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So while I’ve been semi AFK helping the Mom unit move I’ve been meaning to add some links to a couple of new blogs in town.

The folks of Multiplaying have started up a Star Wars the Old Republic blogcast called Old Republicast. They’re a fun crew so it’s totally worth checking out.

Oh yeah Scarybooster has started up a new bloggy blog Scary Worlds. If you have an interest in Star Wars the Old Republic, you’ll want to hit that up too. Scary also intends to use Scary Worlds to blog about “PrimeBFD, Guild Wars 2, eccentric storytime, and any MMOs that catch my eyes” so it should be a fun read.

And now that I’ve pre-ordered Star Wars the Old Republic I’ll be playing as well and waiting for the release to boot.

Let’s just hope I can get some more blogging in before PAX this year.

Fallen Earth Subscriber Rewards

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I’ve checked out the subscriber rewards listed on the Fallen Earth dev blog. Not bad, but for the most part they left me with Rancid’s “Time Bomb” stuck in my head.

Would clothes and pets keep you subbed up to a game?

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Has Fallen Earth Lost It’s Soul

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It looks like a bunch of FE players are less than stoked about the combat changes in patch 1.9.

The changes to the combat do require more AP focus and role specialization than we saw in any of the previous patches.

These changes standardize FE by bringing it more in tune with what’s commonly found in the KNOW market. They bring the MMO trinity of tank, heals, and DPS into FE where really it hadn’t been a necessity before 1.9.

Many folks argue that the old system turned savvy players into PvP gods. Those kinda guy are always a pain to go up against as a PvP’r.

Thing is though, the flexibility of the 1.8 system allowed for more flexibility in builds and hence in playstle. It removed the need for the standard WoW style cookie cutter builds and gave the player the ability to adapt their playstyle to a given situation as opposed to being forced to swap out players to do the same thing.

To me this does kill what I loved most about FE. I loved the fact that I could build a character that was not forced to group for situations, but could be viable in a group if I chose to be in one.

It was the soloist/survivalist feel to FE that made it unique. That step away from the standard MMO trinity in builds made the FE marketing statement “not your daddy’s MMO”.

FE is still very unique and still has quite a learning curve to it. It still has a fabulous crafting system that allows you to max everything. You can still craft most mounts in the game. And it still has full world PvP (which is optional not forced).

There’s still a lot to love about FE. But perhaps with the latest combat changes, a little bit of FE’s quirky charm was lost.

The question is, with FE going free to play, will the rest of the quirky charm be stripped away to maximize profits? I’m hoping that a balance is found that makes FE easier for new players to adopt that still retains the unique elements of FE that make it the kind of game that the non-traditional MMO player can still dig into.

Star Wars the Old Republic – To Pre Order or Not to Pre Order

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I’m seriously debating this. I still intend to play Fallen Earth and my future is a little undecided. I know that I’ll want to try out Star Wars the Old Republic once it’s released but just not sure if I want to invest in the Pre Release at this time.

So, I’m taking a poll from the web, leave a comment convincing me one way or the other… Do I go for a pre-order or wait it out?

Otherspace: Down to Earth

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So Scary tweeted and G+ this the other day. When I read up on it I figured that I wanted to be involved. Since getting into the RP thing I’m starting to get into the writing side of MMORPG’s and the stories that are involved.

If you’re a fan of stories and have a buck or maybe two burning a hole in your pocket (well unless you’ve pre-ordered SWToR CE) take a peek at this and help them meet thier $1,000 goal. They’re real close and they only have a few more days.

Otherspace: Down to Earth Kickstart Page.


Thoughts on Hardware

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Well I’ve been without a gaming rig for 4 weeks now. Wow it was a lot longer than I thought, no wonder I’m having withdrawals.

Due to some IRL things I’ve had to toss my gaming rig in storage and run across the country.

Sadly I don’t really have time for games right now, hell I don’t really have time to blog.

I do however just want to start logging just what I want in a new machine. Mostly so that when I go to actually buy one I’ll get what I want.

For years I’ve been using a desktop gaming rig. Lately though I’m seriously considering swapping out for a notebook. I don’t do that much traveling, but I do really want to have a more portable gaming rig. Having to be stuck to the wall to play games just isn’t working for me anymore. That and I’ve noticed that not having one machine to use is driving me nuts.

The manufacturers I’m looking at for now are:

I considered Asus and a few others, but the form factors were just too large. I’m not a big person so something that’s 16 inches is just too big for me to haul around.

From the builds I’ve looked at so far I’m going to want to budget around 2 to 3 grand for the machine. Kind of painful, but for once I want a machine that’ll do what I need it to do instead of just limping a machine along by parting it out here and there.