Quick Note on Progress

My little Hunter is now Level 37 and has 6 pets (4 of which are stabled of course). So far I’ve run through Azshara, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, and the Southern Barrens. Keep in mind this is all in one week, and I’ve been working on professions and some auction house stuff on the side.

The quests in these zones are way different than they used to be. Well just starting out in Azshara tells you everything you need to know really. Interestingly enough a Hunter I helped out today told me that he couldn’t go to Azshara because he didn’t have the expansion. I don’t quite thing that was the case, but I did help him find the Northern Barrens so he could get some questing in there. Funny guy, pretty much just wanted to get to 15 to start running dungeons and doing PvP. Hey that is where the good gear is.

That of course reminds me that I’ll have to run some dungeons myself. My gear is getting pretty crappy. The dungeon stuff I picked up on my earlier runs pretty much lasted me through the late 20’s. At that point I started replacing bits and pieces with stuff from a quartermaster in Stone Talon. The cool thing was that as I finished quests more of the items were unlocked, it wasn’t a rep thing.

Dungeon gear can really make a difference when you’re running around. The extra crit on the dungeon items I replaced has been hard to pick up again. That really made a difference when blowing through mobs. So far the additional hit doesn’t seem to be mowing things down as quickly, even though it should mean that I’m actually hitting mobs more often. I guess hitting mobs each time isn’t as important as getting in a big blow once in a while? Who knows, I’m still too little for it to matter.

So far leveling a hunter has been a dream. I’m pretty sure that the only reason I’m leveling as fast as I am is because I have two friends in my back pocket there to help take down anything and everything that comes at me.

Now it’s on to Dustwallow Marsh, unless I feel the need to hit Desolace. Stranglethorn is open as well but it’s probably a pretty dangerous place on a PvP server. I will need to get out there eventually though just so I can tame an ape. Maybe once I hit 40, who knows.

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Where it’s At – Cataclysm

Cataclysm has finally landed and I’m really impressed. It was worth the wait Blizzard made the new race areas really fun and it’s awesome to see the differences between the way things were pre and post “Shattering“. The Shattering of course being the utter upheaval of Azeroth by the big happy dragon Deathwing.

Alliance side

I did make my Worgen Hunter and couldn’t finish the starting zone due to technical difficulties with the quest to take back Gilneas. So I re-rolled a Druid and found that I really like playing a druid. The Druid Worgen made it out of the noob zone and I got her up to 18 or so I think.

While it was fun checking out the worgen noob zone as I’d wanted to, I’m done with it for now.

Horde Side

I finally managed to get in touch with Scary on Azgalor so I could join the River‘s guild High Latency Lowlifes. It’s a PvP server which made me kinda leery but meh figured I’d give it a go. It looks like they’ve got a fun collection of people there (not surprising with Scarybooster and the River involved).

So this means a whole new character on a whole new server. Oh goodie. Chances are I’ll roll and play a Death Knight if leveling seems to get to me. That and I’d like to play one of the two real hybrid classes (Paladin or Druid) but sadly Goblins can’t be either one. I could go with a Shaman but I’ve never really got very far with a Shaman so it doesn’t seem like that’s a class that I can enjoy too much.

On the plus side though the Goblin Huntard seems to level ok so I’ll just stick it out.

The Cataclysm has Struck in WoW

While the actual game isn’t due out for another couple of weeks, looks like Blizz is trying to set some of the changes in motion already.

Orgrimmar is totally different which is actually pretty awesome. Yeah it’s a bugger to find anything, but it looks so cool that it’s worth it. Though really, I can’t say bringing the Goblins in was such a good idea, they’re polluting the hell out of one part of OG. It’s actually kind of funny really. Though I have to wonder whether or not they would end up butting heads with the tree hugging Tauren.

So far I’ve surveyed a LOT of changes to the game. Not all of them though, not even remotely. Honestly I think I’m going to have to start some new characters just to see how much the game has really changed.

Even Brill, the Undead starter city got quite a face lift. There’s even an awesome new statue of the Dark Lady right in the middle of the town. I love the new mad sciency aspect that the Forsaken took on in WotLK. It’s nice to see that theme pushed out into the old world.

Some of the big changes I noticed that I didn’t expect? Well Thousand Needles and the Saltflats are totally underwater. No more annoying race show. Then again though, what’s going to happen to the Acona chickens? No more Chicken pets? Who knows.

Gadgetzan is now beach front property which is kind of neat. I’ll miss that graveyard that used to be right next to it, but I’ll live. What would be really neat is if there were a folding chair you could use in game to lay out on the beach and fish. Hey it does look like some kind of vacation spot now.

The Barrens of course is quite different, there’s a big cleft running through it. That and Desolace now has trees. I mean the Kodo graveyard, it’s green!

I didn’t log into the Alliance side yet, but from the Horde side it really is quite unique. I can say that it’s nifty to see Tauren Paladins and Undead Hunters already in game.

I have to hand it to Blizzard. Really by starting early they have a chance to iron some things out before Cataclysm is really available. This gives folks a chance to iron out some bugs before all hell breaks loose. I mean of course when everyone and their brother start logging in for the push to 80 in pursuit of the fat lootz.

Really for me though the adventure will be in looking at a world I used to know like the back of my hand and seeing all of the changes. Now it really seems like Azeroth is more alive than I’ve ever seen it. Sure it may just be something bright and shiny that will wear off in time, but I’m looking forward to exploring the changes anyway.

It’s new, different and exciting. I like it.

The 80 Blues

I just realized that another good friend of mine hit 80 while I was nixxed from playing wow.

Another real life friend of mine thinks I’d enjoy raiding and even be good at it. She’s also in one of the better Horde guilds on my horde server. Not a guild I’d mind being in.

My Mom still doesn’t have an 80 but she’s much closer Alliance side than Horde. I also haven’t really had much if any contact with poeple I enjoyed playing with on my Alliance server.

At this point I don’t plan on quitting wow again any time soon. I’d really like to hit the level cap, see what the end game is like and find a guild home. I’d also like to get as much of this accomplished as possible before Cataclism lands.

I didn’t think I’d ever want to be a raider, but I would at least like to give it a try so that I can close the book on it.

The downside is that my DK won’t have the same role flexibility that my paladin has. But with only 4 levels left to 80 I really just want to say f it and just level her anyway.

Mostly though I am worried that I will have leveled my DK and no one will have a need for one. Better yet that I’ll suck at raiding as a DK because I won’t get my rotations right or get the right gear/enchants/buff foods etc.

Then again maybe I’m overthinking this. If I do the research when I get where I’m going I’ll be fine. And if not, well that will tell me everything I need to know.

A Relaxing Night of WoW

I spent this evening hanging out with Moms. I did knock out a few quests before she logged on and finally got Geistig (Horde side) to 76. Yay!

After Moms logged I went back to Orgrimmar and then on to Gadgetzan. I’m working on the Horde Raptor mount you get by feeding the baby 20 times and turning in some other random stuff. So far I’m only up to about 5 teeth. I need to log in and feed the little bastard more often, but I haven’t felt like playing WoW much lately.

After that we did the bizzare quests in Orgirmmar to herald the coming Cataclysm. They were interesting, I just wish they’d let us keep the dresses. It looked pretty good on Geistig. Though it did look pretty funny with my cloth traveling hat.

Hey if I’m in the old world, my big bad DK doesn’t necessarily need her fancy Northrend helm. Well at least not until Deathwing blows up Azeroth right?

Once we finished up those wonderfully silly quests, we wandered around both old world continents for a while seeking out Tin ore. Mining on both of our Death Knights leaves much to be desired. The good news is though that my Engineer Hunter will get to reap the benefits of it, should I feel like leveling her again any time soon.

I’ve been debating getting serious with the auction house since I need to get up some gold for Geistig’s cold weather flying, but honestly I don’t know if I have the time or patience for that either.

Meh, I really need to get some more work done on my NaNoWriMo piece. I’m only at about 7k right now. Not bad I know but I’ve been obsessed with working on it. IE, I’ve been enjoying the story so far. I might have to let folks actually read this one.

That’s where I’m at. Embrace the Shadow.

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Lady Worgens Going Gaga

So I saw a twitter from Zam. Evidently the new female worgen dance is Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. My question is which part and are the wacky costumes required?
I’m kinda hoping it’s a joke, either way it’s funny.

I started this post on my Droid, but had to add the Video later. Some reason you can’t get the embed codes when accessing with a Droid. Meh

Back for More WoW



I re-subbed last night and spent a good bit of time checking on my Hore guild which still exists.
My Mom and I were the only ones online, which is pretty par for the course.
Now I just can’t decide what I want to do. I mean, where do I start.
My 70 something Ret Pally is on the Alliance side in the micro guild I set up there. Though I loved playng her I don’t feel like going back to the Alliance again. Ever. The Undercity is Horde side, so that’s where I’ll stay.
MomsĀ  isn’t too stoked about leaving her mage on the Alliance side, I can’t say that I’ll miss her mount. That elephant thing just got stuck on everything.
Mom does have a few alts on the Horde side so it’ll be fun to see which one she chooses. I’m in the same boat really. I have a low level hunter, paladin, shaman, and druid. I have that 50 something warlock who needs her Fel steed. There’s my priest stuck at the unfortunate level 69 and the Death Knight I so adored (stuck at 75).
All of them are talentless, all of them require funding for something, and some of them could use some serious upgrades.

My name is Creep and I am an alt-aholic.

This time around though I think I want to try a Hunter. I loved my lock with pets and my Death Night was really only fun with my little zombie ally. With the guns and the pets it just might be geeky enough for me to enjoy.

Am I looking to hit the level cap and raid? Hell no. In fact I’m looking forward to totally slacking off in WoW. It’ll be fun chasing down pets, fishing, and just plain goofing off with Mom.

PS this was written entirely on my Android.

Busy Day

It’s been a busy day today. Mostly online of course. There’s all kinds of rumbles from blizz-con which I really couldn’t care less about. I’ve had lots of e-mail to sort through for job #1 and fortunately not much going on yet for job #2. I’ve had a crap load of the usual house type stuff to do such as ordering my groceries for delivery via Amazon Fresh, but yeah that’s about it.

One of these days I need to write my own guide to being a bitch hermit. (Warning some strong language, duh it’s the interwebs)

Yep, I’m one of the annoying Mother Fuckers that needs to stay inside. Hey if you’re not a rampaging depressed maniac I won’t expect you to understand.

On a positive note I pre-ordered Cataclysm today. One copy for me and one for Moms. I owe her one after she bought WotLK for the both of us as our birthday/Christmas/every holiday for the rest our short meaningless lives presents.

I’m tempted to re-sub early. Moms got an e-mail talking about how inactive characters may be purged before Cataclysm so she logged in to keep them active. She did not however click on the link in the e-mail. I’m so proud of my Mom. *sniffs* I’ll be fine, just give me a moment.

Ok so safe to say I doubt that the e-mail is valid, but it got Mom to re-sub and I’m thinking about re-subbing again too. I’m just not sure if I’ll wait until Cataclysm or not. Chances are though I’m looking at going Horde. Rivs over at High Latency Life wants to start up an all Goblin Guild.

Though he’s hoping to rope everyone into a PvP server, *shudders*. PvP server or no, if Scary’s in I’m in. Getting to play in a guild with Scary again would totally be worth it. Just watching guild chat never ceased to crack me up. Moms wouldn’t mind rolling as well, not sure if she’ll be a Goblin or not, she will be able to be a Mage which so far has been her favorite class.

So I won’t be rolling a Worgen Hunter, but a Goblin Hunter. No more healing and I’m looking forward to taming a crocolisk just to annoy the crap out of people.

Today I’m just pushing though as much product box stuffing as possible so I can get a chance to begin the long ass patching required to log back in. Oh yeah AND I have to sub up again. Bleh. Oh well, Moms is excited and I’m looking forward to it as well. Even if I don’t end up in any guild, I’m looking forward to some serious candy hunting, it is Halloween time in WoW after all!

Cataclysm Buzz

All the buzz about Cataclysm is driving me nuts. I still remember the zombie craze from back when Wrath of the Lich King was due for release. My Mom even bought if for me as a birthday/Christmas present. I kind of want to return the favor by picking up Cataclysm for my Mom.

I’d love to pop into the game and check out the changes. I really do miss hopping into WoW, doing a little exploring and questing. Thing is though I can’t justify spending the monthly fee. That and right now I don’t really have time for games at all. I think I’ve logged about 5 hours in LotRO since I loaded it up.

I’m hoping that LotRO will make me feel a little less out of things, but I’m going to be hard pressed to force myself NOT to pick up Cataclysm. I still want to play a Worgen. Oh well. We’ll see what December brings.