November 10 2016

BDO: Winter is Here

2016-11-10_168720551 2016-11-10_170347118

While I did slack on getting some good screen shots of the fall trees, here’s some winter screenies. Some snow in Trent and the Christmas Tree in Calpheon.

There is an event going on now so you might want to be logged in at least 3 hours a day to pick up a goody box if aren’t already.

I’m just looking forward to some warm outfit getting released. Strat is going to freeze her elven butt off in some of this.

Till next time, keep on haulin’.

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November 9 2016

BDO: Living Large with Life Skills

2016-11-08_21192781 After doing the level grind with a Witch and a Ranger, I’m pretty done with the level grind. At this point I’m working on leveling up trade skills and making some silver in the process. The nice part about life skills is that there’s quite a bit of them that I can do semi afk. This helps quite a bit if you have a lot of other things to do with your time.

There have been a lot of buffs to the Life Skills in BDO over the last few months and today’s patch brings another with an increase to the price of fish. I’m not sure how much that’ll help fishing after the huge nerf to the fishing hotspots with the damn seagull thing.

I’ll have to poll my guild members to see if it makes anything more for them. As for me, I’m sticking with processing and trading as a main source of in game income.

While combat grinding is king as the top way to make cash in BDO, processing and trading can also be a grand way to make some silver.

I’m doing it myself through both Imperial Delivery and trading off wood crates over long distances.

The downside is that this isn’t something you can do completely afk. Fishing is still the silver maker there.

Though if you can spend some time at the pc chopping wood or even sending a cart back and forth, this can still net you some cash.

What really helps with trading is that when you’re running a cart you can also level horses. So for people like me that are obsessed with leveling horses it’s a win win scenario.

By keeping at least one super low tier horse on the wagon I can sell that off to imperial horse delivery. With the tokens from that I can get magic axes which make wood gathering guild missions a lot less tiresome to say the least.

Right now I feel like I actually have a decent Life Skills system going. It keeps me busy in the game, it’s rewarding and I’m enjoying the game again.

After all, I bought BDO for the life skills.

Honestly this is one of the reasons I love BDO. While it has it’s share of bugs and costly elements, it’s still pretty damn fun. Well at least for folks like me that think stuff like raids are for other people and have no problem playing the game they way they want to play it.

I’ll probably keep a trading journal. Hopefully I’ll even get some decent horses out of it since I’ve had horses on my cart the whole time as well.

Till next time keep on haulin’.

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October 19 2016

BDO: The Renegades

After the Grind
After the Grind

Despite some run ins with another guild in game we’re plugging along.

The end game in BDO can be pretty harsh. It either means investing a lot of time and money to get geared up quick or taking your time to get what you need in pieces slowly. Sometimes painfully slow, but patience helps.

When you’re trying to balance real life and a game as time intensive as BDO the grind can get to be a bit much. Especially at the end game level.

At this point I’m still working on getting my gear leveled up one bit at a time. It’s a much slower process for me than for folks with more time and in game resources but I’m managing. At the same time I’m also working on getting at least a solid tier 7 horse, I’ve even got a couple of chances at some tier 8’s. Just cross everything for me if you will because my luck with horse breeding is so-so at best.


I get a pretty wide range of horses, but not always the best. That’s horse breeding in a nutshell though. You never know what you’re going to get.

It’s still an interesting side project for me though. I always love seeing what RNG will toss at me next.

As for RP, well we tried going out to one of the RP hubs last night and it was a thing. We’ll probably stick to one day a week of public RP then keep to guild story lines.

Honestly I don’t mind that too much. I prefer RP with my guild mates at this point. They’re a great crew and I’m lucky to have them.

I may not be lucky in BDO, but I am lucky with my guild so that’s something.

Speaking of the guild I’m hoping to focus on leveling it up a bit. We’re slowly getting this and that maxed and we’ve got a decent amount stored up in the bank. Thing is though if we’re going to want to build a boat eventually when the sea content launches we’re going to need a lot more.

The guild is motivated enough on that front and we get guild missions in when we can, when we feel like it, when we have energy (and sometimes when we don’t) and when we remember. For me the remembering is the hardest part.

I’ve been struggling in game to come up with just what I want to do. Finding ways to make some coin while not actively spending a lot of time in the game is tough. I’m working on some different capital avenues that I’m hoping will pay off.

The game is pretty geared toward grinding as a primary form of income and that does work great and means that people who are putting in the effort get the best results. That makes sense. Though there’s something to be said for the folks that pretty much just want to be support and still want gear strong enough to survive when you can’t stop yourself from hitting the pvp cap.

Granted in BDO the pvp side of the game is over hyped. If you stick it out and get enough gear and levels, especially when you can get an awakened class, you can stand up for yourself pretty well. Really it’s just a matter of dedication and outlasting the other folks.

That’s pretty much what I plan on doing. I may not be the best in the game, but I look at it this way. If I can make some coin, breed a good horse and enjoy RP, I’m getting my money’s worth. That’s all that matters for me.

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August 19 2016

BDO: When it All Comes Together

BuildingItUpAt the moment things are coming together in BDO. Well aside from the fact that I really need to put some more levels on the Witch, but I’ll get to it.

She’s sitting at 51 and I’m working on getting her geared up. At the moment she has pretty much what she needs, I just need to buff it up. Everything needs levels from her armor to her horse.

It’ll happen slowly but surely.

So far the Witch has been a pretty handy addition to the guild as well. It makes scroll nights go pretty fast even with less than a full group. Disco balls also go REALLY fast. But that’s probably due more to the 55’s we have hitting them more than my DPS. On the bonus side though the heals alone are saving us all a ton on pots.

GrimFire is also fitting into RP in the guild since a combat medic is something the guild could really use. RP wise they have fighters and staff, but there’s not really a healer so that’s a good fit.

I’m also setting up an infirmary to add a little bonus RP to the server. I’ll be in the same place my guild hangs out but at least it’s something to do. The nice thing about having a medic around is that people get a chance to RP out a wounded character getting treatment.

All kinds of chaos can happen in and around an infirmary.

Once I get that going I plan on working on a journal for GrimFire. So far she’s becoming an interesting character.

Well it’s time to get back to fishing so I can make enough to get my armor repaired. So I can blow it out again and build up failstacks.

I love how even failing in this game is a thing.

Until next time I’ll be boozing and fishing. Have fun!

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August 17 2016

BDO-RP: Characters, Backstory, and the Character Creator


My witch has gone through a physical overhaul. Mostly to suit my own madness but also to set her up with a physical presence that can sync with a plausible back story.

RP can be a pain in the ass because you’re not only pretending to be someone else, but at the same time you’re reacting to things the way that character would react to things. There also isn’t really anyone telling you if you’re getting it right. Though sometimes fellow RP’rs will give you a hand with this if you ask them.

Something that can make it a lot easier to figure out how your character would respond to something is basically understanding their who they are, where their from, and what drives them.

One way to do this is to just RP and get a feel for how you want them to play out. That works and over time you can build up an idea of how your character responds to the world around them. This method is great when starting up in a game that’s just launched when nobody is really sure about the lore and everyone is in the same boat you are.

Once a game has been around for a bit, it can be harder to just RP your way into a character and role. Most people are settled into their characters and guilds. They also usually have a good idea of the lore and how things work in game. This is where either looking into wikis and forums or just picking people’s brains really comes in handy.

Otherwise you could end up with the cat-girl, vampire, Pokemon catching, mercenary that everyone is loath to RP with because they sit so far outside the game lore that it’s not even funny anymore. While granted RP is completely fiction and people are free to RP however they want, when you’re working with a group of people it can sometimes help to try to mold your character to the lore so that everyone is working from the same rule book.

It’d be like wanting to play monopoly but using the rules from chutes and ladders. It can make for some very unique and creative game play, but you’re probably not going to get very far. Especially if everyone else at the table is still playing Monopoly and staring at you like you’ve got a third eye.

This is where the backstory can come in handy. If you can tie it in with the lore, then you can explain where your character has been up until the point you started to RP with them. These experiences in their lives can be catalysts for how they react in certain situations and just give you a general feeling for how they’d behave the rest of the time.

There’s a few schools of thought on backstories. Some people refuse to make them and other people really enjoy making sure that they tell you every detail of this hand crafted back story they’ve come up with. On a slow RP day that’s not too bad, but it’s not always the wisest move to be the guy or gal at the moody table brooding over your character’s past instead of engaging the RP around them.

The thing about backstories is that you want to create something plausible without being totally over the top. It also helps if you don’t focus on one aspect of that character’s existence, but weave in some good and bad things that have happened to them so that they’re more of a real person than say a one dimensional character that is only motivated by one or two emotions like say revenge, anger or even lust.

I try to make balanced semi plausible back stories though I’m sure I still have a long way to go in perfecting the craft. At this point I’m trying to pull something together for my Witch. Thing is though I’m just not sure where to start her out and whether she’ll be worked in with my other characters or not.

So the main questions I’m asking are:

Where did she come from? This can also count for class if you’re placing them in a class based society or a faction if that’s more the flavor of the game. Race can also play a hand in this if your character is a unique flavor of race.

What is her family situation like? Is she all alone in the world or does she have a loving family back home?

What does her resume look like? What is her education and background?

Who does she already know? Does she know your existing characters, your friend’s characters, does she need to be introduced to your guild?

What does she currently want out of life? While a little deep, this one though can help figure out what path this character is going to take and who she’ll want to associate with.

Now with these questions to work at I’ll have to figure something out. Like what town she’s from, who she knows and what her life has been like.

If you really want to get detailed having a timeline set by the game timeline can help you keep your fictional facts strait. You don’t have to invest that kind of time unless you’re like me and details start to pick at you.

As for the character creator, the BDO character creator gives you a lot of options. If you’re not sure what you want to do you can always create the character first giving them specific features like age and skin tone, then start to build their background based partially on how they look.

With my witch here she has a large facial scar and a damaged eye. Now I get to figure out where that came from and how that impacts her life. Pretty sure that having trouble seeing from one eye is going to have an impact on how a person perceives the world around them.

You can add scars, go with bold hair styles or just make one buff war veteran. It’s totally up to you. Having the game lore as a framework helps a lot, it can stave off the blank page syndrome that can make it really daunting just to get started.

Anyway, it looks like I have some thinking to do with my fishing today. Until next time, have fun!

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August 16 2016

BDO: Witch Please

Zee happy witch
Zee happy witch

As for the title, my guild has started using a new phrase: “Witch please.” I’m totally stealing that!

As for BDO in general, yep I’m still playing it. This controversial hidden gem is actually quite a bit of fun (and a lot more fun once you join a guild and ignore channel chat).

The hacking seems to have decreased quite a bit in the last few months. A lot more content has been added with the Valencia patches and two new classes are roaming the desert with the addition of the Ninja and the Kunoichi.

I’m still very much enjoying the game, splitting my time between cooking, fishing, horse breeding and leveling my latest creation, a Witch.

After playing the Ranger and the Kuno in BDO I can tell you that I was starting to feel a mighty need for some AoE. I decided to try a Witch.

I had tried leveling one in the past and it was a disaster. I couldn’t keep enough mana and I was having trouble with mobs. Also some of my favorite AoE spells had daunting cooldowns.

After the devs have made some changes and the Kuno just wasn’t grabbing my attention anymore I decided to give the Witch another go. I’m glad I did because I’m really enjoying it. The changes they made give you more armor while casting Meteor and the Lighting 100% spender. This means that you don’t end up at half or less health while you’re trying to mow down a bunch of mobs. That armor really makes it worth the wait for those cooldowns.

Also, if you can get 200% black spirit energy the big boom from the 200% spender on Meteor is manically giggle worthy.

The Kuno is fun just like the ranger but they just aren’t my shiny. At least to me the AoE’s are not as gratifying as the ones on the witch.

While all three classes suffer from animation lock and the Wich is the worst with stand casting (I usually prefer a lot more mobility) the power of the spells seem to pay off. I pumped up the one spell on the Witch I can cast while running, it’s made a lot of difference in just being able to kite.

I don’t have the quickest reaction time in the world and like to play a little more strategically to compensate. Not that I didn’t try by just being all over the place on the Kuno, but spending more time evading damage than doing it, just doesn’t get the job done.

The Ranger gave me a little of that strategy, but the lack of wide area AoE outside of the grenades on evasive shot and the constant evasion to refill the energy bar left me feeling that the class wasn’t my shiny either, hence why I gave Kuno a shot in the first place.

I loved the stealth on the Kuno, but as it’s a short lived skill and there isn’t a passive boost to run speed, it also just didn’t give me that warm fuzzy feeling.

The downside with the witch is that outside of one spell to boost her speed, she’s not fast. While with the super armor she is a tad less squishy at times than the Kuno, she’s not a face tanking class.

Though if you just really want to go into a group of mobs and kill absolutely everything, this is a really fun class to play.

Currently the Witch is feeding my need to bring group utility as well as wanton AoE destruction. Being a knee jerk healer after years of MMO play it’s hard for me to not have a class that I can heal with. I can tell you that made me come up with some interesting builds in Guild Wars 2 as well.

The Witch is probably a tad over powered at the moment since it’s being set against classes that have awakenings on the Korean server. At least that’s the word on the street (or forums). I’m pretty sure it’ll be a lot different once the awakenings launch, but for now I’m going to enjoy the witch. After awakenings are launched, I’ll have 3 classes I can choose from and hopefully a chance to save up some silver.

For the gear heads I can tell you that I’m running a cheap build for my Witch at the moment. She has a full Grunil Set, Steel Dagger offhand, and a Yuria staff. It’s not ideal, but until I can save up for a pumped up Liverto it’ll work. That and I don’t really want to heavily invest in this character until I have some more mileage on it and have a few more skills unlocked. So that if it just starts to annoy me, I can quickly swap back to another.

The tough part will be deciding which character I’m going to main for RP, though I’ll probably swap between the Ranger and the Witch. My Ranger is just too pretty to let her sit idly by too much. I also like the idea of having a happy RP character as well. Not that my Ranger was a slouch in that department, but she could have her moody moments. The Witch however I’m thinking I can just have fun with.

And yes for me role play in MMO’s is a fun distraction and keeps me motivated to log in, so I do it. Though my idea or RP usually involves a little more action and sometimes a lot of rum, but it’s all down to personal taste.

Well until next time I’ll be fishing and drinking (in game of course), have fun!

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August 4 2016

BDO – Strat Story 1: Wednesday Morning

Here’s a little something that I want to start up tracking stories for my character, a blue eyed and blue haired elf that goes by the name Strat.

Strat’s story currently revolves around an Inn in Epheria (in Black Desert Online) where her penchant for rum lead her to an interesting group of people and a contract.

Now aside from making a meager living in trading she has her own agenda as well as doing what she can for her new found friends.

This is one part of the tale.

KunoStratForcing open eyes that really just want to stay glued shut, Strat rolls to the side. Looking around the room she realizes slowly that she must have rented a room in Olvia. She vaguely remembers The Greenie Meanie asking for a ride. Probably more to make sure that the horses made the journey safe rather than out of concern for her.

That wouldn’t bother Strat. Her fraternizing days are long over. There’s too much to get done currently. Not even the smooth talking Quartermaster could change her perspective on that note. That is if she wasn’t well aware that the meanie’s sister is currently the Quartermaster’s prime concern.

Sighing heavily, she looks over at a bag she must have dragged in from the wagon. Digging into the contents she looks for and pulls out the alchemy potion she picks up just for Wednesday mornings. It tastes terrible and barely does anything, but it’s cheap and helps with the pain. When she has to be sober anything is better than dealing with the constant aches.

While the pain has been getting better, she still wakes up sore in the morning. It’s been about 7 months since Gachi found her almost bled out on the forest floor. But at her age Strat doubts she’ll ever get back to what she was before she was injured.

The worst part is that Strat still has a price on her head. Boredom, wealth and jealousy turned out to be a very bad combination for Strat. She thought she’d loved her ex, but love wasn’t enough to keep him out of the arms of another woman. A very rich, very noble, and very possessive woman who’d levied a price on Strat’s head as soon as she found out about her.

Strat had no idea her ex had been unfaithful until she found herself alone in the forest with an assassin at her throat. She’d managed to take the man down, but not without nearly getting herself killed.

Despite all of that, Gachi had come into her life and now the Bones crew. All of which felt more like family than Strat had ever known. For a change it felt as though life wasn’t trying to kick Strat in the teeth.

Of course this terrified her because that could only mean that things were bound to go to hell sooner rather than later. That seemed to be her luck.

Strat turns as she hears footsteps on the stairs. Picking up her blade she stands next to the door. She hears two knocks then a small voice on the other side. “It’s just me.” Gachi states with an angry tone.

Strat reaches over to turn the handle and pulls the door open letting the much shorter woman into the room.

Gachi all but stomps inside. Crossing her arms she dons a stern expression and practically glares at the much taller and older ex mercenary.

“You were supposed to be back in Heidel last night.” She says angrily.

“I just wanted to leave the wagon somewhere safe.” Strat says with a disarming smile. She sheaths her blade at her back and places her hand on her hip.

“Where’s your bow?” Gachi asks “And for that matter why are you looking more like yourself than wearing that leather get up and mask you purchased?”

Grunts a little. “After recent events I’m training in some additional combat tactics. Also that leathery get up just didn’t feel like me. If someone is actually willing to take that crazy woman’s contract they’ll know where to find me and a mask isn’t going to change that.”

Looking around the meager accommodations of the Olvia Inn Gachi wrinkles her small nose and scowls slightly.

Strat chuckles softly watching the tiny ex noble. Looking over the room Strat sees her boots next to the window propped up against a convenient chair. She crosses the room, sits and begins to pull on her boots.

“Don’t tell me you slept in your clothes again.” Gachi says sighing.

Strat chuckles once more. Gachi having lead the sheltered life of a noble wouldn’t begin to fathom the experiences that shaped the odd blue haired elf.

“I did take my boots off.” Strat says with a wide smile. “Last time they charged me double for getting dirt in the bed.”

Gachi rolls her eyes at Strat, her arms still crossed. Strat chuckles and stands.

“Not that I’m not always happy to see you Gachi, but what brings you all the way out here?” Strat asks as she stands and walks over to Gachi. Standing before the much smaller woman she cocks her hip and lowers her shoulders as to not appear to loom over her.

“We have an appointment with the tailor” Gachi says angrily “He is not the kind of man you keep waiting.”

“Why would a man make dresses?” Strat asks crossing her arms.

“Because it makes a lot of silver if you’re good at it.” Gachi says matter of factly. “You’re the one that said you needed a dress, I made the arrangements.”

“I figured we’d just stop by a window shop and I could just grab something.” Strat says nonchalantly rolling her hand in a gesture indicating that Gachi is making way too much out of Strat’s request.

“Nonsense” Gachi says. “You agreed to help me get my family’s name back and I agreed to help you get the price of your head. We’ll be able to use your elven good looks to pull that off, but we won’t be able to do that while you’re wearing either your armor or a dress from a no chique boutique.”

Strat shrugs her shoulders and shifts her weight before replying. “If you say so.”

“I don’t tell you how to stab people and you don’t tell me how to, as you usually state it, be a poncy noble.” Gachi says rolling her eyes and her hand mimicking Strat’s hand gesture.

Strat chuckles. “Well if you ever need to know how to spend a night in the forest…”

Gachi cuts her off with a hand gesture. “I prefer inns.” pausing she looks over the room with her nose pinched as if she smelled something rotten. “Though not this one.”

Strat laughs as she walks over to pick up her bag from beside the bed and then back to Gachi. “It’s Olvia. There’s barely anything of note here beyond cows and grapes. They don’t even make wine here, that’s over in Velia. Why would they have a fancy inn?”

“You could have stayed in Velia then, or even Calpheon. Both have even moderately better accommodations than this.” Gachi says as she gestures toward the room. “One day Strat you might begin to appreciate the finer things in life.”

Strat smiles widely. “I already do!” She says enthusiastically as she slings the bag across over her shoulder letting it rest across her back. She begins counting on her fingers as she names them, “I enjoy Siren rum, sunrises, a good horse and wagon, oh and every day I wake up above ground.”

Gachi sighs again. “Strat that is just not fair and you know it.” Turning on her heel she begins stomping down the stairs, well as heavily as her small light frame will allow.

Chuckling Strat nods and follows Gachi. Today was likely to be a long day.






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July 13 2016

BDO: Still Hooked


At this point it’s safe to say I’m pretty hooked on BDO.

I love the AFK features, the leveling isn’t bad at all, the open world pvp isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I finally have a class that I like.

The only problem is that the Ninja and Kunoichi will be released in the NA/Euro version next week. I would like to play this class but honestly I’m thinking that I’ll want to finish building up my Ranger first. I still have a long way to go in completing the armor and weapon upgrades just for that class.

While I will be able to swap the armor back and forth, I’ll have to start at zero again with the weapons unless I farm up some serious cash and just outright buy better weapons. Honestly at this point that sounds like a much better option. Mostly because my level fu with weapons is beyond awful. I have some of the worst upgrade luck ever. I mean really, it’s beyond bad.

There is also some other time sinks I would have to work around like figuring out how to play the class, deciding how I want her to look, and yes adding on the levels.

While it would probably be worth it to at least try out the class, I’m still on the fence about whether the combat style and costume customization will be quite right for me.

Until I decide I might as well keep working on my Ranger. She’s managed to hit 50 and I really should start working on dailies and scrolls. Not to mention finding a guild that won’t make me cringe when I log in.

Yes I have a level 50 character with no guild.

Thing is that getting into just any guild is easy. Getting into a guild with people that you actually want to spend time with, that takes a little more time and effort.

I plan on spending a LOT of time in BDO. There is still a lot that this game has to offer. I also want a stable guild with fun people in it to share that experience with.

Since I have zero interest in BDO’s pvp scene, that narrows down the list a bit. I’m not a fan of PvX guilds since they end up going where the wind blows and it’s usually no where near where I’m at. A PvE guild probably wouldn’t put up with my horsing and constant search for the occasional RP hotspot.

I would like to find another RP guild like I had in Fallen Earth way back when. I just have no idea if I will ever get back to that place where I could just log into the guild, maybe get into some RP, maybe go grind, but always just have folks to chat with.

Maybe one day I’ll find a guild like that again. Who knows?

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June 7 2016

BDO: Breeding Journal 1 The Beginning

My first two horses bred were level 19 grey tier ones. I based that off of the horse breeding calculator found here. Including my first tame Spooky.

Foal (Son) Aurthur
The Mom Spookie

It’s not much but it is a start.

If you are interested in breeding at all take a look at the breeding calculator and Brank’s videos on horse taming. He’s a positive guy and has some good ideas. The videos are great if you need to get started. Dulfy also has a great resource on getting into taming and breeding if you need something with less video.

As of the date this post was written these links are accurate. I can’t guarantee that they will still be active at later dates, but for the moment they’re good.

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