Fallen Earth – A Battle in New Flagstaff

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Calm Before the Storm

Well tonight my clan ended up in a PvP battle in New Flagstaff.

The battle started out with my clan getting our butt kicked pretty hard. I won’t even deny it. My clan doesn’t have many active level 50’s. Most of us are also crafters so it’s not like we’re min/maxed for hard core pvp.

As melee I was getting shot to bits before I even had a chance to get close enough to deal some damage. I did get in some pretty ninja like moments where I got up behind folks, but hey as a melee vs ranged, it was the best I could do. Especially when the person I’m going for is more than 10 levels bigger than I am. Honestly I’m surprised I managed to land hits at all.

Eventually some folks from my last clan Tribal Blood appeared on the scene. Great bunch of folks by the way, but all CHOTA clan. They joined in to help even out the teams for us a little bit. But we were still pretty heavy on melee and short on range, where they were quite the opposite. That and at one point it seemed like Enforcers were coming out of the wood work. Light Bearers and Techs were also showing up to participate.

It was Invicta’s Rally night, so there were already a bunch of people in the area. Usually the Enforcers try to start some kind of RP event on Invicta nights. Thing is that this time, we started a small war.

Eventually word made it’s way into CHOTA and Traveler faction chat. Folks were coming in from all over the place. Eventually it was kind of unfair in that the folks that were coming in were level 50 hard core PvP’rs. It was however cool to be running around New Flagstaff with some of the big names in Fallen Earth RP. Even if it was just for one night and all I did was throw a res or two until getting one shotted.

I actually had a blast and I’m getting into PvP. Now there’s something I NEVER thought I’d say.

Until next time I’ll be getting my ass handed to me in the wastelands.

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Fallen Earth – Bunker Blues and Melee Status

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Chillin' Like Villains

So the last couple of nights have been pretty hectic. On Tuesday night I logged in and started helping out a fellow blogger who is starting out in Fallen Earth again. There were lots of questions but hey, I love this game so I’m willing to answer whatever questions I can.

That night however, I pulled a rookie move and ended up logging into Beau’s tavern. If you have any plans to do anything other than RP for a night, never log out in Beau’s tavern. Just a heads up.

I did log into the start of an Invicta ride. I’d heard of them, but as a solo Lightbearer I hadn’t been cool enough to attend. Now as a Traveler and as a Dreadnok I can ride along with the cool kids.

I hopped on my bike and followed them out to a convenient spot in S2. Kinda scenic and real nice since it meant getting out of New Flag for a bit. Nothing super exciting happened, but we did end up having 3 Dreadnoks present at one point. That of course was pretty cool in and of it’s self.

I had to duck out early though. Using fast travel I made a quick dash down to watchtower to help out the fellow blogger with the group quests in that damn mine. I hate that doctor guy¬† so any chance I can get to run in and take him out I’m so down with. It was actually pretty fun and totally worth the trip.

One of my clan mates joined me in S1 just as I finished up helping out in the Mine. We decided to try getting the “Crimson Mask” for Geistig. It drops off a Serendipity Mob named “Night Wolf Slaughterdog” out at Reyes Mine. It wasn’t long before I was sporting my new ninja mask.

And yes now I’m the clan ninja. I guess all of my practice as a Rogue is paying off.

On Wednesday I hit up Rowdy’s Bunker bar of Blues. It’s a weekly event at the pond bunker bar in New Flagstaff. Sadly it’s the one night the New Flagstaff Enforcers take the night off to chill. That meant no action for me.

Tonight though is the Invicta Bike Rally. Since this is the night that all the rowdy folks show up there’s usually a pretty strong Enforcer presence. Chances are good that some good times will be had in New Flag this evening.

I however need to get some work done. I’ve been sitting on level 33 for days now and it’s driving me buggy nuts. Last night however I did duck out of the bunker bar a little early so that I could scavenge some scrap steel, update my melee skills, and head out to S3 for some more Lightbearer grinding. I’m just under 22K away from Racketeer and I really, REALLY want to hit that once I hit 35 so I can pick up a new shiny faction armor set to go along with the title.

So the question is do I head back to S2 for the Invicta shindig in the hopes that there will be some PvP action, or do I keep plugging away in S3 and work on hitting at least 35? Since I’m going to try logging in a little early, I’ll probably grind for faction and see how far I get before the rally starts.

Really all of this has me feeling like a chicken running ’round headless. Chances are I’m on the quick road to burn out if I don’t figure out how to balance leveling and being at the right place at the right time. I always like to say, hey there will be stuff to do once I hit 50, but let’s face it, if people don’t participate, the scene dies. If that happens there’d be nothing for me to do at 50. So I guess balancing as best I can is really all I can do for now.

I guess I just really need to complete the S2 Fast Travel missions. I’m pretty sure other clan mates are about ready to tackle that one too. Sounds like it’s time to plan a clan event.

Until next time I’ll be Travelin’ around in the wastes.

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Fallen Earth – Just a Chill Night

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In game I had a pretty chill night. No leveling and no Deathtoll. I pretty much just ran around with clan members and had a good time.

Unfortunately my blog blew up and I’m sorry to folks who posted comments while I was passed out. Hey it’s a one woman show and I’ve got to sleep sometime.

Interesting events though are unfolding in New Flagstaff. Ok well in the RP community. I know if you’re into PvP or PVE just go ahead and skip the rest of the post.

Some Techs have opened up a new hospital in S3 which is pretty fancy. Though of course the joke now is whether babies check in and out (due to the joke about Techs eating babies).

It also looks like some kind of sickness is infecting clones in New Flagstaff and the Badgers may be infected. And I don’t just mean with aggression for a change *winks*. Which is annoying because that means they’re not itching for a fight. I was so looking forward to getting into a skirmish, but nope….

Ah oh well. At least the story is good. For imaginative people like me a good story is worth putting fighting aside for a little while.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out. Along with a few other interesting events that are going on at the same time.

I do however want to get my butt back to S3 and get a few more levels put on. I also need some new blades. I’m not sure if I want to try boosting my crafting to make them myself or if I should just beg a clan crafter to make some for me.

Until next time I’m gonna go and get lost in the wastelands.

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Fallen Earth – Made Level 33 and Outlaw

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Wanted Dread or Alive

So over the weekend I went from level 29 to level 33. I actually spent most of the weekend grinding Lightbearers in Sector 3. At least I’m almost up to the 4th tier in Traveler rep.

The best part is I’m still getting XP while grinding for rep instead of waiting to 50. I also plan to get that next tier by level 35 so I can pick up and use the Traveler faction gear for a little while.

Not too sure whether I’ll get there or not, but it’s a worthwhile goal. Namely in that I want to pick up the next tier of Traveler faction armor at 35 since I’ll probably wear thin what I have now. Sadly since I’m melee I’m going to have to bribe our clan’s crafters to help me with weapons upgrades. I’m also pretty sure that those weapons upgrades would come in real handy considering the turn of events in “New Flag” (New Flagstaff) over the weekend.

After Saturday’s little “altercation” in New Flag it looks like the Dreadnoks are on a hit list with the Fall of the Legends. Goody goody. Yesterday we were hassled in Sector 1 at the Rack and Sector 2 in New Flagstaff. Looks like the Dreadnoks are quietly listed as a public enemy in New Flag, though The Fall hasn’t openly posted it as such.

On a side note it was really tough to control myself yesterday when people were trying really hard to goad me into a fight. Don’t get me wrong I’m really getting into wanting to get into PvP. The thing is that I’m trying to level like crazy and not all of the folks participating in the RP are at my XP level. Honestly though I don’t want to have to fight people that are ten levels lower than myself even for RP reasons. That’s just a cheap kill.

I’ll probably have to work something out since I intend on getting Geistig to the level cap and not all role players worry about leveling up. Can’t say I blame them, you don’t really have to be at the level cap to participate in RP. Only thing is that wouldn’t really make for a fair fight. Granted I’m “one of the bad guys” and work with a band of professional killers. I probably should have to worry too much about fighting fair, but I want to be reasonable just to keep things fun as opposed to creating an e-peen war.

After all getting hassled by Enforcers in New Flagstaff is all in fun anyways. I’m just still trying to work out if I want to go full bore outlaw or if I want to just be on a watch list. While it wouldn’t be good business to get on the bad side of the Enforcers “keeping the peace” in New Flagstaff, it would be a hell of a lot of fun.

Who’d have thought I’d start getting into Pvp? Again this isn’t the real PvP that the pros are into, this is basically just playing grab ass in New Flagstaff. I think I’ll enjoy it while it’s still fun. Not sure if I’ll manage to get brave enough to try min/maxing for PvP or not. I’d have to get some pretty serious tutelage before even trying.

Until next time, I’m gonna go blow stuff up in the wasteland.

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Fallen Earth – PvP and a New Ride

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One Dead Creep

Today I actually engaged in PvP. I don’t think I’ve had my PvP flag up so much the whole time I’ve played Fallen Earth. And man it was a friggin blast.

I somehow got tangled up in an RP-PvP scenario. A friend of mine sent me a tell saying he could use some help and the next thing I know I’m up against a team of Enforcers. There were 5 of us and I think 4 maybe 5 of them. Their side had two level 50 toons, our side had one level 50, one 46ish, the rest were 30 to 26 or so.

I just managed to hit level 31 when this barrage came down. As crazy as it seems I actually got to land a few good hits but the level 50 pretty much took me out every time. Am I angry about that? Oh hell no. This was probably one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in game so far.

Geistig is NOT a min/max PvP toon. Though her Melee abilities do outshine her crafting and pretty much everything else she does, she’s not set up as a hard core PvP toon. For the most part I’ve shied away from PvP because it usually is not my thing.

Today however I managed to have a blast and didn’t care that I was getting killed left and right. I even managed to rack up some Deathtoll points. Which is pretty wild for me.

Funny how I just posted that I would probably end up getting into PvP situations with my new clan. Of course I no more say that and I end up racing around New Flagstaff with two clan members, a Traveler friend from global chat and a crazy cannibal CHOTA. Good times were to be had by all. Even the Enforcers had a blast.

Thing is this is just play PvP for the most part. The pro PvP guys are the folks that have toons that run faster than cars and probably have the same hit points as an dungeon boss. I’m not looking for that kind of PvP challenge. I just like being a hard hitting Traveler. Though hopefully I’ll end up doing more of the covert stuff rather than running around keeping Enforcers entertained.

Speaking of cars and thanks to my buddy Reaven, I have an Interceptor Speedster now. I put in some extra time tonight just to boost my Dexterity enough to use the key. The plus side is that this’ll make it faster for me to get back to Sector 2 for events there while I’m hanging working on leveling up in Sector 3 and probably Deadfall before too much longer.

I thought my Motorcycle was the coolest thing ever until I took the Interceptor for a ride. This thing is friggin’ awesome! I still have to paint it, but in the meantime it’ll be my baby. I’ve already dubbed it “Geist Ride”.

Geistig and her Interceptor Speedster "Geist Ride"

So tonight I’m sitting at 32. In 18 more levels I’ll hit the level cap. Right now I actually have some really good reasons for working towards the level cap and I’m looking forward to getting there even if the grind my make me a little batty. Fortunately there’s a lot of little things I can do to take a break from the leveling monotony which usually drives me crazy in games.

Well until next time I’m gonna go get lost in the wastes.

Pax Prime Registered

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I’m all happy all over the place. This year I’m registered nice and early for all 3 days of Pax Prime (August 26, 27, and 28) in my home town of Seattle.

Register for yourself over on their website.

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Fallen Earth – Still Loving this Game

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Enjoying the View

As usual I took some time off the blog, I’m just getting really caught up in the game. That and there’s not a lot to post about when you take you’re time leveling.

I did finally complete a Dune Buggy but it sucks gas like nobody’s business and I’m currently working to get into building better buggies. That’s going to require a crap load of research. Bleh.

Besides that I’ve been sidetracked by the Fallen Earth RP community. They’re a fun group and tend to keep the game interesting. Let’s put it this way, it’s a hell of a lot more fun than constantly questing, scavenging, and crafting.

I was persuaded to join the Dreadnoks which meant swapping faction to Traveler from Lightbearer. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be really. I’m also getting into being one of the “bad guys”.

Right now with CD leaving the game that’s going to leave a bit of a vaccume on the “good guy” side. Well really the side of order over the CHOTA/Traveler/Vista side of chaos. That’s mostly going to be a PvP thing, and really CD was an omni clan so they weren’t strictly Enforcer/Lightbearer/Tech.

The Travelers are the wasteland traders. They’re also smugglers and hired guns, or in my case blades. Up to this point I’ve been pretty much defensive only as a melee combat medic. I can see though that as one of the ‘Noks I’m gonna have to step things up and I might even have to get my hands dirty in a little PvP.

That of course has me itching to hit level 50 so I can participate in PvP without being one shotted by the bulk of the game community. At just under level 30 I’m just over 20 levels from 50 (the current level cap). It’ll probably be a pain to grind to 50 and then grind up to get some decent gear, but I’m willing to give it a go.

I don’t think I’ll ever be one of the PvP elite, that’s just not my thing, but it’d be nice to be able to have some power should I want to throw down once in a while.

Mostly it would just be nice to actually be a threat to the Enforcers who want to pull me over for going too fast in New Flagstaff. Come on tell me that wouldn’t be fun?

Until next time I’ll be grinding away in the wastes.

Dreadnoks Hell Hound and Geistig
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Fallen Earth – One Clan Calls it Quits

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Anyone Got a Quarter?

The leadership of the clan Cyber Destruction (aka CD) just posted a press release stating that they’re leaving Fallen Earth.

Some of the accusations seem a bit far fetched and without having seen them first hand I have nothing to say on it. I can say however that any time I have a run in with GM’s they’re personable and patient.

It’s sad to see Fallen Earth lose the subs of those actually leaving the game in this clan pull out. Personally I can’t say I’m to sorry to see CD go and I even have a friend in the clan. They seemed to house a few gankers, which is probably why CD was having issues with other clans and with GM’s.

For the past few weeks I’ve seen players with the CD clan tag drop into RP events looking for anyone flagged for PvP. I can understand that they’re bored and they want to have some fun. Hey if it’s open world PvP then it’s fair game right?

Well yeah they can think that. They are not however, going to make a good name for themselves or their clan when some of these jokers are taking out players that are lower level AND in the same faction. I got to rez a fellow Lightbearer in her 30’s after getting tagged by a level 50 CD player, who was also a Lightbearer.

Last night in fact members of KAOS, Saints, and several other PvP focused clans showed up for an RP event in New Flagstaff. The reason? Well players in these clans were tired of CD players dropping into the bunker bar and trying to hit anyone flagged for PvP. So these PvP focused clans stopped in to “run security.”

I don’t think I’d ever seen that many folks in New Flagstaff at one time especially not all flagged for PvP. It also seemed like most folks were actually enjoying themselves, not the usual e-peen waving that tends to run through region chat when PvP’rs start going at it. I don’t think I saw a single Cyber Destruction member last night, and but that didn’t stop the PvP free for all (and much fun was had by all).

There is a great post in the official Fallen Earth forums that seems to shed some light on the issue from the PvPer perspective. (Note you’ll probably need an active Fallen Earth account to access the thread).

Evidently there was a bit of Cloner Camping going on. In Fallen Earth you don’t go back to your corpse, you are reassembled at a nearby Cloning facility.

There was a glitch allowing people to be attacked while still in the Cloner. This glitch was exploited in PvP situations causing frustration and annoyance to the PvP community.

The claim in the thread is that CD players started the camping and the other clans retaliated. Look that’s the claim, I can’t say for sure I wasn’t there and honestly I couldn’t care less.

I do however love what Nufan of KAOS had to say about CD’s imminent departure.

“Unlike some clans, I only offer guidelines for how a member is supposed to act. I don’t issue orders or declare policies that must be followed. Part of being CHOTA is being free to do what you want. We run KAOS in full CHOTA fashion. If I ever said:

“Okay guys, those guys are cheating and stuff and we are leaving the game forever.”

I would hope that the members of KAOS would respond with:

“See ya dumbass, can we have your stuff?”

All members of KAOS are free to do whatever they see fit, but understand that their actions might reflect on us all.”

Nufan by the way is the writer of Wasteland Diaries over at Massively (one of my favorite game blogs). Also note that KAOS is a single faction clan (CHOTA only).

In the Wastelands, whatever you do reflects just as much on your clan as it does on you.

If you decide to be a jackass, and a few of your mates also decide to be jackasses, word gets around quickly and you’re whole clan is labeled as such. Doesn’t matter if you have Gandhi and Mother Theresa in your clan and you’d still get an endless string of shit.

In that same thread a game developer and a GM posted stating that the Cloner issue had been investigated and resolved. They also stated that anyone who continues to experience the issue needs to file a report. For such an unresponsive team they seemed to get on this pretty quickly.

As such I don’t really see this as a death knell to the game or anything of the like. If some folks don’t want to play, they don’t want to play. It’s sad but these things happen.

I however still enjoy Fallen Earth immensely and love the community. Even the PvP banter is friggin’ hilarious.

Now for the Disclaimer: I steer clear of the Fallen Earth PvP scene, mostly because I just have my own issues with PvP, nothing to do with the issues above or the state of PvP in Fallen Earth.