September 2 2013

The Repopulation on Massively

Come at me Bro!
Come at me Bro!

The Repopulation spent the weekend at PAX and there are two articles up on Massively discussing their run in with the game. Check it out:

August Updates Event Systems

PAX Prime 2013: The Repopulation Hunkers Down for a Siege

I did get a chance to play around in The Repopulation on Ct Prophet on Friday and for just a bit on Saturday. I figured I’d give folks plenty of time to play on Sunday and Monday.

So far it looks like there are more and more Star Wars Galaxies refugees looking for a new home in The Repopulation.

For me the combat does have some of the feeling of Fallen Earth before the 1.8 patch, which is pretty awesome. Granted though it would take a LONG grind to pick up a wide range of skills as opposed to focusing on one set or so. The game is coming along in leaps and bounds. It does look like a promising Indy MMO at this point.

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August 23 2013

The Repopulation: Siege Demo Planned for PAX Prime

7e577afd-54ea-48fd-a755-9899b2287d9c Curious about The Repopulation’s siege mechanics? Sure we all are! Well the good news is the guys are planning to demonstrate Siege warfare thanks to the cooperation of player guilds. The announcement states that there will be some streaming from PAX and a video available after the event.

Personally I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Siege warfare is one of the big selling point of The Repopulation after all. Keep up the great work over there guys and gals!

For more info, check the link: Siege Demo at PAX Prime Announcement

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January 26 2013

The Repopulation – Player Housing System

housing_smallThe future players of The Repopulation answered at least one if not two recent polls showing that they REALLY wanted to know more about the in game housing system. Out of all the game features listed, Player Housing came out on top. It looks like this is the feature that future players are really passionate about. After reading up on it, I have to admit that I can’t wait to see how this will work myself.

Here’s the information available so far:

  • There will be 3 categories of housing plots Instanced Neighborhood housing plots, Persistent Non-Instanced housing plots and Nation City housing plots.
  • Houses will be either whole housing units or modular units players will be able to place together to build homes. 
  • Players will be able to move their homes
  • Players will not have to worry about other players destroying or stealing from their homes. 

Instanced player housing will be the easiest and cheapest option. The two NPC factions, OWON and FPR will have instanced neighborhoods where players will be able to set up homes.  Having a more neighborhood feel will give players a chance to showcase their homes to other players, just on a smaller scale. Sadly though OWON folks can’t be neighbors with FPR folks, so you’ll want to make sure that all of your friends join the same faction if you want them to visit your Instanced house. Instanced player housing will give anyone who wants to try out the housing system a chance to buy a plot and build a house.

The Persistent Non-Instanced housing will give players a little more of that Star Wars Galaxies feel by letting them put a house down in the open world. There won’t be a lot of these housing plots and they’ll be more expensive than the instanced housing. The Devs plan to release Persistent Non-Instanced housing plots slowly over time and restrict purchase of the housing plots to one plot per account.  The reasoning is that this will give more players a chance to have open world homes. This option is mostly for people who really want to have homes out in the open game world but do not want to risk building a home in a Nation city as these will be in PvP areas.

Nation housing plots are the third option available to Repopulation home builders. So not only will players be able to build their own cities out in the open world, but they’ll be able to have homes within those cities. These housing plots will be tied to the city. This means that if the city falls to another Nation, or the city Mayor decides to reallocate a housing plot, the houses on the Nation plots are released and the houses are packaged.

Here’s the really nifty bit, in The Repopulation houses are mobile.

All houses in The Repopulation are tied to the player, not the property they sit on. This means that players can move their house from one housing plot to another. This gives players flexibility in where they want to place their homes and also means that players can invest their time and resources on building and decorating their home without fear of having someone show up and try to destroy it.

Players will also be able to give others the ability to manipulate the items in their homes. Though apparently if you give someone else permission to re-arrange your house they can put things wherever they want.

That’s just the basics of the housing system and personally I can’t wait to get a chance to work with a home of my own. Chances are I may even try getting in with a player nation just so I can see how it works when you plunk down a house in a Nation city.

For more information check out the Player Housing System write up over on The Repopulation website. Also, if you have some questions about the system you can ask the devs directly on this forum thread Player Housing 1-25-2013 – Questions.

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December 12 2012

The Repopulation: End of November 2012 Update

Mister November The Repopulation

Are you looking forward to the upcoming MMORPG The Repopulation? Haven’t heard of it? Well good news, here’s a quick overview before I give you the down low on the latest Alpha phase updates.

The Repopulation is a sci-fi MMORPG that is in the Alpha testing phase as we speak. The team hopes to have the game released by Q4 2013.

You may think of this as a long wait, but if you’re one of those folks that just haven’t found what they’re looking for in an MMORPG, you may want to take a look at what The Repopulation will have to offer.

Even in the Alpha phase The Repopulation already has some features that many games can’t boast. We’re talking about an in depth crafting system, player housing, multi-player vehicles, open world PvP, PVE that changes based on player activity, and last but not least city building.

I could go into details about these features, and I’ll probably do just that in other posts. What I want do to today though is talk about the latest updates posted by the Development team for the month of November.

The Repopulation development team posts monthly updates of what has been accomplished the previous month. You don’t see that a lot. So here’s some of the biggest features of the November 2012 update.


In The Repopulation Engagements will be spawning events that occur in the world. Players will have the option of participating in the Events or not. In November the team set up Engagements so that players will be grouped by their faction (OWON or FPR).

Entertainment Skill Line:

This is a big part of the update notes. The Entertainment skill line will offer long term buffs to players. It’s sort of an incentive to visit social areas and gives you a nice buff for having been there. Certain camps will also convert an area to a social area. This will give folks with the Entertainment skill line the ability to give buffs out in the field.

The neatest part about this skill line is that it was a suggestion made by the players on the forums. It made enough sense to have the skill line in the game so the developers added it in. How cool is that?

Harvesting Nodes:

One cool addition to the game is that if you’re not high enough level to harvest something, you won’t see it as a harvestable item. It will just look like part of the background. This was also a player suggested feature.

Increased GM Functionality:

More tools were given to GM’s. The tools include GM logging features to monitor GM activity. There were also some changes that will make it easier for GM’s to spawn NPC’s on the fly and manage NPC’s.

These are just a few of the updates listed in the End of November 2012 Update. Check out the details for yourself over at The Repopulation website. Keep an eye out for more information about the game as the Developers continue to work through the Alpha phase of development.