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So while I’ve been semi AFK helping the Mom unit move I’ve been meaning to add some links to a couple of new blogs in town.

The folks of Multiplaying have started up a Star Wars the Old Republic blogcast called Old Republicast. They’re a fun crew so it’s totally worth checking out.

Oh yeah Scarybooster has started up a new bloggy blog Scary Worlds. If you have an interest in Star Wars the Old Republic, you’ll want to hit that up too. Scary also intends to use Scary Worlds to blog about “PrimeBFD, Guild Wars 2, eccentric storytime, and any MMOs that catch my eyes” so it should be a fun read.

And now that I’ve pre-ordered Star Wars the Old Republic I’ll be playing as well and waiting for the release to boot.

Let’s just hope I can get some more blogging in before PAX this year.

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Posted July 29, 2011 by Geistig in category "Star Wars the Old Republic

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  1. By Scarybooster on

    Annnd I blog about PrimeBFD, Guild Wars 2, eccentric storytime, and any MMOs that catch my eyes. I’m sure The Secret World will get some love in the future

    1. By Creep (Post author) on

      I’ve got to help you spread the PrimeBFD love. Can’t go wrong with jetpacks.

      I’ll update the post as soon as I get to my lappy.

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