The Repopulation – Player Housing System

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housing_smallThe future players of The Repopulation answered at least one if not two recent polls showing that they REALLY wanted to know more about the in game housing system. Out of all the game features listed, Player Housing came out on top. It looks like this is the feature that future players are really passionate about. After reading up on it, I have to admit that I can’t wait to see how this will work myself.

Here’s the information available so far:

  • There will be 3 categories of housing plots Instanced Neighborhood housing plots, Persistent Non-Instanced housing plots and Nation City housing plots.
  • Houses will be either whole housing units or modular units players will be able to place together to build homes. 
  • Players will be able to move their homes
  • Players will not have to worry about other players destroying or stealing from their homes. 

Instanced player housing will be the easiest and cheapest option. The two NPC factions, OWON and FPR will have instanced neighborhoods where players will be able to set up homes.  Having a more neighborhood feel will give players a chance to showcase their homes to other players, just on a smaller scale. Sadly though OWON folks can’t be neighbors with FPR folks, so you’ll want to make sure that all of your friends join the same faction if you want them to visit your Instanced house. Instanced player housing will give anyone who wants to try out the housing system a chance to buy a plot and build a house.

The Persistent Non-Instanced housing will give players a little more of that Star Wars Galaxies feel by letting them put a house down in the open world. There won’t be a lot of these housing plots and they’ll be more expensive than the instanced housing. The Devs plan to release Persistent Non-Instanced housing plots slowly over time and restrict purchase of the housing plots to one plot per account.  The reasoning is that this will give more players a chance to have open world homes. This option is mostly for people who really want to have homes out in the open game world but do not want to risk building a home in a Nation city as these will be in PvP areas.

Nation housing plots are the third option available to Repopulation home builders. So not only will players be able to build their own cities out in the open world, but they’ll be able to have homes within those cities. These housing plots will be tied to the city. This means that if the city falls to another Nation, or the city Mayor decides to reallocate a housing plot, the houses on the Nation plots are released and the houses are packaged.

Here’s the really nifty bit, in The Repopulation houses are mobile.

All houses in The Repopulation are tied to the player, not the property they sit on. This means that players can move their house from one housing plot to another. This gives players flexibility in where they want to place their homes and also means that players can invest their time and resources on building and decorating their home without fear of having someone show up and try to destroy it.

Players will also be able to give others the ability to manipulate the items in their homes. Though apparently if you give someone else permission to re-arrange your house they can put things wherever they want.

That’s just the basics of the housing system and personally I can’t wait to get a chance to work with a home of my own. Chances are I may even try getting in with a player nation just so I can see how it works when you plunk down a house in a Nation city.

For more information check out the Player Housing System write up over on The Repopulation website. Also, if you have some questions about the system you can ask the devs directly on this forum thread Player Housing 1-25-2013 – Questions.

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Waiting for The Repopulation and Playing EVE Online

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Sonja Austrene
Sonja Austrene

I am still avidly awaiting the release of The Repopulation, but I needed a chance to get some gaming in on the side.

About a month ago I set up a trial for EVE Online. I figured I’d give it a shot and see what has changed much since my last experience with the game in 2011.

I created Sonja Austrene, a Minmatar Sebiester. None of that bit really matters except for the part that says Minmatar. So far I’ve really enjoyed flying and engaging in combat using Minmatar ships.

I’m not in PvP right now and there’s a few reasons for that. Most of the reasons revolve around my High Sec corporation.

I do like where the game is right now, and CCP has gone out of their way to try and improve the new player experience. I think I’ll stick with EVE for a while, at least until I’m so busy with The Repopulation that I have no time for it any longer.


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The Repopulation – Crafting Attribute System

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1_18_2013c_smallFor some more Repopulation love, check out their latest post on the Crafting Attribute System!

It gives a little teaser on where the team is going with in game crafting.

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Kickstarter – Invest Like a Boss

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LikeABossWe all know that games need money. Start up games are no exception.

Sometimes they get cash from private investors, sometimes they get cash from publishers. Sometimes they crowd-fund cash through projects like Kickstarter.

Crowd-funding through companies like Kickstarter lets average gamers like you and me pledge cash to a game project. Kickstarter helps a lot of independent developers get that little extra cash their project may need to pick up art assets or maybe hire professionals that cannot afford to volunteer their skills.

Not all of the projects people pledge for on Kickstarter make it off the ground. This is a sad reality of start-up companies. Not all start-up companies make it in their first year. People who invest money in start-up companies know there is a risk. Even with that risk, investors still work with start-up businesses, but they do a little extra research about the product and the company before they invest. This helps investors minimize their risk.

Most of us gamers that pledge on Kickstarter are not professional investors. We just want to put in a little cash to play a new game. When the company fails to deliver the game for whatever reason, we’re all disappointed. When putting money into Kickstarter, we all should know that there is a risk. The money we pledge does not guarantee that a game will be made.

While we can’t guarantee that the game will make it, we can minimize our risk. We can invest wisely, or like the title of my post suggests, invest like a boss.

Investing like a boss means thinking less like a gamer and more like an investor. If we invest like a boss, we don’t rely on the Kickstarter page alone.  Just like those start up investors, we do additional research on the company and the product we are investing in. We take a look at the game’s website and forums. We watch their videos. Also, where we can, we look at third party websites and see what other players are saying about the game.

Read the game’s website and forums asking yourself:

  • Is there a lot of information about game play and in game systems?
  • Are screenshots available?
  • Are the same things highlighted on the website, the forums and the Kickstarter page?
  • Do they have regular updates on how the game is progressing?
  • Do they have links to interviews and other press statements?
  • Does the team give a professional image?
  • Does it look like the game has a solid plan for game production and a timeline for  release?

Watch the game’s videos asking yourself:

  • Does the game have videos available to watch?
  • Are you seeing the features talked about on Kickstarter and on the game’s website?
  • Does the game look like it will be fun to play?

Reading 3rd Party Websites asking yourself:

  • What are other potential players saying about the game and are they raving fans or do they have solid interest in the game?
  • Are there any postings by the game team and do they have valid statements and sound professional (sound like they know what they’re talking about)?
  • Are people flaming the game without good information or do they have valid concerns for the game that are not being addressed?

Bottom line:
Keep in mind that you are taking a risk. Sometimes the game you are pledging for will not be exactly the same at launch and sometimes it will not launch at all. There are risks.

You can minimize that risk by doing extra research. If the game and the company building it look solid there is a greater chance the game will release. That is investing like a boss.

I want to thank Victor Barreiro Jr. (aka iamstillwater of for this post’s inspiration via his article on When Kickstarter Works. I also want to thank my hubby for the graphic, he linked that over to me.

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