Fallen Earth Labor Day Trivia Night

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Bad Parking Job

Trivia night is back again. For those who don’t know Fallen Earth Trivia Night is sponsored by the game and allows all of us players a chance to show off our knowledge and pick up some goodies.

If you want to check it out and give yourself a shot at winning some goodies, hit up the Embry Bunker Bar between 7pm pacific 10pm Eastern this next Monday (September 5th).

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Fallen Earth F2P Possible Membership Structure

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So hey we’re all wondering just what life in the wastelands is going to be like once Fallen Earth goes Free to Play. A lot of the details are still on the drawing board. The good news is that some details are starting to be released.

Here’s the current PROPOSED Membership Structure:

Remember proposed means that this isn’t final yet, but it’s a step closer to how things are going to shape up.

OK the upside to this membership structure is that the top membership tier would have increased crafting and scavenging speed as well as increased XP and Death Toll gain. What’s not to love about that?

Death Toll…. enough said.

The downside is that XP gain and crafting for F2P players shows at less than default. While yeah that doesn’t look great on face value, there is a bit of a twist to this. At this point the plan is to have auras in the game that subscribed players can share even with non subbed members. So if the subbed member pops an XP aura and shares that with an F2P team member, boom the XP issue is resolved.

Yes this membership structure does give people incentive to sub up. If nothing else increased crafting speed pays for a membership. Do you know how long it takes just to make a Dune Buggy? *shudders*

Though the free to play players won’t receive the same benefits the subbed members will, the current plan is that they won’t actually be at a loss. Well that is as long as they make some friends. That’s where the auras come into play. If an F2P player has a subbed friend with auras that boost XP or whatever the auras may end up doing, the F2P player benefits from the subbed player’s generosity.

While on face value it seems kind of strange, let’s do a tear down on this one. Lots of us have friends that skip around from game to game. I used to until I got sucked into Fallen Earth. Most of my friends still do. Thing is though they may want to come and hang out in Fallen Earth once in a while or even see an in game live event or something. Well as an F2P player they’d be able to do that without having to sub for Fallen Earth. Then if they want to play a little I could run with them to give them an XP boost.

Let’s also consider the spamtastic gold farmers who’d probably love to abuse the hell out of an F2P toon and ruin the in game economy. Hey I know the in game economy is already wacky, but throw these guys in and it’d never stabilize. To me it looks like the receive only aspect to mail and decreased ability to craft really seems more like a method of slowing down chip farmers. Then again I could just be huffing something.

Although seeing F2P player limitations on Fallen Earth Global Chat (aka Barrens Chat) speaks volumes.

The decreased crafting hours for F2P players does seem like a hamstring to crafting. By the way, crafting is one of the coolest parts of Fallen Earth. Keep in mind though, if a person really gets into crafting, they’re probably going to want to sub up just to get that crafting bonus. Personally I see this as a boon to full crafters in that they’ll be able to make and supply folks who either won’t have the time or the desire to craft. To me that’s a bit of a win.

Like I said right now all of this is still in the planning stages so everything I’ve said here is subject to change. From what I can see it looks ok. Then again I’ve been subbed to the game for months now and don’t plan on changing that any time soon so for me bonus XP, faster Crafting and faster Scavenging sound freaking awesome. We’ll all just have to keep an eye on the Fallen Earth Dev Blog to see how things shape up.

Until next time I’ll be grinding faction in the wastes. Hit me up at the Enforcer vets if you want to say hi, well unless you’re an Enforcer, that could get awkward. Funny, but awkward.

PAX 2011 – Chatting Up Fallen Earth with the GamersFirst Crew

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I was lucky enough to get to spend 2 out of 3 days at PAX Prime this year. I had a blast.

Friday I even wore my very limited edition Fallen Earth t-shirt.

No you can’t have it.

Best part is that I got to meet Joe and Darek who let me chat up Fallen Earth. I did say that I’m not worried about Fallen Earth going free to play, which I’m not. If the servers stay live I’m happy. I did ask about how F2P might effect PvP in FE. The guys assured me that the auras and item store inventory will not give an unfair advantage in PvP. The auras and item store inventory will be helpful for leveling and in PVE.

All good things to hear.

I was bummed not to see a Fallen Earth presence at PAX this year. Ok well aside from me, but I love the game. I am glad the guys were there promoting APB. There’s a game that needs some love. It’s come a long way and should only get better.

This does make me feel like Fallen Earth is in good hands. These guys love FE too.

Oh and I’ve attached some random pics from my time at PAX.

I wish you all could have been there too, and if you were I hope you had a blast!









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Fallen Earth: A Little PvP Vid by Misbee

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Here’s a little PvP video with the Saints and KAOS vs Heretic and a few other clans. This battle took place after a long night of fighting these guys and after I was kinda cloner camped a little. Then again I knew once I had the KAOS clan tag it was coming. Safe to say this win was pretty epic for me.

*Warning* there is some naughty language, so NSFW etc.

I’m learning a lot about PvP from these guys. No matter what folks say about the Saints and KAOS these are really fun guys to hang out with. And yes they’re even trying to teach me how to teabag. I’m still working on that hahaha.

Fallen Earth: Alpha County

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Per request I’m posting some screenies of Alpha County. The wall of text includes some survival hints I’ve discovered and received while out and about in AC.

First of a wee bit of lore, promise, just a bit. The thing about AC is that it is a total wasteland. If you remember your Fallen Earth history, pretty much the whole planet is a wasteland aside from small pockets of civilization thriving within low radiation zones.

Alpha County had been a full radiation zone until fairly recently. Of course now that the radiation is at safe levels it’s ok to send in the tourists err I mean us clones. Then again clones are always going where we aren’t supposed to go but that’s a side note.

Safe to say the landscape is permanently altered. That and after years of barely surviving the radiation the plants and animals are heavily mutated and some of them are downright cranky.

That’s part of what makes AC look so wild. Totally wild enough to be worth checking out even if it’s a bit of a ride.

So how do you get to AC? Well the great wall that blocks AC from the rest of the canyon is found at the tail end of Terminal woods. You can get there by driving from Tanner’s field and on south. You follow the road as it goes past the Shiva’s, winds around the evil bunnies, past the horrible uneven bit of road and boom before you know it you can see the wall. Once there you’ll see a garage and a cloner. Park your mount and hit the cloner. You’ll be able to teleport right into Alpha County.

Now here’s a little on what to expect while IN AC.

Road Out of Order

Travel in AC is a pain. The map is heavily textured with canyons, crags, hills, mountains, pipes, fractured roadways, and these bastard lions with a killer stun. I hate the lions. I hate them so much.

First off, unless you want to stick to the roads leave your Interceptor in Deadfall. If you thought using an Interceptor in Deadfall was nuts, in AC they’re pretty much useless off the roads. This is where either a Dune Buggy or a Blight Wolf will be your best option.

The Blight Wolf by the way has been called a fuzzy Jeep, and yeah that totally fits the bill. The Blight Wolf is able to run up some crazy inclines AND it can jump over the craggy terrain these two features make it bar none the best mount for AC.

The Blight Wolf is a Deadfall faction mount by the way. You pick up this mount after completing a quest chain, grinding some rep, and then completing another quest chain for the Shiva’s Favored in Deadfall. The work for that is a quest chain is a post of it’s own that I’ll have to write that up later. While a bit of a pain and requiring a boat load of medium rifle ammo, it’s TOTALLY worth the time and effort for a mount that can pretty much go anywhere.

I still manage to get it stuck sometimes. Ask Chunga (Game Masters). But I’m talented.

Now that you have your mount of choice here’s the next travel hazard in AC, lions. These bastards throw a wicked stun that throws you out of your mount and hits you so hard that your weapons won’t equip. I kid you not.

Here’s how you get around that. First off go into your actions and in the “General” section pull “Mount” and put it on your action bar. Now when one of those lions hit you with the stun, click or hot key that ability then mow that bastard down.

Finally, and this is probably one of the biggest rules in AC, bring a friend. A lot if the AC content is rough and pretty much designed to be team oriented. I’m sure you can solo some of it if you want to, but hey if you can rope someone else into helping out why not right?

Shackleton (just behind the wall)

Hopefully some of these tips will help make your introduction to AC a bit easier. The content is another story entirety. That however I’ll leave to you, no spoilers here!

Chances are my time in AC will be spent grinding faction or having some fun in Blockade. So till next time I’ll be battling in the wastelands.

Geistig (KAOS) – CHOTA

Fallen Earth: Living it up post 1.9.2

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Life is PvP
My little Geistig is growing up… again.
I had been out of games for about a month on personal matters, but now I’m back. Patch 1.9 meant Alpha County finally dropped.

With Alpha County we have 5 more levels, a whole new zone, new faction areas and a new faction tier and gear, oh AND we have cars with guns. Yes that’s right the Security Model Interceptor has also been released.

I LOVE Alpha County. Yes a lot of people don’t like it. I can see why, I mean it looks like Tim Burton does Sci-Fi. But since I love Burton stuff and I love Sci-Fi, it’s all win for me. There’s not much in the way of chips to be made from the missions, but the missions in Alpha County are designed to be group based content. Sadly no soloing it out in Alpha County, but hey if you’ve got some good friends it’s no biggie.

Just avoid the Lions. Those things suck.

1.9 also meant that they finally dropped the changes to the combat system. Fortunately I missed a lot of the combat change QQ and other issues that happened just after patch 1.9 dropped so I won’t go into that. All I do know from the folks I play with is that I’m lucky I got back when I did. Before patch 1.9.2 the new combat system was “not as much fun” to put it mildly.

Patch 1.9.2 over all, lowered health, nerfed my beloved Kinetic Hammers, and gave us a butt load of Fast Travel points.

I’ll miss my hammers, but I’ll take the Fast Travel points.

Sadly though unlocking the Fast Travel points is a real pain in the ass. You see there’s basically an awesome one time event for players where they feed supplies to the life net pods in exchange for them unlocking fast travel to that location. Thing is though it randomly spits out quests to accept alternate items. I agree with the other players that there should just be a list that we can click on to donate what we have. Otherwise you can spend a couple of hours aborting the quests you don’t want while trying to get to the quest you do want so you can actually turn in what you have.

I think myself, Mr Hateful (Outlanders) and Tanner Compton (KAOS) spend what felt like forever trying to turn in common copper to get a lifenet pod unlocked in Alpha County. The good news is though, once it’s done, it’s done.

As for me in the new patch? Well I begged a good friend to get into a clan called KAOS. I’ve had a ton of fun with these guys already. They are closely allied with a clan called the Saints. For the most part these two clans are pretty dominant in Fallen Earth PvP. That’s not the reason I joined KAOS. I asked to join up because I love the folks in KAOS. Not everyone does. Not my problem.

Now here’s another downside to the new patch, melee crafting viability in pvp is pretty nill now. Mostly because there just isn’t enough AP to boost DPS enough on a melee crafter, and heal, and still be able to craft. Melee it’s self has received a bit of a knock in the new combat system, but people who do it well can still be competitive.

In PvE the Melee crafter is still viable so for PvE folks, live it up!

My toon Geistig, was a melee crafter under the old build. In the new system I’ve set up Geisty as a pistoleer. I went with pistols for consistent DPS as recommended by my friend Reaven (Saints). Thanks to some help from my good friend Mr Hateful, I ended up with a pair of Pink Fuzzy Bunny pistols. Yes they are pink, which for me is kind of embarrassing since I’m not a pink kind of gal. I can’t argue with the numbers though at 94.2 DPS, 124 ballistics damage, and a damage output of a minimum of 60 max of over 100 (from each pistol heh). Safe to say I can do some damage with those.

Besides it’s kind of awesome hearing in vent “those things hurt, can you not hit me with those?”.

Right now there is a LOT going on in Fallen Earth and one post really isn’t going to cut it. There’s new faction gear. There are progress towns (which by the way are VERY neat). There’s a whole new map which includes and new PvP zone.

For me the game has come alive due to clan I’m in. Being in a good clan or guild in any MMO makes or breaks the game.

What really MAKES Fallen Earth, hands down, are the players. Left to it’s self Fallen Earth is a unique and fascinating game. But what really draws you in and keeps you hooked are the people you find while getting lost in the wasteland.

I have a lot more I want to write up and I plan to do that in the future. Until next time I’m going to be battling it out in the wastelands.

One Blogger Back in the Fray

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Since I follow bloggers as much as I follow games I wanted to give a quick welcome back to I’m Talkin’ Games. Here’s a quick linky for everyone to check it out.

ITG: I’m Talkin’ Games.

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Rift Trial Night 1: Cleric PvP

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Last night I ran around the same battle ground in Rift healing and laying the smack down. Was I invincible? No. Did I get pwned? Oh yeah quite frequently. Did I have fun? You bet your sweet keister I did!

Skeleton Jack picked up Rift and is giving it a shot. He knows I’m in the dumps lately over some IRL issues and figured I could use some cheering up via pounding the crap out of NPC’s and players alike. SJ sent me a friend invite for Rift and said he’d hang with me a bit here and there if I decided to give it a shot.

I was feeling cranky as hell. I played a wee bit of Rift during beta and it really didn’t grab my attention. But I figured I’d give SJ the benefit of the doubt. I downloaded the game, installed it and created Geistig the Defiant cleric on Keenblade.

Most of the game is pretty much just what I remember from my short stint in beta. Which was pleasant, but not really enough to grab my attention. There have been some changes though. I really like the fact that now with a few coins you can pick up all of the souls. In beta you had to do a quest or something which pretty much totally turned me off to the whole idea.

Opening up the ability to change souls was a REALLY wise move. Maybe not from a quest/lore position, but from a user standpoint it was a wise move.

Swapping out your role via the soul system is a BIG part what makes Rift unique. Making players jump through hoops before they get a chance to partake in that mind blowing MMO experience doesn’t help the game stand out.

Granted I had Skeleton Jack there walking me through stuff over vent which helped immensely. Otherwise I probably would have been looking for the quest givers to pick up the rest of my souls like the noob I am.

As soon as we hit 10 Skeleton Jack queues us up for a battleground. Next thing I know I’m thrown into Rift PvP. Yeah I had NO IDEA what was going on, but I had a great time.

Hey at least in Rift there’s no risk of friendly fire.

After the first few rounds Skeleton Jack asked me what I really want to do with my build. Of course my gut reaction in any given situation is to heal. I’m an instinctual healer, it’s just what I do.

So I picked up a second role, I picked up the Warden soul and I set up a Sentinel, Purifier, Warden build. Yeah it’s not much in the DPS department but it does turn me into a full healbot.

In the next few runs I would just find whoever on our team had the flag or fang or whatever, and I’d just keep healing them. I’d also rotate out a knockback I have to get people off of that person as well.

Safe to say it was a lot of fun and I ended up with so many PvP points that I blew out the trial account limits. That made me kind of sad. I did end up with enough points to pick up some blue PvP gear (boots and gauntlets). For one night’s worth of work that’s not too shabby. All I had to do was run around healing people and occasionally blasting someone that finally figured out I was a squishy target.

After years of playing MMO’s, questing really, REALLY gets on my nerves. I’d rather tell the troll to take the bone out of his nose and go kill the 10 rats himself than have to do another effing mission. I know that’s the fastest way to level in MMO’s but it really gets old after a while.

I like that Rift helps break up the questing monotony. You have the rifts themselves that spew out baddies to run after and you can hit up some PvP battle grounds. Now that I’m actually a fan of PvP it’s a very welcome option.

Fallen Earth really got me into PvP, but Rift makes PvP a bit more fun really.

If I want to be a healer, I can do that. If I want to swap out for DPS, I can do that. If I want to be more tank like, I can do that. I’m not bound to any one role in gameplay. I really, really like that.

That was why I loved the Shaman and Paladin classes in WoW, they had that kind of versatility. That’s why I really liked my build in Fallen Earth, I had that kind of versatility. That is of course why I’m a little leery about getting back into Fallen Earth PvP under the new system, but I really can’t knock it until I try it.

For now though I think I’ll give Rift one more night, maybe two. I want to see if it grabs me or if it was just really fun getting a chance to play with a friend.

Fallen Earth – Patch 1.9.2 Note Posted on the Dev Blog

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So Wednesday morning (aka tomorrow) patch 1.9.2 will be delivered as part of the Fallen Earth scheduled maintenance.

The big news here is that there will be more fast travel options. Some places in sector two will even be available for fast travel at level 1 for player sponsored events.

Aside from that there aren’t many mind blowing changes other than the fact that my Kinetic Hammers will be normalized. I’m cool with that though, it was only a matter of time.

Check out the full patch notes for yourself here.

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Rift Trial – Giving Rift a Second Shot

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As I’m typing this I’ve got the Rift patcher downloading away in the background. I was chatting it up with an old blogging buddy of mine Skeleton Jack and well I’m not sure how much longer Fallen Earth is going to keep my attention.

Trust me it’s not the game. The game is just fine. It’s the fact that the people I played with when last I logged in have kind of scattered to the winds. I guess it’s kind of flippant of me to not want to go out and make new friends, and chances are I may want to log back into Fallen Earth to do just that later.

For now though I really just want to log into a game and melt some faces. While yes in real life I play a mild mannered geek, online I really, really enjoy combat. Hey what I can’t do in real life I get to enjoy online. I get to enjoy going to beautiful places, meeting new and interesting people, and then killing them one by one in a bloody rampage.

Right now I can really use some good supportive friends as well as a chance to really blow off some steam. I’m hoping that spending a few days in Rift will give me the chance to do that.

Hopefully here soon I’ll be rolling a cleric, joining the Defiant side, and then setting off to create a little bit of mayhem. Like I said… hopefully.

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