SWTOR: Guild Stronghold Photobomb

Screenshot_2017-01-17_20_03_20_325038┬áIt doesn’t matter what game I play, lately it seems like my pets and companions insist on some how getting into the shot. My Ewok buddy here is no exception.

In BDO it was Pengu my penguin. That guy is awesome.

So the Lords of Mayhem have a Nar Shaddaa sky palace that we’re decking out like a casino. We don’t have much of it unlocked yet because there’s not many of us online much and those who are, well we’re slackers.

We do however have some kick ass furniture thanks to the Grizzy and we have our major utilities which is awesome.

It’s a great start and it’s SO convenient to not have to run all over fleet to get to the marketplace, mailbox and banks.

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Posted January 18, 2017 by Geistig in category "Star Wars the Old Republic

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