WildStar: Update Notes

WildStarSo today’s maintenance came with a patch to download, here’s the skinny of what was in the patch. See the full forum post here (link).

Posted by: Raijinn


  • Fixed several issues that were having detrimental effects on server stability.
  • Released reserved guild and player names for open use if available.


War of the Wilds

  • Shortened up the timing of strategy objective population.
  • The “Don’t Die” strategy objective will now automatically complete and grant credit if the Giant Moodie Totem is destroyed while it is active.
  • Strategy objectives that require players to kill champions still require at least one player tagger, but no longer require a player to score the killing blow.
  • The strategy objective that requires players to kill a boss has had its timer lengthened and will no longer populate as the second strategy objective.
  • Players will no longer receive a strategy objective requiring them to take control points as a second strategy objective.
  • The strategy objective that requires players to kill moodies no longer require players to score the killing blow.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue that triggered a LUA error which prevented some mail from being reported as spam.

Also from the Devs:

Posted by Buiden:
You should be able to get a daily quest for an Eldan Data Fragment from your crafting profession master in the capital city. The person offering you one for “free” without having to do the daily quest is just a display issue so ignore her/him until we fix that part.

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