Happy Halloween MMO Style


It’s my favorite time of year again! Halloween! Which is probably evident since one of my first posts about 10 years ago was just before Halloween and I pretty much cover Halloween events in any game I’m tooling around in when that time of year comes around again.

So much spook, so much fun!

This year instead of having my head stuck ostrich style in only one game I’m actually straddling two games instead. I’m slacking in Guild Wars 2 and actually accomplishing stuff in Elder Scrolls Online.


In ESO we’ve been doing the Witches Festival thing. In the first couple days of the event I completed the achievements to purchase that awesome house I’ve been waiting to get the whole year. A big thank you goes out to Vinny and El Duderino! I could not have done it without their help and I’m really, really grateful.

Why might you ask? Well the Exorcised Coven Cottage is totally worth the gold and the effort. Spooky sounds, mist all over the place and a pond you just know is teeming with wildlife… probably… It’s  the perfect setting for Halloween hijinks.

After going through and doing the main story line for the Aldmeri Dominion I managed to get some pretty cool effects for the place as well. For those curious it was that glowy skull you get from getting all the way into the fourth zone of the AD quest line and the brazier. Totally worth it to make your place look creepy cool. There’s some great resources out there on where to find what achievement furniture. The stories are totally worth doing, you get skill points for the char you do it on, and the housing items are awesome and reasonably priced so all in all it’s a win/win.


PS if you want to get 100 plunder skulls relatively fast and you don’t mind waiting 5 minutes at a time, camp a world boss. They’re on a 5 min respawn timer and you can hang out getting the requisite skulls pretty fast. If you have a high dps toon, pick a world boss right next to a delve. Run in, kill the delve boss, run back out and kill the world boss, rinse and repeat.

Skull drops are on a 5 minute timer so you can’t just camp the delve bosses and get them when those guys respawn since they’re on a much shorter respawn timer.  If you’re doing it for xp and skulls this can be a better method, but if you’re just semi afk and messing around, the world bosses are a great option.

Public dungeons are another great place to get skulls from the bosses there because you pretty much get one from each boss since they’re on a fat respawn timer and far enough apart. Keep in mind though that if it’s a popular public dungeon you may end up losing out on a boss to folks who get there before you do.

That’s pretty much why I suggested going for world bosses as the first option, because you can pretty much just hang out with your homies and chat it up on Discord while you wait for the bosses. Granted it’s not the most exciting thing to do, but to be honest, sitting in the queue waiting for dungeons isn’t all that much better especially on the days where the queue is pretty much pointless as too many people are trying to use it.


Keep in mind though if you want to get that one sweet gold skull from each type of boss, you do have to do each type of boss, BUT if you don’t really care about that kind of thing, then don’t cause it’s not a big deal. The only reason to do the other content would be to get the Dremora armor motifs but since those are dropping steadily in price on the guild stores there’s no reason to slug through stuff you don’t want to do, when you can just use you’re ill gotten gains from murder hobo’ing across Tyria to buy it off someone else.

This is pretty much me applying my F budget to gaming. If I don’t give an F, I’m not doing it. I don’t have time to waste doing content I don’t want to do.

Speaking of content though, I have managed to gather enough tickets to get the first feather for the “Exclusive Indrik” mount they’re dangling at people. Kind of happy about that, and I’ll probably milk a few more tickets out of that event so that I can do as little as possible during some of the other events.

In getting back to my f-budget, I’m not sure if I’ll have access to Clockwork City by the time the next event comes up, I haven’t bought that DLC and I’m probably going to let my ESO Plus run out. The Undaunted event is also not something that I have interest in since I don’t have fun doing dungeons. Hey at least in ESO I have done them. Serious! I even did a couple of raids and some veteran dungeons as a healer no less. Though I can’t really say that I enjoyed them enough to want to do more, so I don’t really do them.

While I do have to say that even though you can get some fun loot and housing items out of the witches festival, it’s no where near as entertaining as either the Winters Day thing or the Jesters Festival. It’s just roam around and kill stuff looking like a skelly. The skelly IS pretty cool, but it’s not the same as eating so much candy that you puke on the auctioneer. Not that the bankers in ESO deserve that kind of treatment outside that one Altmer in Alinor. You know who you are.


Anyways on to GW2. I’ve been keeping it patched and logging in to have access to the living story, but I really had not felt inspired to play GW2 again until the Mad King’s festival this year. I’m pretty sure it’s been almost a year to the day since we’d actively played GW2.

Over the weekend Vinny and I went from zeros to heroes using scrolls, xp boosters and the Mad King’s labyrinth. I think we also managed to sell off a load of candy before the auctioneer was glutted with folks doing the same thing.

The Mad King’s labyrinth is SUPER fun when you can get in a group that does all of the content including the legendary bosses. We were lucky enough to get in with one group with a chill commander that just hopped back and forth between buff banners while leaving a swath of destruction in our wake. I need a moment…. it was beautiful…..

Ok Moment over… the labyrinth makes for great loot and those bosses are actually a fun challenge instead of the usual nerve frying frustration. Then again the fine line between fun and the ‘I have sufficient achievements to prove that I’m an accomplished player’ is of course always tough to balance… Well  not for me since I don’t give an F about achievements. I get the stuff I want and then enjoy poking at the really cool bugs. Because REASONS.

PS if you want to get the most out of the labyrinth… you’ll want to look for a map with either well geared players or a pretty big zerg to take on those bosses. If you are on a map with just a handful of folks just wait until someone pops a commander tag then you can pretty much just tag along. If you have a commander tag, then you may as well make it pay for it’s self by popping that puppy and enjoying the sweet sweet loot.


On getting back into GW2 I’ve noticed a lot of quality of life features in the game that I didn’t realize I missed until I spent more time actually playing it. There really is a reason why a lot of the innovations of GW2 are becoming industry standards and it’d be nice if a few more of their features were adopted across the board as well.

That however is a post unto it’s self for another day.

For now, happy halloweenie to anyone entering this dark corner of the internet. Remember your f-budgets, and just have fun out there.

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ESO Fun Times

Screenshot_20181016_204425Well me and CrankyB have been pretty busy over the last few months with life and gaming. Really busy. BUT I’m looking forward to getting in some holiday fun time and slowly working on the new ESO Indrik mount.

We’ve also been hanging out with a pretty eccentric group over the last few months. It’s been a blast.

My goals in game at this point are pretty simple. Working out a fun build to enjoy playing the game with, getting in game gold in relatively even handed manner, and hanging out with friends and family.

That’s right even Moms has been known to pop into ESO once in a while. It’s a great way for us to stay in contact what with time zones being a real pain now that I’m overseas.

CrankB or Vinny, has been having a blast running around with his Dark Elf Dragon Knight Vedrak. It’s pretty much all about fire and he seems to enjoy it quite a bit. He can also take a few hits to the face which fits his play style pretty well.

I’m still working on trying to enjoy playing Warden. Out of all the classes in the game it’s one of the few that I can play without getting motion sickness because of the lighting effects. That pretty much sells a class. It also has my friend Barry (the Eternal Guardian) that just roams around with me.

A few things I do want to write up though are generally ESO housing which I’ve been using for all kinds of cool stuff, and what some other folks are doing with it. I might even chat up about some of the role play stories we’ve been getting into in ESO which have been pretty entertaining. Until next time!

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Elder Scrolls Online ESO: Exploring One Tamriel and Morrowind

2017-11-28_17-29-54The legendary RPG series that is the Elder Scrolls is really something to behold. I’ve only played Elder Scrolls Online. I tried it a bit after launch, but it didn’t inspire me to want to keep subbing. It wasn’t a bad game, but it needed some time to mature.

Since ESO has been out for a while, it’s had time to build up content and refine some features. If you tried it at launch and haven’t looked back, now would be a pretty good time to figure out what password you used and give it a second look.

The launch of One Tamriel has REALLY been a game changer for ESO. Why? Because now you can play anywhere in the game regardless of faction or level. It really gives the game far more of the single player feel you find in Skyrim or Fallout if you’ve ever played those. Where unless you walk into a death claw, you can pretty much wander the map aimlessly looking at whatever you want and doing whatever you want along the way. Just remember to save often.

One Tamriel makes it a LOT easier to meet up with friends and game together. You don’t have to decide on a faction to play, and if people get a bit ahead that doesn’t matter, you can all still play together since the world scales to your level no matter where you are or what level you are.

Since this is a multiplayer environment, it’s nice to give people the option to play together without making it into a hassle and dropping the standard zone level format is actually a boon to the game. The exploration aspect of ESO was it’s strongest selling point. The fact that you practically needed to have a full level character to get to some of the content felt like a bit of a detractor for me the first time around. Now if you want to head strait to find vampires and werewolves the only thing stopping you is finding the right boat. Since you can now play through the content of all three factions on one character and there’s the DLC content and the Morrowind content, there’s more than one boat to hunt down.

Having all that content to play through also also removes some of the worry over having enough skill points to unlock passives and skills. This can give you a lot more build flexibility as you roam about the content and lets you experiment with different aspects of gameplay without feeling like you have to run back to the respec shrine every five minutes.


The evolution of ESO has definitely made for a more fun environment. For old folks like me, the lack of over the top flashy combat effects is also a big plus. The PvP is optional and not forced. Dungeons are optional, not forced. Even the justice system is a mechanic can for the most part be avoided, but can also lead to some really hilarious situations.

If you’ve ever been ‘that guy’ who ended up wreaking havoc in the Fallout games by stealing a bottle of soda, then you know what happens when you have guards after you. Now imagine watching a player who accidentally shot a chicken running from the guards. No that wasn’t me, I accidentally set the innkeeper on fire. I was subsequently killed by the guards and laughed mightily. Best day ever. Safe to say it actually makes the world feel a lot more alive than just the standard roaming annoying npc’s and people who never get off their horse.

CrankyB is of course stealing anything that isn’t nailed down. I can say it’s a grand idea, the stealing system is a really great way to earn the extra coin you need to build up bag space and put those levels on horsey (or insert mount of choice now that there are quite a few more options). For those into the RP sort of thing, you can also pilfer some town type clothing items if you’re lucky.

While some aspects of the game haven’t changed like the bag space gold sink, the positives outweigh the negatives at this point. I can’t say anything about the higher levels as I still have to get one char to 50. I’m also looking at all of those champion levels afterwards, but at least those are account bound so that’s handy.

After finally picking the Warden as the class I really want to level first, it was tough picking the race to go with it. I initially went with Breton to min/max for healing, but since I don’t plan on doing any hard core content I shouldn’t need it. I ended up with an Altmer Warden that I rolled mostly for RP reasons. I found a guild I like quite a bit and that’s actually made the game far more interesting.

CrankyB is hopping between classes. Since pretty much every class can do any roll in their own way it can be hard to choose. Granted some classes do some things either easier or more efficiently than the other classes but you can still play with whichever build your most comfortable with through a good portion of the content.

That sort of flexibility in ESO’s combat system really does make it feel like you’re building a unique character. Granted you can use a cookie cutter build, race, class, armor and weapon included if you choose to, and no one is stopping you. Honestly in chat I’ve seen more people say “play what you want” than those urging people toward specific min/max builds. That is pretty refreshing in an MMO environment.  You know, where there’s 50 choices but only 4 of them are ‘meta’ and therefore viable for use in most of the game.

All that aside I’m looking forward to settling into ESO and recording my rambling journey through the content. Until next time!

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GW2 The Jackal

gw505 I am loving this mount. The Jackal in GW2 is pretty awesome. Once you can get used to how to do the blinking mechanics it can be pretty close to the canyon jumping raptor. It would be nice if you could go vertical with it to be honest, but I’ll stick with it’s range now just to have access to the Jackal portals.

Once I unlocked the mastery for those portals it felt like a total game changer. It makes you feel like you have the VIP pass to the bar and you get to bypass a bunch of stuff just sneaking into portals.

Granted sometimes there’s some mobs at the other end, but the whole point of this mount is the evasion. You just jump and blink. Poof you’re good! It really adds a whole lot to the game. Now I find myself constantly looking for Jackal portals and I love it.

This mount really brings me back to Fallen Earth and the Blightwolf mount that I worked my butt off to get in that game. I rode that thing everywhere because it could go a lot of places that other mounts couldn’t. It wasn’t the fastest, but it was economical and fun. And trust me, in a land where you make your own gas, having something that didn’t eat it’s own weight every five minutes was pretty awesome.

gw503So far Path of Fire has been a blast. Though I’m still working on getting some weapon skins that I want and I’m still wondering if I have the right dye job for my priory explorer RP character, I’m enjoying the hell out of the game.

If you really want to get a lot out of it, I would reccomend going with  the explorer’s approach to this content and taking your time. You know, savoring being a stranger in a strange land. Getting that “I’ve just logged into a new MMO feeling and I want to see everything there is to see.”

I’m lucky that I have someone reminding me to play that way and I’m loving it. Besides, it’s not like this game is going anywhere.

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GW2 Path of Fire Fun

gw467 I’m finnally inspired to write again. Hey, it’s process.

Since I’m not one of the people that just likes to back seat dev the games I’m playing and actually likes focusing on the positive, I haven’t had a lot to say about the games I’ve been playing lately.

If anyone cares to hear about that, I’d be happy to lay it out, but there’s more than enough of that on the interwebs.

Like I said, I want to focus on the positive and right now I’m positively overjoyed with GW2.

To be perfectly honest with you Heart of Thorns left a sour aftertaste that never quite went away. As much as I really wanted to stick with Guild Wars 2, HoT wasn’t my bag. Even a living story came and went without me logging in for more than a couple of sessions before just logging back out again upon seeing yet MORE mastery requirements.

Then after another session of WoW, I started shopping MMO’s again. That’s when I came across the Path of Fire videos. To me it seemed like they were teasing a return to what made GW2 awesome sauce. Thing is that for the first time in a long time devs actually delivered.

I managed to pre order in time and I haven’t looked back. So far I’ve unlocked The Renegade and the Jackal. Beyond that I’m looking forward to taking my time exploring the content, seeing the story and getting in some RP. I really don’t feel rushed to do anything in this expansion and I actually feel more rewarded when I slow down and just enjoy the trek.

Honestly I don’t think I’ve felt that way since first logging into GW2. Where you could just enjoy the content at your own pace and there’s no rush to the endzone.

gw440It is really rewarding to just explore in this expansion as the maps are gorgeous. The zone gives you that ghostly feeling of ‘I’ve been here before’ if you ever managed to get out to Elona in the first Guild Wars.


Even the mounts are fun, well designed and actually add to game play instead of take focus in it or take away from it.  Their animations and utility make them more than just something flashy that you sit on in your hub of choice.

gw447When you cross a huge gorge on your Raptor for the first time, or unlock the Jackal and start blinking around, you’ll see what I mean. You can get right into combat with your mount and even unlock masteries that aid with getting that combat started as well as just adding to their mobility.

From the games that I’ve played this actually makes mounts out to be more of a useful tool than the thing you need to cross a huge map full of obnoxious mobs without spending an entire night just getting to town.

They dropped the meta events and let you do repeatable hearts OR huge bounty bosses. Which by the way, are butt kickers on timers and you have to wait for them to spawn. When they do, it’s good old fashioned fun.

To me PoF feels like a new map that expands on the base game and gives them plenty of room to expand from here. For the first time in two years I’m actually interested to see what they do with it.

Honestly I feel like they also made the mastery system in PoF a lot more manageable. The lower count of mastery points required takes out a lot of grind and pressure .

Masteries in PoF also feel more like something fun to do and an added challenge instead of something that’s blocking you from being able to enjoy the content because you’re two mastery points short. All the while that annoying star has been sitting there taunting you for months because you just can’t be bothered to look up a guide or video to unlock it.

Which honestly, for me, that’s awesome. Any time you’re expected to go out of the game to find the information you need to play the game, it really detracts from the fun and immersion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m lazy, but I also don’t have a ton of time either. I’d much rather spend what time I do have doing things I want to do. Games that are a pre-requisite hell just don’t inspire me to hit that log in button.

Now building on something that actually adds to the current game play and will be useful in future content? Sign me the hell up!

To me Path of Fire feels like a return to the original Guild Wars 2 that I knew and loved. This expansion adds back the joy of just entering a map and wanting to explore every corner to see what you can find next.

gw415Add that to a map that takes me back to the breathtaking vistas, interesting lore, and now mounts that are so much more than faster movement speed and you have a grand combination.

In the end, don’t take my word for it.

If you’re an explorer type of person and you’ve been on the fence about GW2 Path of Fire, take the plunge. Just watch out for the hydra. Trust me on the Hydra.

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SWTOR – Almost Ready for Iokath

King of the pen
King of the pen

With Iokath looming in the coming days the Operative I’d been working on is about ready to jump into the new story. The Operative is still a crit machine and is quite fun to play in PvE.

Star Wars the Old Republic has definitely become my new Fallen Earth since I spend a good amount of my time salvaging and completing this and that.

I’m so happy to have the trooper done which is the last of the stories I had to complete. I also leveled everything past 55 to get both the Republic and Imperial diehard titles. I had about 5 levels to go on my bounty hunter so figured I’d knock those out.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next story is going to be like. The stories are definitely keeping me entertained.

Now I just have to decide which of my followers I want to invest in, build up my supply bases and grind Star Fortresses.

I’m still working on the guild Strong Hold and my own Strong Holds. I’m debating dumping my Coruscant Apartment that I’m not really using and getting a Tatooine bunker to use as my Agent’s ‘safe house.’ That and for some reason it’s easier to spell Tatooine.

Well until next time I’ll be sneaking about having a blast.


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SWTOR: Next stop Ziost for the Operative

2017-03-30_9-23-50 I wrapped up the Shadow of Revan story line with a quickness and now I’m poised to jump into the Ziost story arc.

I enjoyed my play through on this one since I actually decided to flirt this time. It did actually add some gaps to the story that I missed the last play through.

I skipped it on the Sorc the last play through so I’m looking forward to seeing it. I really look forward to seeing it on the Operative since I can clear out targets faster and I can stealth past anything I don’t want to bother with.

It’ll be interesting to see what Theron has to say to the Imperial Ghost the next time he sees her.

As for Geistig the ghost, she’s progressing along gear wise as well as through the story. I have a few slots left to augment and an offhand to construct. Then I can focus on the strongholds before their lack of completion drives me nuts.

At least in the meantime I’m grinding rep with a few places to get some decoration items I want. I’ve maxed out Voss reputation so I can start getting items from there once I can be bothered to build the furniture kits. I have to see what I need and start stocking up on supplies.

Next up is doing cz-198 dailies to unlock decoration items with their rep vendor. Though hopefully I’ll start to get items soloing the star fortresses as well. Doing them together with CrankyB left us dropless. Though I prefer doing them with him I also want to get the stronghold items.

Now to see what Ziost holds. Until next time, time to get some grind on.

Lords of Mayem Arvish the assassin and Geistig the operative.
Lords of Mayem Arvish the assassin and Geistig the operative.
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SWTOR Operative Progress

ghall1 Well progress continues. I have a few more pieces to build augment kits for and slap those in. Once that’s done I can derp around doing heroics and flashpoints or so. That’s about all the ambition I have for the game at the moment and trust me I’m just fine with that.

I did take a break from the grind to get armstech leveled a bit. I want to be able to make some of the armstech items from patterns that have dropped for me. The vibroknife would be very nice! Now I’m waiting for maintenance for a chance to finish getting it leveled up.

I should probably finish up the trooper story but I’m pretty motivated to work on my Operative. At least until I have her gear squared away and have her up to date on the story and ready for the new installment when it drops.

After reading around the net I’m focusing on Critical Augments from the Synthweaving tree and depending on what I get into I’ll follow up with Alacrity or Accuracy depending on what I need to do what I do. Since I don’t need gear for operations or pvp I can derp along on whatever does the most damage.

Though that’s mostly so that I can generate enough rep and credits to decorate the guild hall. That is mostly a pointless endeavor since it’s barely used but hell, it keeps me out of trouble and keeps me from talking to people.

Until next time I’ll be the last thing a lot of mobs see, if they see me coming.

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SWTOR Still Awesome

Flashpoints with Fams
Flashpoints with Fams

Star Wars the Old Republic still takes up what time I have that isn’t dedicated to work and family. Since I play it with the hubby (CrankyB) and Talta my mom I can do the two birds one stone gig.

As for progress I have 3 level 70’s and I’ve almost finished all of the class stories in the game. Yes that means I’m on my third main at the moment and I’ve wasted time not picking one class, sticking to it and grinding up the end game command levels as high as possible.

Then again since I’m playing the game for the story, I’m not to worried about any of that (insert trollface).

Speaking of stories, I’ve loved them. I only have the trooper class story left to complete and I’m looking forward to being flirty with Jorgen. Seeing all of the class stories in the game is one of my main goals. I’ve actually wanted to do that since I first logged in several years ago and I’m finally getting around to it. I may have abused the extra xp a bit to finish those up but it was worth it.

As for the class stories themselves the Smuggler, Bounty Hunter and Sith Sorcer have been my personal favorites. I love the voice acting, the dialog and the pace of the stories. To me they just seem like the average Joe turned hero stories that I always love. As for the more epic stories, the Imperial Agent and the Jedi Knight seem to tell more of the in game story, and are by far the longest. I loved the Jedi Knight story enough that I did it twice so that I could record it. I LOVE SCOURGE… the end.

Though out of all of them the Agent is probably the most complex since you can take several turns throughout the story and probably play it two or three times and see a completely different story. I went with the more rogue agent approach and I think I might have broke the game doing it, or at least really confused the Empire, but it was a grand time none the less.

Funny enough though the Agent ended up becoming what I’m now playing as a main. After playing quite a bit of the Smuggler to see the story I fell in love with the class and wanted to see if I could replicate the play style on the Empire side. CrankyB prefers the Imperial Side and that is where his guild is. So after finishing the smuggler story I went back to the Agent and I’m having a blast. Pretty much literally since I go through mobs like butter.

The class lets me throw off heals during flashpoints. I do a sick amount of DPS and I can complete heroics quickly and easily which is a nice way to level up and make some credits. At least it is for me because I enjoy playing the game solo.

Aside from kicking some serious ass my Operative also has a look I’m pretty happy with her look as well. Meet the current incarnation of Geistig. She’s currently between jobs since I’m about to dive into the Revan story and I want to complete the rest of the older content before taking her through the newer stories.

Geistig the Independent

I am pretty excited about running her through all of the content. I love how everyone reacts to her. They almost fear her like a Sith but they don’t want it to show because she’s supposedly just a spy….

PS it is really fun seeing Theron Shan flustered when you flirt as the agent. If you haven’t tried it already, give it a go, it’s a blast.

As for ratings SWTOR is my preferred game bracket at the moment. That game bracket is the one for people who like playing solo and who don’t have a ton of MMO time or patience. The nice thing about SWTOR is that you can spend a few hours in the game and feel like you’ve accomplished something.

That’s not something you see in a lot of MMO’s at the moment and it’s quite far from the launch days where everything took forever and a day. Now that there’s more content, they’ve sped things up and if you sub up it’s even better. That part I do like.

At the moment it’s also pretty friendly if you just want to play for yourself. You can pretty much treat SWTOR like a multi player if you like and only play with folks here and there when you want to. Well aside from a few heroics that can get hairy during the busy times but if you find a buddy and group up just for those or do the less popular heroics, you can still roam alone if you like.

Playing the game for the story instead of the gear means that you can enjoy the game for the content and ignore the grind unless you REALLY feel like you need an eye bleeding challenge. Personally I prefer to forgo the MMO stigmata and just dink around with the fun stuff.

In SWTOR The stories are great and there is a lot of content when you look at all 8 classes, and the expansion chapters. Story mode for dungeons is also a boon. You can use this setting to see the story in dungeons with the help of a droid and your companion. Though it’d probably help to have at least one other player along to help out. At the moment this is one of the only couples friendly MMO’s I’ve seen in that you can just play with one or two other friends and still do quite a bit in the game.

With companions, people like myself and CrankyB can settle into doing flashpoints with just the two of us and not have to worry about whether or not anyone is online. We can also still chat with our peeps using Discord even if they want to join up with an Ops group on the Republic side. So in the end we’re still being social, but this way everyone gets to do what they actually WANT to do instead of being limited to doing just what the game has available.

SWTOR is finally to the point where it has enough content that it can offer that experience. Having different types of content is something that pretty much every fresh MMO has a problem with. Launching with just raids and PvP as an end game will keep raiders and PvP’rs if they like your content, but there’s a whole market for people that want to enjoy stories ans social content that pretty much drop games as soon as the story is over. That is rather apparent at the moment as the servers are quiet while folks wait for the new content to drop.

As far as I’m concerned I’m just getting started with SWTOR. I want to get my new main through the story, finish the trooper story and don’t get me started on the guild hall. I’ll have a lot of rep to grind to pick up some of the items I want to use for it as well as saving up cartel coins for the rest.

The Sky Palace
The Sky Palace

At the moment our guild hall isn’t all that fancy since it’s full of random crap but I’m enjoying adding bits here and there. It’s not like it’s a busy place so it’s not a biggie. It is convenient though since we have all of the necessities like market and guild bank all in one place. If nothing else it was well worth getting a guild hall just to have everything all tucked in together.

Talta has also requested Dejaric tables so she can “let the wookie win.” I’m kind of glad they made sure those were in the game.

If you haven’t logged in already, there’s still a few more days to work on tiers. I managed to get some of that in on the Operative despite changing over to her really late. As mentioned previously though, that’s fine with me since I’ve actually managed to find that sweet spot where I have a class/race combo that works for me.

With that being said I’ll be stealthing now to run around making people very uncomfortable with my operative. People just don’t seem to appreciate it when someone cloaked comes up behind them and starts healing the behoozits out of them. It’s true I have finally found the perfect class.




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Sims 4 Riches to Whatevs Fishbowl Legacy

01-27-17_10-52-46 PM
Junior spending some quality time with his cell.

Now for something completely different!

Inspired by my Twitter feed I downloaded Sims 4 on the new compy and even picked up the new expansion. CrankyB challenged me to finally work on a Sims legacy, something which I’ve never managed to complete before. Mostly because I don’t like seeing my little Sims die, for some reason I feel like I have to keep them going.

So this time around I figured, well I’ll do a legacy but I’ll set one up that I won’t mind watching as their little time marches on. My pick? Well our commander in grief and his fams. Granted though the youngest I named Junior, and he gets some help along the way because kids are kids.

Now this is just a parody and meant to be fun, while also taking the edge off of recent events. So before anyone gets out the pitchfork let me just say “here’s some cake and funny screenshots.” So if you enjoy humor, I submit my Sims 4 family for your entertainment, they’ve been nothing but a blast for me.

01-27-17_4-28-52 PM
The fams getting into their fresh new penthouse!

So meet the Trumps, the beginning of my Riches to Whatevs Sims 4 Fishbowl legacy.

What the hell is a fishbowl legacy? Pretty simple, all you have to do is let your sims roam free. You can do things here and there to nudge them in the right direction, but for the most part you just put them in a house and let ’em go. Most legacies last about 10 sims generations. So I’m going to see how long I can watch them go.

Also for the Riches to Whatevs, that part, I cheated about 100k simoleons to get them into a high rise in the rich part of town. After all, they are the Trumps. Whether they can make enough to keep themselves living the high life is more or less up to them. I’ll help them here or there along the way, but for the most part what they do is up to them.

Mr Trump

01-27-17_5-01-00 PM
Pops in bunny slippers having a heated discussion with the potty.

Meet Mr. Trump. His traits are, Materialistic, Snob and Mean. It seemed appropriate at the time.

His current aspiration is to have the biggest most beautiful house, because he always has the best things. This means that he’s also business savvy, which should go a long way in helping him pay the rent on the fancy high rise they live in.

As for career, he’s currently working on the political career track that comes with the Sims 4 city expansion. I wanted to try it out and considering recent events, it just seemed laughably obvious.

Here is the run down on SimTrump:

  • He enjoys grilling burgers for breakfast,
  • Arguing with his toilet,
  • Playing with his cell phone and
  • surprisingly enough programming.

Yep, he’s the only Sim I’ve had that has spontaneously started learning programming on his own. That was pretty awesome.

Meet the Misses

01-27-17_10-58-44 PM
Junior is training early for his boardroom adventures while Moms shoots some hoops.

Mrs. Trump is Family-Oriented, Ambitious and Unflirty.

For her I picked the City Native aspiration that comes with the city expansion just to try it out. This gives her the Home Turf trait that makes her happier when she’s in her ‘home neighborhood’. I like that idea since she can be pretty sad when she’s unemployed or not around her family.

The misses is pretty fun as well. She spontaneously joined a protest. Granted I asked her to watch it and then canceled the action once she arrived to see what would happen. But I was surprised to see her picketing in her heels and fancy duds.

Here is the general rundown for the misses:

  • She enjoys grilling in the morning
  • Basketball surprisingly enough
  • Hugging her family, a lot
  • and Bubble baths (sometimes on the deck of their penthouse)

It’s a thing apparently.

While she was going to be a stay at home mom at first, not being employed was making her pretty moody so now she’s trying out the Social Media career. I probably should have had Mr Trump working on that one, but this is just as fun.

Little Junior

01-27-17_10-26-51 PM
Pops is picking up programming while Junior enjoys some quality ducky time. Who doesn’t enjoy quality ducky time?

Junior is a fun kid, proving that the AI for children in the Sims 4 makes them downright adorable. Here he is in his room having some quality duck time while Dad works on programming.

Junior is still in the child life phase for the simmies in Sims 4 and I almost forgot to make sure that he had some fun toys to play with. Now he has a dino, a toy box and a ducky to go along with his cell phone and computer.

The rundown on Junior:

  • surfs kid friendly websites,
  • plays computer games,
  • dances a lot,
  • watches kid tv,
  • And loves eating burgers out of the fridge.

So my first generation is on the go. I do have to decide if the penthouse will be used through out the generations, or if I should see if they can come up with enough simoleons on their own to move out into a big family mansion. This would give them enough room to keep heirs and spares under one roof.

I suppose it depends on the traits that Junior ends up with. I’ll go with letting him get one trait from Mom, one trait from Dad and one completely random trait.

I can honestly say that this is a big challenge for me because I usually spend my time in Sims games building or micromanaging my sims. Honestly though this mostly hands off approach has lead to some rather interesting adventures and I’m looking forward to seeing what my sims are up to next.

Well until next time, don’t forget to get out and play.

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