WildStar: Adventurers Anonymous Slowly Growing

Adventurers Anonymous
Adventurers Anonymous
Today alongside of a little leveling Brutesquad and I worked on getting a little recruiting in for Adventurers Anonymous. So far we’re growing. It’s a little slow and we’re a small group, but that is fine by me.
So far we have some solid recruits so I’m really pleased.

If you are Dominion on the Lightspire server [EU] and you are looking for a guild with a more mature laid back attitude send me a tell in game. I’m Geistig by the way.

I plan on having another meaty blog post out on some more WildStar goodness soon! Until then, enjoy the weekend and enjoy WildStar everyone!

Posted June 7, 2014 by Geistig in category "Gaming", "MMORPG", "Wildstar

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