In Memory of the @theeriver

For @theeriver
For @theeriver

This morning I woke up to find out that one of the bloggers I’ve been reading for quite some time has passed on. It is a loss of one of the most fun folks I’ve encountered through blogging.

In his honor I’m posting my Esper a little under dressed. It’s what River used to do on his blog all of the time. I might even rock this for a while just because. I can only hope it would have made him happy.

I personally wish the best to all of his friends and family at this time of loss. The interwebs just won’t be the same without you River, that’s a fact.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about check out his blog A High Latency Life.

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Renewed: A few more years of Creeping…

Shameless Self Promotion.
Shameless Self Promotion.
Shameless Self Promotion.

So what is up my friends, well wishers, bots and other readers?

The good news is I have renewed my hosting for another couple of years. With that being said I should probably kick myself in the arse to actually get some text put up here on my blog.

I’m paying for it so I might as well use it! I am not ad supported. I am not paid to blog. This is just my hobby.  Everyone’s got to have one, and this one is mine. Well that and gaming.

Creeping started in 2008 as a way for me to test using blogging software. At the time I just posted a journal of my in game activities in World of Warcraft because WoW mixed the internet and games. At the time those were two of my favorite things.

A lot has changed for me since 2008. I have played several different games and MMO’s (as most gamers do). I’ve been to PAX East and PAX Prime. All the while I’ve been keeping tabs here of what games I’m playing and usually how bad a job I’m doing while playing it. Let me tell you, I’ve had some winning moments (and I mean that win in a sarcastic way). I stubbornly play on though and enjoy every moment of it.

Though my blog has been on hiatus, I still game regularly. It’s a family activity in my household. I still adhere to the motto of “the family that slays together, stays together.” Sometimes that’s easier than others, especially when time zones are taken into account. I still get the chance once in a while to play online with friends and family but now it’s a little trickier. Since I’m based out of Europe as opposed to the US, it’s a little harder for me to spend time with family and friends back in the States. That is once we’ve all decided on which game to play.

Good thing there’s chat and Facebook!

Now, back to the blogging bit. I do want to try to get myself into a blogging routine. Sometimes it’s easier than others to have something to talk about. Also when I’m under NDA for some things, I’m not going to talk about it here no matter how much I want to. Everyone’s just going to have to wait.

Other stuff though I can gab about for days, such as, Guild Wars 2, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Sacred 2 (old but still fun), Neocron (trying to come back from the ashes), some Fallen Earth stuff (if I’m really bored), etc. That and I’ve been debating getting another Minecraft server going, but THAT game is addictive for me. I will sit for hours saying “just one more block.” But that is the way of the 8 bit goodness that is Minecraft.

All in all here are some things I plan on doing with my blog as time passes:

  • Shameless promotion of The Repopulation. It still looks cool and I’m looking forward to seeing this one go live. I just missed the Kickstarter for this one, but I did pledge a little to help get the game off the ground, so I feel invested.
  • One Off Reviews: giving my two cents on some of the games I’m playing. 
  • Random Thoughts: random thoughts and ideas about what’s going on in the gaming genre, if I care enough to pay attention. This of course is pretty much what the bulk of my blog has been about.

No promises, but that’s the general idea.

Right now I’m not running around in any MMO’s. If I do start playing one again I’ll post the server name and my avatar so folks can try to catch me in game if they can. For the most part I’m still a rare spawn.

Until next time.

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Newbie Blogger Initiative – So You Think You Can Blog


So you think you have what it takes to be a blogger? You’re willing to put your work out there for all the world to read, flame or ignore?


I’m here to give you some tips on how to do it the Creep way. Granted, if you do things as I do them, chances are you’re walking into a pit of fail from which there is no escape. BUT! I’m willing to put my two cents out there.

I started this blog to work on web development. I just wanted to experiment with setting up and working with a blog engine. Creeping was originally published on a C# blogging engine, eventually migrated from there to a much simpler to use and modify WordPress blogging engine. I prefer WordPress and say use the hell out of it. It’s flexible and if you’re willing to learn a little php you can do a lot with it.

The web language php really isn’t too bad, trust me.

As for how you get served this fabulous content? I go for the private hosting option. Yeah I have to pay for my blog to be ignored by the world at large, but I have more freedom to post whatever I want. Also it usually isn’t blocked by IT gurus trying to keep you from reading gaming blogs at work.

I also control whether or not there is any advertising on my site. You’ll find none.

Granted that means I make no money from my site. BUT…. I am also beholden to no one. So whatever you see me saying about this game or that, is strictly because I wanted to say it, not because anyone gave me anything or because I was given a kickback.

Come on, who’s going to pay a Creep? Hell I’m pretty sure that most of the world still thinks I’m a dude. I’m down with that it gives me a chuckle.

If you want to go the free route, though, go for it. I mean if you’re not sure that you want to invest in a blog, check out Blogger or WordPress. You’ll get your money’s worth, and if you sign up for Adsense with Google, you might even get some coffee monies if people clicky clicky on ads that pop up on your blog.

You get some theme flexibility, which means you get to tweak how it looks so you can make it an obnoxious orange if you so choose. Also you can usually opt buy your own URL and you can have people navigate to “” and get away with it. There of course YOU get to rant to your heart’s content, that’s always bonus. Keep in mind however you do have to follow your hosting provider’s terms of service.

Some blog providers are strict, some aren’t. Remember to take a look at your terms of service before you start posting language most foul, that should usually keep you from ending up on someone’s naughty list, and I don’t mean Santa.

I however, can cuss it up, rip it up, and post whatever I want to rant, whenever. The only terms of service you get here is reader beware. Once again, that’s where buying your own hosting helps.

Granted you want to watch some of your language, or you end up with some REALLY interesting spam. Ask Scarybooster.

Be persistent. I haven’t been a faithful blogger, but Creeping has been in operation since October 2008. While I don’t post as much as I should, I do love blogging mostly because I like to look back on what I’ve done in games, and also because it gives me a place to rant about the industry that pulls all the strings on my games.

That won’t make you popular. I can’t tell you how to be popular. I’m a geek, I don’t do popular.

Lastly and most importantly, remember that you write for your reader. Make it easy to read and translate into multiple languages where possible. Do a little editing, and remember, thanks to Google cache, whatever you write is going to be out there… possibly for as long as there’s a net.

So don’t be a total dumb ass cause it’ll come back to bite you. Post your own content, don’t pretend to be something your not just to get pings, and you might not want to flame people. That usually doesn’t go over well. Sure you can get away with it, cause it’s the net and trolls get great ratings. But you know what, the blog community is made up of some great folks. Be nice to them and they’ll serve as a great resource for years to come.

Best of luck to you, and if you do keep up with this, and want to drop me a link, hit me up, my e-mail is creep at the url above. That or check out Twitter, Facebook or Google+. I’m on all of those places too, though they make me use my real name there.

Till next time, I’m going to be hunting Frostweave *groans* take it easy.

Your Blog is Yours

So yeah I’ve been totally out of the loop. But for all those fellow bloggers who read here’s something to take a look at, the do and don’t aspects of blogging presented in a pretty fun way.

Check it out here at Broken Toys (link).

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One for a Laugh

If you ever played Lord of the Rings Online and well wasn’t too stoked with your expereince there, you’ll probably have a good chuckle over this latest post on Scarbooster’s blog “A LotRO Bedtime Story…” (Link).

It’s a guest post for Scarybooster by Openedge1 of “In between the RPG“.

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How to Suck the Fun Out

  So here’s the deal. I read up on the article that Scary wrote up on me. I really haven’t been writing to enjoy writing or enjoying what I’m writing about.

It kind of sucks for the most part. I haven’t really had fun in quite a while.

Yeah I’m one of those crazy people that just has a strange desire to write and actually enjoys writing.

It’s just that lately, I’ve had the urge to write, but really nothing that I wanted to actually write about.

Yeah I could have a really successful blog if I stuck to the sexy topics like DPS and talent trees, etc etc. I’m also the kind of idiot that doesn’t mind going out and trying to figure that kind of stuff out.

You know what though? That stuff isn’t the fun part of the game. Not to mention the fact that since I’m not getting paid to NOT have fun, I should damn well get some enjoyment out of this nonsense.

So for today, here’s a great screenshot from Allods that I took from the Imperial side. Really that soapbox has been begging for someone to stand in it. Oh and the little guy to the left, that was my pet.

Quicky: Blogs and Comments

Ok I’m working on a post on Onyxia. Oakstout left a really good question this morning and I’d like to elaborate on that.

I also wanted to do a quick post on just blogging in general. I’m starting to see more and more that I enjoy reading the comments on blogs about as much as I enjoy reading the blogs themselves. Thanks to all the readers who leave a little bit of knowlege, a little bit of a raz, or just an amusing back and forth in the comments. I think it’s awesome even if it does just make me want to get a bucket of popcorn to enjoy while watching the show.

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Blog Blarg: Oops…

Heh, I kind of forgot to mention that this new blog format does have a funky system for comments, but that’s part of the reason I made the switch.

So when folks comment for the first time (or at least what the blog thinks is the first time) it holds the comment for moderation. This makes it a little easier for me to block the folks that are posting links to their spam website but leaving comments like “oh thank you, I’ve been looking for this information for my thesis”. Right, lemme guess, you’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona for me too?

I just wanna let folks know that once they’ve posted and I’ve approved the comment, anything else they post is going right onto the post. Sorry about the mix up, especially to H00Ligan, *hugs*