October 16 2011

Fallen Earth: Server Issues


Right now I’m kinda bummed about the game. It plays just fine. I love the Commander Aura, I love the Commander crafting kit, and I love the fact that crafting goes so much faster under the Commander package.

Sadly though I can’t even get into the game right now. That’s bumming me the crap out. I love Fallen Earth and right now it’s driving me nuts that I can’t get into the game.

This can’t be an easy transition for Gamers First. I mean after all Fallen Earth is built on a custom game engine. It’s an MMO built from the ground up which is why it’s so unique.

Sadly I find myself once again feeling like Codex from The Guild. I love my game, but right now there’s not a whole lot I can do to help it, well besides wait for the servers to come back up.

Quick Edit:

Tiggs the Community manager has posted over in the G1 forums explaining what’s going on. It’s really consistent with what I’d seen in game over the last few days.

Geistig/Sonja Blackheart/Kleineubel

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October 12 2011

Fallen Earth: Checking F2P Blog and Waiting on Servers

Get Da Choppa

So yep we are on Day 1 of Fallen Earth Free to Play. Sadly we’re all still waiting for the servers to go live.

Well as one blogger put it, when you can’t play, blog.

Hey don’t look at me like that, I’m not the only one doing it. The Fallen Earth F2P Dev bloggie also posted a little somethin’ somethin’ earlier today.

On reading the F2P Dev blog there were a couple big parts that stuck out for me. They involved fasteners and bandages. I know, kinda petty considering all the goodies I’m gonna get for having stuck out the change. Goodies are nice but those only go so far. Running out of bandages or not being able to craft because I’m “missing component(s)” really, really, blows.

Here’s the skinny.

Bandages will require less cotton to make and will be found on vendors again. They evidently didn’t mean to take them off the first time. Secret is that they didn’t but there were only like one or two vendors in the game that still had them. I’m not tellin’ which ones, cause I’m mean like that heh.

Fasteners will remain on vendors, which is totally bueno. I’ll still be able to pick up screws when I need them without scouring the countryside hoping that vehicles will drop something other than scrap effing rubber. This makes me a very happy creep. Next up, recipes will need fewer fasteners. Now that’s sweet. I mean it took a butt load of fasteners to craft ballistics items and vehicles. That makes me look forward to getting back into the dune buggy business. Ok that and my baby Reaver is gonna need an interceptor. She’s a hottie she deserves a sweet ride.

Now on to the goodies.

So for folks like me that purchased FE in the whenever, we get a permanent discount on the COMMANDER sub package. That means we get the sweet aura, quicker crafting, xp gain, DT gain, and faction gain. Since my gals can use all the xp and faction I can get on them, I’m going to be looking pretty critically at this one. The discount is about $10 (from $29.99 to $19.99). Saving $10 a month is fine by me. I’m totally down with that.

Thing is though I’m gonna try it out the first month before perma-subbing for it. I want to know if it’s worth the extra ‘chips’.

On top of the 3 pets and 3 vanity items we’ve already received, folks that have been subbed up from August through October will have three wardrobe slots unlocked. What the hell are wardrobe slots? Well they’re slots you can use to cover up the ugly ass armor you have to wear to survive in the wastelands.

Don't Fear the Reavers

That’ll be kinda nice for my little Reaver since I’ve been enjoying rocking the Greaser Jacket, a cowboy hat and a skirt. These items are CRAP for stats but like I said, she’s a little hotty so I go with it. That and she’s range, if things are getting close enough to get damage on her, I’m doing it wrong.

In the F2P Dev Blog Linus (Joseph) also went over the reasoning behind node randomization and the other economy changes. Honestly I like what he had to say, it made sense.

Before you say anything, I am NOT SPONSORED BY ANYONE. Just sayin. I shell out the cash for this site and all the words I put here are mine. Yeah I tend to be more upbeat and less picky about stuff, but that’s cause I focus all my bitchy rage in places where it belongs. PvP zones.

So that being said, the reasoning behind the changes is essentially player interaction. They’re hoping to force players to actually trade with one another. Pretty sure this was the reasoning behind the changes to the combat system as well.

It forces people to work together as a team.

I mean in the wastelands, this kind of makes sense because people that group together are gonna have a better shot at things. Not all of us can be Mad Max no matter how much we want to do the lone wolf thing.

What this is gonna do is force people to almost specialize in how they do things. Personally I enjoy just roaming around digging in trash and exploring the game. Now I can sell those mats or trade them to someone who’s got the patience to craft goodies. I like goodies.

The only downside I see is that it’s gonna be a bit of a burden on PvP’rs since it’s gonna mean that they will need a serious support system. Otherwise they will be spending less time in PvP and more time digging in trash to make the stuff they need.

If they’re smart they’ll just scavenge like crazy in PvP zones, sell off the goodies, then buy whatever crap they need to keep up their habbit. Yeah it’s easy to see PvP as an addiction heh.

So, that’s my take on what was found in the Fallen Earth F2P blog. You want to see the details, maybe give them some input, check it out for yourself here.

Until next time I’ll probably be out scouring the wastelands leveling up my Reaver (Kleineubel) and diggin’ in trash to fill up her new dune buggy (thanks Void Blade).

October 12 2011

Fallen Earth: Patch 2.0 Free to Play

Well today Patch 2.0 lands and Fallen Earth goes Free to Play. Veteran players can expect in game mail of the Chopper I posted about yesterday. Keep in mind it’s one per account so guess what? Choose the toon that gets it carefully.

The FE website says the game will be down at 9am 10-12 and will be down for 4-5 hours. After that patch 2.0 will be live.

The patch notes do give a list of what items will be common, uncommon and rare. The notes also list which items will be found on vendors. Bandages will also be back on vendors. So this should end the bandage shortage and fastener scare from patch 1.9.3.

All players currently subbed will get a temporary boost to the Commander Premium sub status until the term expires. After that it’s up to us to re-sub at Commander or suck it up and take Wastelander status.

For more info:
Patch Notes
Sub Levels

I still don’t know what to think about them adding a Tuxedo and Wedding dress as vanity attire in game. I think some peeps have way too much time on their hands. Just saying.

Until next time I’ll probably be raising hell with my Reaver Kleineubel. But I may be on Geistig as well. Have fun in the wastelands.

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October 9 2011

Fallen Earth: Waiting for Oct 12

Dude, you're a dude

Well right now pretty much everyone in game is waiting to exhale.

The changes made to the economic system haven’t really made anyone happy. Mostly it’s the new totally randomized node placement. Moving rare nodes to PvP zones wasn’t a bad idea. Sadly though most of the mats picked up off the PvP nodes are getting vendored because no one has chips to buy the mats.

It’s like somebody at the game said “I got the kooky notion, let’s make give the game a player driven economy but make it impossible for people to make chips!”

So now until people start gathering enough stuff to put on the AH or they manage to build something to sell on the AH, it’s pretty damn difficult to make chips.

That is unless they collect stuff and vendor it off. NOT what was intended, let’s face it.

If they were trying to make Fallen Earth more like EvE online with respect to a player driven economy, they’re kind of failing right now. In EvE you know where to find asteroids, and you can spend a few hours floating around the damn things getting enough ore to sell of or start to build stuff.

In FE now nodes are totally randomized and all over the place. Now you can spend days scouring the wastes and you might find a few of the items your looking for. Sure that’s going to prevent gold farming, but what about frustrating your player base because they can’t collect the things they need to level their crafting?

Now that mats have been taken off vendors (for the most part) we have to rely on the Auction House for mats and let’s face it, talk about expensive.That and just putting stuff on the Auction House drives up prices because it costs so much just to put items up for Auction.

FE doesn’t have a system to place and fill orders like in EvE online so there is no instant sell either unless you go back to vendors. Let’s face it if you need a few chips waiting on an auction is no bueno. So there’s collected mats getting lost in the system instead of getting used for crafting just because the person collecting it needed chips now so that they could afford to do something like buy bandages, use fast travel, or fuel interceptors.

Yeah I’m not even using gas vehicles anymore. Any petrol I manage to find is getting saved for construction crafting. I’m back to rocking a pony. Sadly I can’t even make a decent cargo pony because one of the components is now impossible to find.

Yep, while they supposedly tweaked recipes to make it a little less arduous to craft, they also made it next to impossible to find some of the components required for crafting. While this patch should have given crafting a shot in the arm, what it really did was give it a kick in the pants.

I quit Fallen Earth a year ago. Why? Partially because I was checking out an open beta. But also because I realized that I was spending more time digging in trash than actually enjoying the game.

In Fallen Earth doing some scavenging is a zenlike experience if you have that kind of attitude. But let’s face it, I’d rather do more with my time than JUST scavenge for components.

Back then I had a LOT less time to play the game. When I was only playing a few hours a night, and those hours are spent doing nothing but farming for mats, it turned a fun game into an arduous chore.

All I was doing was trying to find enough fasteners to make a pair of pistols. In the end I still had to buy one or two off a vendor. Back then you were lucky to get 3 off a car. I mean I actually remember reading that someone announced in Region that they just scavenged a set of 5 fasteners off a car. THAT WAS A BIG DEAL.

When it takes 15 to make one vehicle component? When it takes 15 in all of the components for one pistol?


Right now it looks like Fallen Earth is going backwards, as if they’re re-engineering the game from scratch.

They’ve build a new very basic combat system. They’ve made it almost impossible to find useful components for crafting. Also the game has become increasingly laggy and buggy.


I think they’re trying to improve it for it’s free to play release.

Really though what they’re doing is losing the folks who’ve dedicated time and cash to the game. I can’t even say that they’re making a game that’ll be worth logging into even if players don’t have to pay a dime to do so.

I mean can you see people with just a few hours to play here and there actually spending weeks digging in trash just to build some weapons? Hell no they’re going to get frustrated, they’re going to leave, and they’re not going to spend a dime on the game.

That leads to failure of the game. That’s NOT something I want to see because I LOVE this game.

Yes the changes made in 1.9 (pretty much everything by Alpha County) makes me angry. It’s only because it really depresses me. Here’s a game with such potential. A game that was so different than anything out on the market. A game that captured the imagination of whoever let it get under their skin. Now I can’t even say what it’s becoming.

Is it still fun?

I can’t say. I’m hoping that once they get the node situation worked out, it will be at least fun to craft again. I’m hoping they get the lag worked out. I mean hell I even adapted to the new combat system. I don’t like it but I’m trying to cope with it.

There’s only so much that even I can take.

It will break my heart if they destroy Fallen Earth. It is one of the few ground breaking sand box MMO’s. It has in it’s own way proven that some elements of gameplay can make for a fun and engaging game experience. Let’s just hope that what makes Fallen Earth what it is, isn’t destroyed.

I still LOVE this game. All I can do is hope.

October 2 2011

Fallen Earth: Patch 1.9.3 lands on Tuesday 10-4

On the Fence...

Guess what wastelanders, the wait for the next patch is over. Tuesday October 4, 2011 patch 1.9.3 lands.

This is the happy patch that will change the in game economy. Whether it’ll be good, bad or ugly, well we’ll have to wait and see.

What looks interesting in the 1.9.3 patch notes?

Well aside from what we already know:

  • Crafted items are coming off vendors
  • Nodes have been moved around to make it harder to find the goodies that will be considered Uncommon or Rare
  • The Uncommon or Rare crafting components have been removed from vendors

OK now here’s some new stuff:

  • Vendors selling dye-able clothing that can’t be traded will be added to barter towns.
  • Consumables will last twice as long after the patch as they did starting with patch 1.9
  • Consumables won’t last through cloning, so if you go to the cloner you’re gonna have to eat, drink, and pop those pills all over again.

This actually kinda comforting. Why? Well because let’s face it, the idea of having to replace my buffs every 30 minutes was starting to get pretty effing old. And then to hear that it was going to be a pain to find the components AND have to replace every 5 minutes? Oh yeah that was pretty much making the system look a little borked to me.

PvP is expensive. End of story. Fortunately with these changes I won’t have to spend a week getting ready for 2 hours worth of PvP. Fingers crossed. As it is I don’t see how I’ll be able to make much coin in the patch unless I retire from PvP and do nothing but craft buff items for PvP’rs. Chances are that might be what I end up doing.

Now if you want to read the patch notes for yourself you’ll find them here.

Until next time I’ll be getting lost somewhere in the wastelands digging in trash. Say hi if you see me online, or you know, shoot me in the back of the head if you’re a different faction.

Geistig/Sonja Blackheart

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September 29 2011

Fallen Earth: 2nd Anniversary Event Oct 5

Hoofy Needs a Moment

Yes folks, it’s official. Info for the Fallen Earth 2 Year Anniversary is up!





October 5, 2011
16:00 GMT for European players
4 PM PDT (7 PM EDT) for North and South American players

Capitols (Los Almos, Trader’s Flat, and New Flagstaff)
Faction Towns (Sectors 2, 3, 4, and Deadfall)
Battle Royal in New Flagstaff

Want more info? Check out the main FE page for the details.

Note this is gonna be a Faction deal so if you haven’t signed up for one yet, you can do so before the event.

Still on the fence about a faction? Well get down and choose a side dammit, it’s the wastelands for crying out loud. Pick a side. Then visit one of these folks depending on what side you choose:

Travelers – Speak to No-Neck in Credit Bend for the mission “Unpleasant Shapes,” “Imitated Humanity,” or “Wisdom’s Nearer When We Stoop”

Techs – Speak to Kelly Straub in Picus Ridge for the mission “A Closer Look”

Enforcers – Speak to Colin Zimmerman in Post 23 for the mission “Preventative Attack”

Lightbearers – Speak to Sister Tonja in Haven for the mission “Road Less Traveled”

Vistas – Speak to Tito Mendoza in Thorne’s Bluff for the mission “Judge Hunt”

CHOTA – Speak to a Claw of Redhand in Fracture for the mission “Test of Endurance”

And yeah I’m all CHOTA so don’t expect me to point you in any other direction.

See ya’ll if you log in, I’ll probably be on Geistig. Chances are getting my ass kicked but that’s NOTHING new. Till next time I’ll be goofing off in the wastes waiting for the 5th.




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September 27 2011

Fallen Earth: Q&A on The Anniversary Event

New Horizons

OK so I have to admit that I am looking forward to the upcoming Anniversary Event. On a whim I figured I’d send an e-mail to Darek Connole (Gamers First Public Relations Manager) to yack about it and maybe get a little info.

Here’s a few questions I asked and what he was able to tell me.

Me: Is it something that’s gonna be open to all levels?

Darek: “Yes, it will be available to all levels!”

ME: Is it gonna be in all zones or just one or two? Since it’s going to be a faction deal it’d seem like it’d kinda start in S2, but that would leave out a bunch of the new players starting up in prep for the F2P change over.

Darek: “The event will take place across all zones, so players shouldn’t have to travel far to experience it.”

ME: It sounds like folks will be getting goodies for being part of the event, is there anything I can say about this to get folks pumped to log in?

Darek:  “you’ll have to log in to see.”

ME: Will it be available for folks on both Euro and US schedules?

Darek: “Yes, we’ll be doing the event for multiple time zones, so everyone can enjoy the fun.”

ME: The Dev blog said there’s going to be RP elements to the event, how can the RP community work with you guys to be a part of that planning or is it just a show up and enjoy kinda thing? (That kinda thing is always easier for PvP’rs just show up and we kick butt end of story heh).

Darek: “I’m going to go with it’s a “run whatchna brung” event”

ME: On the PvE side, will they have to worry about dealing with PvP folks coming after them or will they be able to enjoy the event without flagging up if they choose not to?

Darek: “The official word is, and I quote, “It’ll be PvEVERYTHING.””

ME: On the PvP side, will there be a reason to flag up and get in some fights?
Darek: “See last answer.”

OK so there ya go folks. Now I’ll just have to get my butt logged in to the game when this event goes live. I’m actually looking forward to this.

What parts will I participate in? I have no freakin’ clue. I am just looking forward to having a nice goof off day.

A big thanks goes out to Darek and the FE crew for answering some questions for me off the cuff. I so owe those guys a beer next time I see them.

Until next time I’ll be getting lost in the wastelands. If you see me on just say hi, or harass me, or well whatever.

Geistig/Sonja Blackheart

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September 26 2011

Fallen Earth: Quiet in the Wastelands

With the Setting Sun

Well it’s been pretty quiet in game lately. Most of they guys have stockpiled everything they need to be ready for the new patch. I’ve got my gathering skills pushed up more or less enough for now. I don’t have a bunch of stuff collected, mostly because I’ve been spending ALL of my time fighting. Nothing wrong with that really but once in a while a gal needs some time off.

While I’m taking some time AFK I’ve been contemplating the upcoming changes. I’ve also been thinking about how many of the people have quit the game over the last few months. Either they’re off into new games, they’re burnt out and are taking a break, they’re just frustrated as hell over the new combat system, or maybe they’re just tired of server lag.

Thing is I think I’ve made some pretty strong friendships just through playing Fallen Earth. Not exactly a new experience for me since I tend to be the lone wolf type off doing my own thing 99% of the time.

Ok so I get distracted by shinies… so sue me.

It’s lame that I don’t get to hang out with the folks who aren’t playing anymore. A lot of folks I’ve been able to keep in touch with out of game like I do with my blog buddies via G+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s not the same, but it’s better than losing a friend.

It seems like right now there’s kind of a changing of the guard taking place. A lot of the folks that started the game, made it what it was, are stepping aside. Now I guess it’s up to the new folks to find their place in the wastelands and cope with the new combat system.

I’ve been trying, but my melee crafter was so much more fun under the old system. Geisty as a pistol healer under the new system just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve been trying to keep up and keep the guys going. Honestly though I’m getting burnt out. That and it’s not like we’re fighting against people who just enjoy PvP, we’re fighting against a bunch of whiny gankers. It’s not even fun stomping them into the ground.

I figure I’ll get back to the game once the patch lands and check out the changes. I might even get some more scavving in before then, but not promising.

Until next time I’ll be AFK more than likely, but if you see Geistig or Sonja Blackheart on line, feel free to say hi, WTF or just harass me for a while. I’m getting used to it.

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September 21 2011

Fallen Earth Hitting 2 and Dev Blog News

The Funk's Horse

Ok so, taking a break from my pretty damn busy PvP schedule here to say:

1) Happy Freaking Birthday Fallen Earth!! Yes the game has made it through 2 years. In this day and age of fly by night MMO’s the guys are doing pretty damn good. 2 years ago I logged into the beta and couldn’t get the hang of it. One year ago I logged into FE, scavenged my heart out and got distracted by a shiny. Then all of a sudden the people of Fallen Earth grabbed my attention and now I couldn’t leave if I wanted to.

Yeah the game is still a little buggy and laggy, but welcome to the wild world of MMO’s. Now quit whining and get back to playing.

2) The Fallen Earth Dev Blog has posted some tantalizing tidbits about what we can expect when things go Free To Play and about some cool events coming up.

It looks like the PvP side of the game is going to get a shot in the arm by setting rare resource nodes in PvP zones. You know what that means? Yep we’re gonna have something to fight over. Looks like I need to spend the next few days getting my ducks in a row and ready for this change. Bandages… I will need so many bandages… GAH!

Those who don’t want to participate in PvP will still be able to scavenge these rare components for crafting, so nobody get you’re PvE pants in a bunch.

What this means in Crafting: Well base recipes will still use basic components, improved recipes will require rare components, and advanced recipes they’re gonna require some uncommon components. The rare and uncommon components you can bet those will be sparsely found around the maps with some concentrations found in PvP zones. At least until people whine enough.

Thing is though that crafters will be able to hire some PvP folks to escort them through these zones and or just purchase the crap from the PvP’rs. So it won’t be that big of a deal. Really though there’s more consumables used in PvP than in PvE anyway (LOADS) so really I this just means that the PvP’rs will be fighting over what they need to continue to PvP.

This also means I need to get my scavenging up on my PvP gal. She’s slacking… ug.

On the note of economy, that also means that those folks who can make these kinds of things will also be able to sell them on the AH for a decent price. I’m also thinking that the F2P folks will be looking at buying more than crafting since they won’t be able to spend as much time crafting (free folks will have a limit on their crafting queue of 8 hours out of every 24 hours, it will automatically start again once the next 24 hour period begins).

That means crafters will be in demand once F2P hits. Makes me happy that I’ve been working on Geistig’s crafting like a madwoman. Mostly because I like being self sufficient.

WORLD EVENT: “Faction War” Ooooooo now this sounds fun! It looks like it’s going to be a PvP, PvE, and RP elements. What does that mean? I have no freaking clue but I’ll be there to party regardless. Participants are set to walk away with a goodie that displays their pride in their faction of choice.

I’m stoked, I love the concept of MMO world events. They always make games feel more immersive and bring the game community together.

After all one of the best parts of Fallen Earth is the community. You can go anywhere else, but you’re not going to find the same awesome people anywhere else. Even if you can find the same quality of ass hattery, but hey you deal with it and move on.

They’re hoping to get world events pushed out by the end of September, beginning of October at the latest. I’m hoping to see some solid dates and soon as I do I’ll get those posted.

If you haven’t subbed up already all I have to ask is, why not? Just kidding. Seriously though if you want to sub up you’ll get at least the first month after the F2P change subscribers will get boosted to the Commander sub level free of charge. After that we’ll go back to Wastelander sub level. It’s the same price as the current sub.

G1 is however going to be really cool and will let those of us who’ve been subbed up get to pay for the Commander level at $19.99. Which is a nice discount. Chances are if I like it, I’ll keep it. After all I play FE enough I might as well.

Until next time I’m gonna be scavenging up a storm to get Geistig’s scavenging up. Hit me up if you want to chat I’ll be around.

Geistig/Sonja Blackheart

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