Allods Online Open Beta – Not Touching it

“Wait what? Did she just say that she’s not going to play Allods?!?! But everyone’s playing Allods! Allods is the coolest! Everyone wants to play Allods! And didn’t you um, test it in the closed beta and stuff?”

Yes, I’m sure Allods Online is the best Free to Play since Runes of Magic, but I’m just not interested. I’m not going to bash it, I’m just not going to play it. While sure it has some ginchy adds that make it different, in reality it’s just the same MMORPG schtick, but this time it’s in a boat!

So instead of going into why I don’t care to play, since most MMORPG fans don’t get my perspective anyway, here’s a nice snarky post. Enjoy.

Things I expect folks are seeing (and from what I’ve read are seeing) in the Allods Online open beta:

a) QQ’ing – “this game sucks”, “this class sucks”, “wow graphics are better”, blah blah blah, save the drama for yer mama crybabies. If you dislike the game enough to feel the need to actually register a complaint, LEAVE. I did and I feel much better for having done so.

b) Bragging – “this class is better than that class”, “my class is the best”, “I’m the best player in my class”, again with the blahs. If you’re using MMO’s to make you feel better about yourself as a person, you seriously need a reality check, or possibly some therapy. Speak with your physician, they might care.

c) Arguing – “that noob is kill stealing”, “wtf do you mean wow is better”, “you suck”, and more blahs into infinity. Likely the game will be full of bored people competing for quest items AND others just competing for the attention of such a massive audience. Ah the Internet Dickhead theory in all it’s glory. With that winning combination you end up with thesis long debates over “yo momma” and or the state of the game. Not necessarily in that order.

Funny bit is that there’s already enough problems with any new game when you think of bugs, localization, players getting used to the interface, players adjusting to the game’s combat styles, really the list is endless. Now dump on your run of the mill hyper annoying MMO types that think MMO’s are really just an extension of  some “ID10T’s Anonymous” forum and poof, recipe for mayhem.

Sadly I’m actually beginning to enjoy games that are either undiscovered by the drooling masses or are considered “unpopular” by the same. Why? Because they’re devoid of stupid, or at least only include stupid in smaller quantities which can be amusing.

Stupid can be like perfume, a little accentuates, too much is overwhelming.

Ah and now I want to coin a whole new term and or disorder: “Attention Addicts”. We all know someone like this. Usually they dress in black, dye their hair black and listen to the Cure while smoking cloves. That’s back in the good old days. These days you just gotta get a computer and/or an X-Box and sign up for a Blogger account.

You see a high percentage (not all) but a high percentage of folks running like wild to any new game they see are probably not even there to actually PLAY the game. Chances are they’re really there to be seen playing the game or better yet to let other folks know they’re playing this game.

It’s like Los Angeles online style. You go to be seen in a place where everyone else has also gone… to be seen.

I’d probably have a lot more hits per day if I went along with that mindset. Ok that and posted pictures of myself in my posts instead of in game screen shots, but that’s not happening either.

Why? For me, games are supposed to be a playground. Games are supposed to be something you enjoy in your free time. They’re supposed to be a place where you can adventure, you know, go out and do stuff you can’t do in real life. I mean how often do you get to ride a horse, chop up a monster with a huge axe, give a /rude to the instance boss… oh wait that last one’s probably all me.

Point is, that the impression I get from a lot of folks is that they don’t play the games because they’re fun, they play the games because it’s a geek’s version of a country club. You go in to bs, you dink around a bit, hit on the waitresses, compare golf scores, compare trophy wives, compare the latest luxury automobile, blah blah blah.


It’s like sitting at a table full of sports nerds and listening to them spout out some random athlete’s latest statistics. Ask that same guy what color his girlfriend’s eyes are and you’ve finally got some action at the table, (insert mischievous laugh here).

Am I “hating” on Allods? If you wanna read it that way, more power to ya. After checking it out in beta I figured it wasn’t a game I was interested in really. There’s more than enough games out there that are just like it. I got pretty bored with those games so I really don’t think that this one’s going to hold my attention for more than 2.5 seconds.

I did seem like a solid game and for folks that are all about elves and magic it has a lot to offer. The price point isn’t bad either considering the fact that it’s a Free to Play game. Graphically it’s a very pretty game with some stunning attributes here and there. If you wanna play it, I say go for it, worse thing that happens is that you like it and have to deal with the petulant masses. If you are playing it and you like it, rock on with your bad self.

Really I just find it amusing that all kinds of sites are hopping with Allods buzz but whining because everyone else is jumping on the band wagon. Really we all know that in 3 to 6 months (if not sooner) they’re all going to get bored with it, they’re going to be cranky about some flaw in the game, or they’re just going to find a new shiny. So just wait it out, good things will come.

Allods Online: Links to Guides

Perusing the Allods Online US forums I did find a handy list of guides for those interested and I wanted to make sure I left a link of that here.

Allods Online: A Helpful Compilation of Guides by betatester100 (Link)

At this time the guide does include two handy links to Paladin Tanking guides. Hopefully that’ll help out folks that want to set up a Paladin Tank.

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Allods Online Basics: Post Update

OK so due to some of the searches that my site has been pinged with, I wanted to make sure that I updated my post “Allods Online: Some Basics” (Link).

I’m kinda leery of adding info about the talent trees etc just yet since well, the game is still in beta. Since this is something I’m seeing on search hits a lot I figured I’d add the info and hope it helps. Arguably it’d be cooler to post up all of the trees myself and I might work toward that as time passes. Though chances are I might have to get some folks to help out.

It’s been cool to see folks really getting into Allods Online. I can’t wait to see the release.

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Allods Online Blooper

Well I made a mistake and somehow posted that Allods Online had a working budget of 1.2 million instead of 12 million.  *headdesk*

Wow now there’s a typo worth getting roasted over. Regardless, Allods Online did have a working budget of 12 Million dollars or at least the US equivalent and has been in production for over 11 years. All of this info can be found here (LINK).

Just wanted to make sure that I’ve updated my site before I get blasted more for being that “creepy prophet guy”.

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Allods Online: Some Basics

Ok so it looks like some folks have questions about Allods Online and my site is coming up in searches. I figure I should leave a post that answers what I can answer and leave it at that.

Keep in mind this is pretty basic information but it come from the Allods Online European site which is up and running. There are links below.

Level Cap:

The max level in Allods at least for the live European* version is level 40. The US version is still in Beta, and the Allods Online team has set a lower level cap at each beta phase so far. In phase 1 it was level 10 and in phase two it’s level 20. *Currently the European version is still in beta as well, also at a level cap of 20.


There are 2 factions in Allods Online, The League and The Empire. In standard MMO talk The League would be more along the lines of the chaos faction where The Empire would be more the order faction. However in terms of appearance, The League is the pretty/cute faction and The Empire is the darker faction.

Class Archetypes:

In Allods Online there are 8 basic class types and then each race has their own form of 4 or more of the Archetypes. I’m far from being an expert on each of the Archetypes, I’ve actually only played a few of them so far. But here’s the list:

  • Warrior – melee fighter type (Skills Translated – link)
  • Paladin – melee damage class (set to heal later on) (Skills Translated – link)
  • Scout – the ranger type class with ranged and melee damage abilities (mostly range early on) (Skills Translated – link).
  • Healer – healing class (able to equip shields and eventually plate armor) (Skills translated – link)
  • Warden – caster class with a pet (Skills articles found via this post- link)
  • Mage – caster class (Skills translated – link)
  • Summoner – a parasitic and debuff caster class with a pet (Skills translated – link)
  • Psionist – caster class (focusing on attacking the mind of a target) (Skills translated – link)

League Races and Classes:

Kanian Classes

[table id=1 /]

Elf Classes

[table id=2 /]

Gibberling Classes

[table id=3 /]

Empire Races

Xadaganian Classes

[table id=4 /]

Arisen Classes

[table id=5 /]

Orc Classes

[table id=6 /]

The information for this post came from the Allods Online European website and here’s the links:

Classes: Link

Factions: Link

Overview: Link

To check out Allods Online (the US version) you’ll want to head this way: Link.

I should probably also note that the US Allods Online site linked back to my post “Done with Fantasy”.

Allods Online: BETA 2 Quicky

Allods Online is now in the second phase of closed beta testing. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is that they tweaked how long it takes to bring down a mob and how quickly you gain experience. I’ve also noticed that I’m accumulating a lot more ‘fatigue’ when out and about and it’s quite nice to convert that over into full xp via the rest goblin.

I’m really happy with the fact that leveling seems to go at a quicker pace than it did during the first beta. When games are nothing but the leveling game, making it a grind is fine. For certain cultures that expect grinds, I can see how lowering kill xp and quest xp to lengthen the time it takes to get from a to b makes perfect sense.

Allods Online however is a different ballgame. Here I’m assuming you’re building your character to max level to hop aboard a ship and sail out into the wild blue Astral. Here is an end game that is an explorer’s sweetest dream! Get ship, find new places, pick up cool stuff, and probably destroy anyone who’s getting in the way.

Only problem is that to get to the good stuff, you’ve gotta level up. Gah, again with the levels. You know I’d get it if I were skilling up to sail the ships (EVE), but really, boosting up characters just in preparation for ship boarded pvp is kind of annoying. Though for ship vs ship pvp reasons it makes perfect sense to level up before running about, otherwise you’re just going to get ganked repeatedly.

As for classes, I love the fact that they have a LOT of variety. It’s just plain nifty to have so much to choose from and it is of course an alt-aholic’s dream.  There are 8 Archetypes including two pet type classes, warriors, scouts and paladins. Downside is that the races are only allowed to choose from specific classes, but really it works well for lore reasons. So far my favorite races are ‘The Arisen’ because well let’s face it undead are always awesome and the littlest race the Gibberlings. Instead of your typical teeny gnome race, the Gibbberlings are fuzzy and come in a set of 3. The best part is that you’re able to name and customize each one of the three and they all work in unison to fight or interact with the outside world.

So far out of all the classes/archetypes, I’ve enjoyed the pet type classes the most. My Gibberling Warden with their pet squirrel Squee is friggin hilarious to fight with.  My Arisen Summoner is also really interesting to play. Whenever I play a casting class the most annoying part is that long casting times take even longer when constantly interrupted by physical damage. Sure casters get around this with talents, freeze spells or whatever, it’s still pretty annoying. The Summoner’s pet is extreamly handy when in combat since the little critter is able to take the physical damage and keep the mob interested in it as opposed to me. That lets me blast away at the mob decreasing the amount of time it takes to kill them because I’m not interrupted on every blow while trying to cast. Really, there’s nothing more frustrating than finally getting all the way to the end of the casting bar and getting interrupted.

I did try out the Paladin and Healer classes during the first beta. The paladin archetype is really tank worthy. It doesn’t do quite as much damage as it takes, but then again, that is the point of the tank no? The healer in the game is also something I should probably revisit. I’m stoked when any game that removes the typical bone china style delicate nature that most games tend to foist onto the healing classes. In Allods Online, the description states that healers will be able to wear plate from level 30 on. I should probably get to leveling a healer now so that I can test that when the next wave of healers rolls around.

Overall I’m really impresses by how well organized the Allods Online beta has been. I’ve seen very few glitches in game that throw me into a petulant rage (such as broken quests or buggy mobs). They’re also rolling out the beta in phases. The first phase only allowed us to level up to 10 and this one to 20. I think this isn’t a bad idea since it forces us beta folks to focus on the content as opposed to just leveling like crazy and not remembering that we’re there to keep an eye on things.

I’m impressed by a lot of things in the game. I really like the details and while there’s a lot about the game that reminds you that you’re playing a game, there’s also a lot of hidden details and elements that are just too cool. Honestly though, you’d have to check it out yourself.

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Done With Fantasy

Here’s where I’ve been lately:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Allods Online – (closed beta)
  • Alganon – (closed and open beta)
  • Chronicles of Spellborn


So in WoW I did manage to get Geistig the Paladin up to 70. Around about there I just started to fizzle out. Partially because I still hate the Alliance, partially because I just wasn’t looking forward to the grind, partially because I just felt it was time for a change of pace.

I’m revoking my sub to WoW. I’ll probably check out Cataclysm, but I really think it’s time for me to face the fact that 11 million people may not be wrong, but they aren’t talking my language.


So I’d been curious about Alganon and how it would play out. I did like the fact that the Priest could legitimately kick booty in the game. That was pretty awesome. I was a glass cannon, but I didn’t feel like I spend the whole day trying to wand things down after I’d run out of mana because my DPS was below sub par. At least they figured that part out.

The overall usefulness of the offline skilling never really clicked with me. I’m not sure if it was the lack of documentation, if I just wasn’t searching in the right places, or if the skills were just passive enough that I didn’t notice.

I did try to have skills in the queue the whole time, but in the end I’m still not quite posititve as to just how much they really help a character in the end. Perhaps part of the reason my Priest did all that damage was because of the skill training I’d set up for her, but I didn’t take the time to roll a skill less priest just to compare. It’d be interesting to see.

Possibly the skills pay off mostly in the crafting arena since you can level up bonuses to crafting passively. For a fantasy based game with leveling requirements this is still probably the only way to go.

I did like the fact that you could technically get a mule from day one, but you had to accumulate gold to get the chance to use one.. goody. But at least there wasn’t a level requirement which just always seemed retarded to me. It was like, we’re not only going to make you feel like a sub par citizen but we’re also going to waste your time while doing so.

For the more folks that tend more toward the Social end of the Bartle gamer personality type, this is a game with a lot of potential. It does tend to focus on connecting people in game and out as well as giving people a good all kinds of opportunities to find others with similar play styles. For folks on the Killer or Achiever end, this might not be a game they’ll enjoy. Can’t say for sure though since that’s not my bag, just a hypothesis.

I won’t be subbing to Alganon. It’s an interesting concept and I’ll keep an eye on it over time. But personally, it just didn’t grab me the way I’d hoped it would. I did spend a few days playing the game, probably not remotely enough time to really get into it, but I’ve played enough games to know when a game just isn’t going to grab me, and this was one of them.

Chronicles of Spellborn

Here’s one I didn’t try out when it was release because I’d pretty much only heard it was a PvP based game. That’s really all I can remember about it. As an Explorer type, any game that toughts being the end all in PvP sounds like gank-ageddon and I avoid it like the plague.

Since it’s gone FTP though (and after getting a nudge from Savvy) I decided to check it out. I’m glad they started out with a locked down tutorial since there were elements of the game interface that were not your standard MMO features. It was kind of cool, a little laggy, but cool. The overall UI while a little plain but it got the job done.

Going through the forums I can see why Chronicles of Spellborn is in the state it’s in today. The game mechanics are something else, but evidently a lot of the features that I liked about it when I played it, were added into the game after release. Not sure if there was just a lack of a solid beta or what the deal was there. OK that and evidently the marketing for the game was subpar, that didn’t really help either. I’m kind of a person that goes out looking for new things to check out and I not only barely heard about it, but was pretty much instantly turned off by it.

I’m thinking their next version with an FTP flair should fair much better. They do have a really good combat style that actually makes the game way more interesting from the start than a lot of fantasy games. Saying that though, I really doubt that it’s something that will catch on for the million or so folks looking for an easy street one way ride game that they can play while stoned out of their gourd. Which is really.. really sad.

Unfortunately I didn’t really get into Chronicles of Spellborn to play it for more than a couple of days. The two or three cool elements of the game didn’t really make it stand out from the Fantasy genre for me. At least not so much that it held my attention long enough to keep me from wanting to play something else. So while it’s still installed I doubt I’ll have a chance to get back into the game any time soon.

Allods Online

OK saved this one for last. Out of the Fantasy MMO’s this is one that at least for my tastes, looks the most promising. As an Explorer type I loath the idea of following crowds, standing in laggy cities looking for group, or really being in large groups at all. Being female I pretty much also detest large groups because there’s always that guy that wants to breath heavy over the mic because there’s a gal in the channel. Oh yeah, good times where to be had by all.

I’ve got to get a voice changer made, end of story.

Anyway, what I like about Allods Online, without fail are the ships. I love the idea of getting on a ship and exploring whatever there is to explore. The characters and story are really unique. It’s a pretty grabby story.

What I don’t like about Allods… You have to be level x’ty before you can get started. WAIT WHAT? Yes that’s right, gotta level up that Paladin before you can sail that ship.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it makes sense for PvP reasons. I know that you’ll need to be able to defend your ship when boarded against other players and it doesn’t make sense to have noobs flying about only to get destroyed by higher leveled/powered players (or does it, I’ll discuss this in another post).

I’ll probably check out the next beta phase going on now (and hopefully now the rush has died down enough that you can actually get anything done in the game). I’ll probably even play once it goes live. Hey it’ll be free so no loss there.

In the End

I’ve decided I’m pretty much over the whole fantasy genre at this point. No I haven’t level capped a single character in a single MMO. Why? Because they end up getting so boring that I have a REALLY hard time justifying the precious little free time I manage to scrounge up WORKING in a game. When I buy a game I want it to be a break away from reality. I want it to be a challenge and I want it to be interesting.

By challenge I don’t mean whether or not I can beat it over the head to kill something before it kills me. That seemed really cool at first, but now I’m pretty bored with it.

Right now I’m trying out EVE. It’s been interesting so far and I’m enjoying it. I might even blog about those experiences as time goes on. For now though, I’m done with Fantasy MMO’s.

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Allods Online – Something to keep an eye on

So Redshift linked Allods to me over the weekend. This new MMO goes into closed beta November 11th (lasting through Nov 24th). Not sure how many closed beta keys are floating around out there, but they may be worth getting your hands on if your looking to check out something a little different.

Allods has different written all over it. This will be a Free to Play game that gpotato will be hosting. Allods boasts a fully orchestrated soundtrack as well as motion capture animation which is pretty evident when you get a chance to see some of fight scenes. The most unique part about Allods however is that it’s a Russian MMO. Yeppers, Russian. It’s being translated into English, French and German for release into those markets.

Along with a lot of the standard MMO trappings we all know and love(/loath), players will also be able to obtain and customize player controlled ships. Not just the standard ‘get on boat, load screen, get off boat’, but something that you as a player get to navigate. The ships also seem like they’re going to be an equivalent post leveling activity to folks who aren’t into the traditional ‘end game’ raiding scenario. Because you know, for some of us the idea of setting foot in dungeons with up to 24 jerks so that one of us can walk away with a shiny new piece of armor is about as much fun as watching paint dry. Hey to each their own.

The 1.2 12* Million dollar budget invested in the design and development of Allods online is pretty clear in the videos I’ve already seen. There’s quite a few videos out on YouTube already and it’s obvious that this game already has quite a bit of polish. However this game is essentially a Russian WoW. This is an MMO version of an RPG under the same name released in Russia back in 1997, and the MMO version has been greatly anticipated in that market.

The nice part about having a lot of back history to work with is that you can focus more on the design elements as opposed to focusing on getting together a back story. That and having a proven game under your belt isn’t a bad idea in that you can acquire a bigger budget to work with.

Allods promises a lot but in the past there have been quite a few games that promise a lot of the same things but weren’t able to deliver going live. It’ll be interesting to see if Allods, a Russian title, is able to perform where the US titles with similar budgets and similar goals seemed to lag behind.

Allods Main: Link

*Sorry typo.