July 23 2009


What is Creep the Prophet?

This was a website originally created by Geistig (aka CreepTheProphet) for web development (aka mad scientist like web experimentation).

The site has gone through several iterations, two blog platforms, two hosting providers, covers two domains and now has yep you betcha, two authors.


Are we actually creepy?

Not anymore than anyone else. Though while the site authors usually prefer being the bad guys over playing the hero, there’s not a lot of creepy going on.

Creeping through game content however is another beast entirely. Since both authors work full time and now have a little Kraken of their own, there isn’t a lot of time left over for gaming. That is until the Kraken will be old enough to join in.

So what’s with the tecky stuff?

Both of the authors work in the IT sphere either as technicians or general web messer uppers.

What’s with the Game Content?

For some people games are something that happens upon occasion or has become one of those childish things left in the past like legos and cartoons.

Geistig finds that to be a boring ideal and I don’t think she could get CrankyB to stop gaming with anything short of a lobotomy. So for these two gaming is a daily part of life.

That being said the two of them, who met in an MMO (Fallen Earth), tend to play everything from World of Warcraft to Saints Row.

PS: Rocket launcher duels in Saints Row are very amusing.

OK, but why host a Blog?

While I know that everyone, their cousin, and in some cases even their cat has a blog, the blog its self wasn’t really meant to be a main focus of my site. It’s just kind of become my main focus since it offers me a much needed creative outlet. Trust me on this one. That was also the point for the site. I’d essentially purchased a domain as a place to practice web building. I am however enjoying blogging immensely and I’ll probably keep it up despite my mad scientist nature. (Insert giggles here).


Guild Wars 2


Fallen Earth

Lord of the Rings Online

World of Warcraft

Guild Wars

Eve Online

DC Online

Star Wars the Old Republic






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