilant on the Dominion Arkship.
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