March 17 2012

WoW: Dungeon Leveling Ding 60

3 man Win Blackrock Depths Upper City

The Dwarven Trio has finally hit 60. So far the Protection Paladin, Frost Mage, and Restoration Shaman team is still going strong.

Here’s the current stats on our 3 person guild:

  • Achievement Points 220
  • Guild Classic Dungeon Master
  • 51% to level 3

It’d be cool to get in the classic raids, but at our current leveling rate, we’ll out level them real soon. I’m not too worried about that, we can always go back for them later.

I could recruit another two DPS members to the guild to fill out a dungeon team. I might look into that later. Right now things seem to work just fine for us so I’m not too worried about expanding. I’d almost rather bring in randoms to fill out a group. I really don’t think that we’d be able to find 2 more DPS that are willing to take time leveling along with us just to be part of a steady dungeon group. It also doesn’t help that we have some time zone limitations.

I do prefer dungeon leveling though, it makes things a lot easier. Leveling isn’t as much of a grind when you’re putting on a few levels at a time running just through dropping elites. It’s much better than running all over a zone completing quests. Nothing wrong with it, but after years of MMO’s, I’m so done with questing that it’s just not funny.

The current goal for the guild is getting the trio to 68 to hit Northrend. That and getting up the 400 gold each for Cold Weather flying. At this point we’re doing good on both. We’re only 8 levels from getting out of the Outlands. That may take 4 days or so depending on how many dungeons we’re able to get in.

Surley has been a successful healer through the classic dungeons, and she’s awesome so far. In some Outland blues she’s already able to keep a party healed without running out of mana.

Outlands can be a bit of a challenge since we’re adding Death Knights to the list of DPS that makes me want to scream. Don’t get me started on Hunters.

I do plan on writing up a quick post on how I’m running her at 60 once I’m sure I’ve got it dialed in. I think I want to take another look at her talent tree and totem rotations before I make a post.

Till next time – keep it healed.

Surly – Restoration Shaman – Rexxar (Dragon Hand)

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February 28 2012

World of Warcraft – Dungeon Finder Leveling

Dwarven Tank and Heals

These days I’m back in WoW. I started playing again to run around with Moms. Honestly I’m actually enjoying myself.

For folks just catching onto this blog, I’ve played WoW with my Mom off and on for years. She plays a Mage and I run behind her with anything that has a rez, usually laughing my butt off when she blinks into a wall.

Moms and I had been working on leveling our 80 somethings to 85. At the moment though I’m kinda putting that on hold since my boyfriend decided to take up WoW too. So now me and Moms are helping him get leveled up.

While leveling in WoW is total easy sauce now, the absolute fastest way to do it is to dungeon hop using the Dungeon finder.

You get good gear, loot and tons of xp, what’s not to love?

Oh right… running with the Rogue who tries to tank… ok that’s just epic comedy though. For those that don’t know, squishy leather wearing DPS folks are NOT tanks.

Me, my guy and Moms started out rolling with two DPS and a healer. With 3 members of a dungeon party (including heals) Dungeon Finder got us into groups pretty quickly.

Sadly though my Priest had a hard time keeping up with tanks that wanted to race through dungeons at the speed of light. Apparently yelling Out of Mana doesn’t deter most tanks from pulling away and killing the whole group while blaming a dry healer.

After some trial, error, and dieing repeatedly the three of us decided to try new tactics. My guy has experience tanking. This I did not know since the game we had been playing didn’t really have a ‘tank’ role.

He rolled a Paladin, after all the recent changes, tanking with a Pally isn’t half bad. They have good aggro management and being able to pop an emergency heal is all win. Safe to say he’s having no trouble tanking dungeons so far. At least as long as the DPS doesn’t go and try to aggro the whole dungeon. That makes life more interesting to say the least.

I rolled a Shaman to be heals. While they don’t start out with a wide range of healing abilities, Tidal Focus and Spark of Life, two tier one Shaman talents, boost heals AND help manage mana. That and Shammy heals are pretty cost effective to start with. Rolling through dungeons I think I only had to stop to drink once and that was really just to cap off my mana pool, not because I’d healed until I was dry.

I also get to wear leather armor which means I’m not one shotted by mobs (even if I do have to swap out for cloth gear upon occasion to boost my Spirit stat, Spirit means quicker mana regen while in combat, always a bonus). As an extra bonus, I boost group stats via two of my totems, the Flametongue Totem and the Strength of Earth Totem.

Not bad for only having one direct heal. Really though as long as I keep Earth Shield on the tank and spam Healing Wave, the tank lives and I’m a happy camper.

Moms is rolling a Mage, which she does oh so well. The addition of the water elemental helps her out a ton, especially since the water elemental pulls aggro away from her if she accidentally draws aggro off the tank. That and pretty much since Moms rolled her first Mage, she’s just been a Mage, it’s the best class in WoW for her.

Though it would be amusing to see her try rolling a Warlock and Life Tap herself to death once or twice. Sadly though as a healer, I’m rarely a fan of Warlocks using my mana bar to refill theirs. It can get a wee bit annoying.

Warlock -> *tap tap*
Healer -> *heals Warlock*
Warlock -> *tap tap*
Healer -> *heals Warlock*…
Angry Healer -> “Will you just drink or use a potion already? My mana bar is not your mana bar.”
Warlock -> *giggles and taps again*

Yes my Mom really does provide me with hours of laughs and entertainment in WoW. I mean who else will puke on random Paladins in Iron Forge? There should be an achievement for that.

OK back on topic. So far the Protection Paladin tank, the Restoration Shaman and the Ice Mage, have made an awesome combo. We’re in dungeons as soon as we queue up Dungeon Finder. We went from 15 to near 20 in about an hour or so. Keeping this up we should have my guy caught up to our 80 somethings pretty quickly. Well when we find time to log into the game.

Yeah, I know the reason I never level cap in WoW is because I’m always going back to help someone who’s just starting out. The thing is that MMO’s are made to be played with other people. If I only cared about getting my own toon level capped, I could do that at any time. Thing is though I don’t really play this game for myself, I play it just as much for my Mom, who really enjoys running around in WoW like a kid in a candy shop. Which she’s done since she started playing WoW years ago.

What can I say, her enthusiasm is infectious.

Now my boyfriend is playing too. It’s a whole new experience for me playing an MMO with a significant other. Don’t get me wrong though, I like it, I’m just used to someone shaking their head at me or telling me to log off. Having someone say “oh hey let’s log into wow and crawl some dungeons” is totally awesome. That and someone willing to help keep my Mom’s Mage alive in dungeons, priceless.

Though it was funny when I used to be the only player in my guild with boyfriend aggro. Once they figured out I was a girl things became a lot less awkward, and I spent about a week laughing. Then another week laughing about the laughing.

I’m easily amused.

Anywho, I need to do a solid write up on Shaman healing. As much as I love my Retribution Paladin, I’m really getting into my Restoration Shaman. Until then though I’m going to be doing some dungeon crawling.

Surley – Alliance Shaman – Rexxar

January 5 2012

Where Creep’s At – Steam and World of Warcraft

WoW With Moms- Paladin and Mage

Well I’m taking a break from Fallen Earth. The latest content drop, a PvP zone, while totally necessary for the game, doesn’t really do much for me. So I’m keeping an eye on Fallen Earth and I might get back there once in a while to see what’s new.

Like the saying goes though, no rest for the wicked. Well and or those willing to fill out a 4 man team or walk around as a plate wearing rez bot.

I do so love being a healer, ok well I love being a damage dealer that can throw heals when needed. That’s what I really love. That’s part of why I’m not really in Fallen Earth at the moment, my healing toon has left me a little unfulfilled. There’s good reason for that and I may blog on the issue later. For now though, I’m gonna focus on what I am doing at the moment.

First off, I finally have a Steam account and I played Dungeon Defenders with Hoofhearted and Nufan from my old Fallen Earth clan KAOS. Those two by the way always crack me up.

We played Dungeon Defenders. Not a bad way to spend some time. It’s in depth enough that it makes you think but just light enough that it doesn’t feel like a grind.

It is a tower defense game, but it also ties in some nifty hero features. I enjoyed it. I liked the tactical side of the game, figuring out where to put what to keep the crystal thingies from getting destroyed. Good times.

Yes I said thingies, that is a technical term here. Deal with it.

If I play again though I think I might want to try a melee toon. See what that’s about. I played the Mage class last time. That was pretty fun. Sadly though I’m learning I’m more of an in your face melee kinda gal. It’s just more fun that way.

Next up, I’m also in World of Warcraft again, helping my mother level her Mage. That can be quite an adventure. Especially when I see her health halfway down and I hear “I’ve made friends”.

It means I get to play the hero. I usually end up getting to her just in time, I pull off aggro, beat the crap out of the mobs, heal Moms, lather, rinse, repeat.

OK that and running with a Mage has it’s advantages. I round up a bunch of mobs and keep their attention (which is very easy to do with a Retribution Paladin). Mom’s Mage does a little rain of ice, and boom, ten rats down.

And good times were to be had by all. Well by me and Mom, that’s what counts.

Tyrael's Charger

Anywho, I do have the Annual Pass. That means I now have Tyrael’s Charger, the fancy mount promised to folks who picked up the Annual Pass when the “Hour of Twilight” patch 4.3 dropped.

As you can see it’s shiny. It also scales with training. So once I manage to get about 3,000 or so more gold and get Artisan Riding, this pretty mount will increase in speed. That means I don’t have to buy a new mount to take advantage of the swifter flight speeds.

On a side note, I also like the mount looks on Paladin Geistig. At the very least it’s more of a Paladin mount than the huge elephant (Elekk). For some reason they changed the Draenei Paladin mounts to a fancy Elekk over the classic Paladin Mount.

It almost ruined being a Paladin for me. It’s not a big deal though since we use flying mounts more in the game now. Honestly I’m loving it. During the Halloween thing me and Moms were flying all over the place. It was pretty awesome.

So while I should be doing the “you kids today don’t know what it was like having to run all over the damn place”. Honestly I think it’s a good thing.

No one likes leveling and everyone’s at the end game raiding. Making people take more time to level up is a bit of a waste. That and if they get frustrated and quit, then that’s lost revenue. It means change but hey, if people are paying for the ticket, they should be able to ride the ride.

I know, I know, I should be at the end game too. Thing is though, I do want to help out my Mom, so we’re going at a bit of a snail’s pace.

If Moms buggs out of playing I may just hit 85 doing nothing but dungeons. I so LOVE dungeons. In the end who knows.

Well to wrap things up, if you’re bored and you play WoW, I’m on Rexxar as Geistig a Paladin of the Alliance. Feel free to pester me.

But I may also spend some time on Steam as, yep you guessed it, CreepTheProphet.

Until next time, go kill something, in game of course.

I will be, in game of course.

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October 25 2011

A Little Fallen Earth A Little World of Warcraft

Trick or Treat

Figured I’d put up a little post on what I’m up to. I’m still spending most of my game time in Fallen Earth. That’s not going to change (even changed out for a year sub). Thing is I also picked up WoW again to run around with Moms. Yes I play World of Warcraft with my Mom. Running around Azeroth getting lost, getting her killed, and having a good time while doing it.

Her system can’t handle playing Fallen Earth (trust me I tried a few months ago out of desperation, no bueno). It can play WoW though.

They also have a pretty interesting promotion going right now where signing up for a year gives you an in game mount Diablo 3 themed, a copy of Diablo 3, AND BETA ACCESS! I’m such a sucker for beta access.

They’ve announced the Panderia expansion and so I figured, what the hell. I know I’m gonna buy it unless I’m totally broke so I might as well just be ready to dink around in it.

I mean hell, Moms and I were hiding out during the WoW zombie apocalypse before Wrath of the Lich King was released. We also watched as Azeroth was changed forever when Cataclysm hit.

Why would we miss out on rolling a couple of fat and sassy drunken masters (Pandarian Monks). No no… I don’t care what it’s really called, I will call mine drunken master. End of story. Because it’s effing hilarious.

Safe to say I’m signed up for a year of WoW.

The bastards finally found a way to get a full year sub out of me. *facepalms*


It’s not Fallen Earth though. I still love FE. Oh and I decided to sub up for a full year of Fallen Earth too. I couldn’t sub up for a year of WoW and not sub up for a year of Fallen Earth.

Yeah it’s pricy, but seriously, I don’t have a whole lot else going on right now. I might as well take advantage of the situation and game like a mad woman while I still can.

OH!!! I’ve finally hit 180 cooking crafting on Geistig. I’m not too worried about getting it up too much further at this point and I’ll probably go back and research it soon.

Geistig is by the way, is full crafter capable (which means her tradeskills can get up to 196, the current cap). Sadly though cooking is the highest tradeskill I have at the moment.

With the new system I need to spend a lot of time digging in trash (scavenging/harvesting/mining) to 1) have crap I can sell on the AH for some chips and 2) have enough crafting mats to continue leveling. Personally I love just wandering around FE digging in trash all on my lonesome.

I think now I need to focus on Weapons Crafting and research. There’s not really a weapons crafter in The Reavers and since there’s a lot of Melee folks in the clan it’d just be a good idea to have a researched Weapons Crafter.

After that I figure I can work on Armor crafting, maybe even construction, who knows.

I still have a lot of work to do on Geistig and looking forward to it.

I am stepping out of PvP though. True dedication to PvP just takes more time than I can allocate right now. Even though I’d love to be a hard core player, I gotta face it, I just don’t have the attention span for that lol.

I did leave KAOS. It’s not because I don’t love the clan, I still totally do and all the guys/gals in KAOS, end of story, no questions asked.

I was just starting to spend more time with The Reavers, and I really feel like they could use another crafter. That AND I miss getting into crazy RP situations on Geistig. The community just isn’t the same without her throwing monkey wrenches in EVERYONE’s plans.

It’s just how she rolls. You never know what to expect from Geistig.

That AND right now there’s a kid in The Reavers (Canni Belle) who’s stuck in Lifenet. She’s randomly popping around from one cloner to another (using the new Fast Travel system) haunting whoever manages to end up in the cloner at the time.

Safe to say this close to Halloween it’s pretty freakin’ epic.

Yes it’s nerdy and silly, but it’s also creative and fun. Well if you’re a person that likes a good story.


In World of Warcraft I’ll be on either Geistig the Unholy Death Knight (Uldam) or Geistig the Retribution Paladin (Rexxar). I know talk about a mix right?

In Fallen Earth, I’ll be on Geistig. There really is no description for this Geistig, so you’ll just have to roll with it.

August 8 2011

Gamer Documentary “The Raid” from Gamebreaker.TV

Here’s a documentary on raiding. While it specifically covers World of Warcraft, it wouldn’t surprise me that what actually makes up a raid group is going to be the same across raid based games.

What I like about this documentary is that it goes into psychological and anthropological studies on what it is to be an MMO gamer and well a raider.

Sadly it almost makes me wish I’d been able to get up into raiding. That kind of achievement and camaraderie really is something special. It really is like participating in a sport.

Well here’s the vid, you have to get through the first part of the guys talking but trust me it’s worth it to get to the documentary it’s self.

December 19 2010

Quick Note on Progress

My little Hunter is now Level 37 and has 6 pets (4 of which are stabled of course). So far I’ve run through Azshara, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, and the Southern Barrens. Keep in mind this is all in one week, and I’ve been working on professions and some auction house stuff on the side.

The quests in these zones are way different than they used to be. Well just starting out in Azshara tells you everything you need to know really. Interestingly enough a Hunter I helped out today told me that he couldn’t go to Azshara because he didn’t have the expansion. I don’t quite thing that was the case, but I did help him find the Northern Barrens so he could get some questing in there. Funny guy, pretty much just wanted to get to 15 to start running dungeons and doing PvP. Hey that is where the good gear is.

That of course reminds me that I’ll have to run some dungeons myself. My gear is getting pretty crappy. The dungeon stuff I picked up on my earlier runs pretty much lasted me through the late 20’s. At that point I started replacing bits and pieces with stuff from a quartermaster in Stone Talon. The cool thing was that as I finished quests more of the items were unlocked, it wasn’t a rep thing.

Dungeon gear can really make a difference when you’re running around. The extra crit on the dungeon items I replaced has been hard to pick up again. That really made a difference when blowing through mobs. So far the additional hit doesn’t seem to be mowing things down as quickly, even though it should mean that I’m actually hitting mobs more often. I guess hitting mobs each time isn’t as important as getting in a big blow once in a while? Who knows, I’m still too little for it to matter.

So far leveling a hunter has been a dream. I’m pretty sure that the only reason I’m leveling as fast as I am is because I have two friends in my back pocket there to help take down anything and everything that comes at me.

Now it’s on to Dustwallow Marsh, unless I feel the need to hit Desolace. Stranglethorn is open as well but it’s probably a pretty dangerous place on a PvP server. I will need to get out there eventually though just so I can tame an ape. Maybe once I hit 40, who knows.

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December 15 2010

My New Life as a Hunter

So as I’d originally planned for Cataclysm I did roll a Hunter. Thing is though the Alliance side just can’t hold all that is Creep.

I mean come on, the name says it all. It’s Horde or nothing.

With that said the Worgen couldn’t hold me to the Alliance even with all the badassery which Worgens convey.

Instead, I am now a Goblin of all things. Yeah in the past the Forsaken have been my faction of choice, (love the Undead). Really being the retarded adventurer that I am I couldn’t pass up the chance to at least run one Goblin through the starter zone just to see what it’s like.

Safe to say I enjoyed it and I like the Goblin race. They are cut throat,  greedy, polluting, ingenious little bastards. All of which make them a perfect addition to the Horde.

Now on to Hunter stuff.

So first off here’s a great post from the WoW Insider blog, the segment called Scattered Shots: Leveling a Cataclysm hunter

Keep in mind there’s two parts. If you are brand a brand spanking new Hunter, read this, no seriously, click the link and read the text, it will help you. Thank you to Oakstout for pointing it out to me.

So after doing some reading and some field work I’ve decided on my two pets for the moment. I’ve stuck with my Crab since birth Beebee. I love my little crab it has served me well.

Here’s Beebee in it’s current state at level 21. Beebee now has Pin on top of the other happy abilities that level 20 Hunter pets get. I haven’t had a chance to play with Pin much, but Beebee seems to like it and that’s all that matters. Beebee is a fisherman’s best friend since it loves eating fishies. Since I like fishing, I’ve had no trouble keeping Beebee well fed.

I went through the Ghostlands to do my Hordie initiation quest (The Lady’s Necklace), and to tame a happy little spider. That poor thing was NOT too happy to be tamed though. Sadly Spiders also ONLY eat Meat so that meant picking off some boars outside Orgrimmar to feed the little bastard.

Oh yeah, I named the spider “Itsybitsy”. The saving grace for Itsy is that once it hits 20, it gets a webbing ability. Awesome for me, sucks for everyone else.

Between the two of them I now have a Cunning Pet (Spider Itsybitsy) and a Tenacity Pet (Crab BeeBee). So I’ve got a tank as well as hopefully a fun PvP pet. In the end we shall see right?

So yeah productive day. Gobleta is at 21, she’s been through Shadowfang Keep and Wailing Caverns. She’s also tamed her second pet. I ran into a blogger friend also in Latency Lowlifes Medwa (aka Smashie the Pally). I’ll have to write up on the Latency Lowlifes too. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s some awesome peeps in the guild.

Well until next time (or next pet, whichever comes first).

December 13 2010

Where it’s At – Cataclysm

Cataclysm has finally landed and I’m really impressed. It was worth the wait Blizzard made the new race areas really fun and it’s awesome to see the differences between the way things were pre and post “Shattering“. The Shattering of course being the utter upheaval of Azeroth by the big happy dragon Deathwing.

Alliance side

I did make my Worgen Hunter and couldn’t finish the starting zone due to technical difficulties with the quest to take back Gilneas. So I re-rolled a Druid and found that I really like playing a druid. The Druid Worgen made it out of the noob zone and I got her up to 18 or so I think.

While it was fun checking out the worgen noob zone as I’d wanted to, I’m done with it for now.

Horde Side

I finally managed to get in touch with Scary on Azgalor so I could join the River‘s guild High Latency Lowlifes. It’s a PvP server which made me kinda leery but meh figured I’d give it a go. It looks like they’ve got a fun collection of people there (not surprising with Scarybooster and the River involved).

So this means a whole new character on a whole new server. Oh goodie. Chances are I’ll roll and play a Death Knight if leveling seems to get to me. That and I’d like to play one of the two real hybrid classes (Paladin or Druid) but sadly Goblins can’t be either one. I could go with a Shaman but I’ve never really got very far with a Shaman so it doesn’t seem like that’s a class that I can enjoy too much.

On the plus side though the Goblin Huntard seems to level ok so I’ll just stick it out.

November 25 2010

The Cataclysm has Struck in WoW

While the actual game isn’t due out for another couple of weeks, looks like Blizz is trying to set some of the changes in motion already.

Orgrimmar is totally different which is actually pretty awesome. Yeah it’s a bugger to find anything, but it looks so cool that it’s worth it. Though really, I can’t say bringing the Goblins in was such a good idea, they’re polluting the hell out of one part of OG. It’s actually kind of funny really. Though I have to wonder whether or not they would end up butting heads with the tree hugging Tauren.

So far I’ve surveyed a LOT of changes to the game. Not all of them though, not even remotely. Honestly I think I’m going to have to start some new characters just to see how much the game has really changed.

Even Brill, the Undead starter city got quite a face lift. There’s even an awesome new statue of the Dark Lady right in the middle of the town. I love the new mad sciency aspect that the Forsaken took on in WotLK. It’s nice to see that theme pushed out into the old world.

Some of the big changes I noticed that I didn’t expect? Well Thousand Needles and the Saltflats are totally underwater. No more annoying race show. Then again though, what’s going to happen to the Acona chickens? No more Chicken pets? Who knows.

Gadgetzan is now beach front property which is kind of neat. I’ll miss that graveyard that used to be right next to it, but I’ll live. What would be really neat is if there were a folding chair you could use in game to lay out on the beach and fish. Hey it does look like some kind of vacation spot now.

The Barrens of course is quite different, there’s a big cleft running through it. That and Desolace now has trees. I mean the Kodo graveyard, it’s green!

I didn’t log into the Alliance side yet, but from the Horde side it really is quite unique. I can say that it’s nifty to see Tauren Paladins and Undead Hunters already in game.

I have to hand it to Blizzard. Really by starting early they have a chance to iron some things out before Cataclysm is really available. This gives folks a chance to iron out some bugs before all hell breaks loose. I mean of course when everyone and their brother start logging in for the push to 80 in pursuit of the fat lootz.

Really for me though the adventure will be in looking at a world I used to know like the back of my hand and seeing all of the changes. Now it really seems like Azeroth is more alive than I’ve ever seen it. Sure it may just be something bright and shiny that will wear off in time, but I’m looking forward to exploring the changes anyway.

It’s new, different and exciting. I like it.

November 7 2010

For the Horde

The first night I played WoW I got recruited to the Horde side by a random nice player. I really can’t thank that player enough because I really did like the Horde side.

Really it was the Undercity that sold me. I love how creep-tacular that place really is.

Yesterday I also had a blast in [The Battle for the Undercity]. The Alliance, well they get to kill the Putress, but the Horde, well we get to take back the whole damn city.

The Undercity is my favorite location in the game, AND I got to fight alongside one of my favorite game characters The Dark Lady herself Sylvanas. What’s not to love? I mean really.

These instanced quests, while yeah kind of annoying because they’re not part of the actual world, are still neat. It makes me feel like I’m living a part of the history of the World of Warcraft or rather part of “The Lore”.

Usually you just battle through things and the instance is always right there the next day. Hell if it wasn’t how would you get those awesome shoulders one day and the tank get that chest piece the next. *shudders* Even with leveling, the next time you come through that same troll won’t take the bone out of his damn nose and beat those friggin’ Murlocs himself. Lazy bastard.

Thank you Blizz for letting me battle just once with the Dark Lady. And as always reminding me of why I love the Horde side oh so much.

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