Fallen Earth – Patch v1.8

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Patch v1.8 did land today. The patch notes aren’t available outside of the subscriber’s only forum yet so I’m not going to post a link up quite yet.

I can say though that there are some pretty win things in this new patch. The biggest changes from a leveling person’s perspective is that Ammo is now lighter to carry and will stack up to 1,000 as opposed to the 500 previously. You can also one crafting of ammo yields 150 bullets instead of 80. That in and of it’s self is pretty kick ass.

Thing is though, if you’re like me and you’re running Melee, you pick up ammo all the time that you can’t use. Guess what, you can’t vendor ammo anymore. So while I can carry a lot more of it than I used to, I also can’t get rid of it.

I can’t see putting it on the auction house because it probably wouldn’t sell for the cost to put it up for auction. This means I’m stuck with crap that I can’t use, great. I guess I’ll just find someone in my clan to feed it to.

Ah there are also finally, Global chat channels. Two of them actually. One is for people from level 1 and up, the other is for folks level 30 and up. Only restriction is that these channels are for subscribers only.

Trust me, they’ll troll it enough. Hopefully the list of folks I can put on my ignore list isn’t limited.

The upside though is that it does make the wasteland a little less lonely. Even if you can’t see the people you’re yacking with.

While this does have the penchant for turning into Barrens Chat, it seemed pretty civil this evening. Though like I said, I’m reserving the right to hit ignore on folks that’d make me want to /pvp on their asses. Even if I wouldn’t win, seriously.

There’s a lot more goodness in the patch notes. Once those are available to the masses I’ll post up a link.

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Fallen Earth – St. Patricks Day Wasteland Style

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Leprechan of the Wastelands

Today was St. Patrick’s day and Fallen Earth celebrated it a little here and there. It coincided well with the Invicta Bike rally.

The day started off with the Clan “Saints” dressed all in green. These guys and gals were flagged for world PvP and were willing to take a few hits to give goodies.

Since Geistig was level 22, they were pretty nice to her and only gave her a couple of pot shots before handing over a kick awesome mask.

I also ran around rezzing 50’s who were knocking each other down and just plain having fun. Events like this make PvP actually fun.

This pretty much lead right into the Invicta Bike Rally where DJ Reaper played tunes, people drank much, and danced even more. One Enforcer was having too much fun and ended up crawling to the john. Not quite sure what his deal was. Oh and there were also two syncronized Enforcers having a good time at the back of the bar.

Gettin a groove on

Since the Invicta Bike Rally is mostly a Traveler/CHOTA/Vista thing, you usually don’t see too many Enforcers there. So the fact that these guys braved the party and hung out for a little bit shows they’re either really brave or a couple bricks short of an outhouse.

Then again, let’s face it, you can only kill too many Creepers before the madness sets in.

Until next time I’ll be recovering from my cloudy tequila somewhere in the wastes.

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Fallen Earth Patch v1.8 Live on Thursday

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Only 4 days until patch v1.8 lands? Holy pickled herring Batman! The full patch notes haven’t been released yet. Now that I’m neck deep in Mutations I’m curious as to how all of that is going to change that and how I’m going to allocate my AP once the new skills are added to the game.

Get the details here.

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Fallen Earth – Mutation Madness

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"Well if you aren't the damnedest thing"

OK so I finally made it up to garnering some faction friendliness and picked up some mutations. I also ran across some really big annoyances that I’d like to put into text so that I’ll remember how not to fubar things next time I try this.

In the current incarnation of Fallen Earth you can actually buy the initial knowledge for any mutation from a Mutagenics trainer.

That part is kinda cool. The kinda uncool part is that just opens up the mutation for you. It would be like getting the ability to use melee but then not getting a weapon. It’s pointless.

Mutations are very much like the other skills, Melee, Pistol, Rifle, etc. You put AP points in the mutations to build them up. If you don’t put the AP points in the mutation skills then you can’t use the abilities associated with that skill.

Once again, the abilities are really the whole point of the mutations.

To pick up the abilities that go with those mutations, you have to hit up the faction that gives you those abilities. That part isn’t so bad. You just make nice with that faction, and they usually give you the base mutation skill and one ability. This saves you some chips since you won’t have to buy the Mutation skill injector from the Mutagenics trainer.

Each faction will have trainers that sell the ability injectors for each Mutation skill. But you’re only going to be able to get the injectors from those trainers if you stay friendly with the faction. If you piss them off then well, you’re not going to be able to get the next tier of injectors from the trainers.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay friendly with a faction to continue using the mutation. So far it also looks like you don’t have to remain friendly with a faction to obtain the next tiers of mutations either. But since you can’t buy the next tier of ability from a trainer, you have to MAKE it via the Mutagenics tradeskill.

I know it just keeps getting more complicated doesn’t it?

The factions also have Mutagenics trainers along with the mutations trainers. The Mutagenics trainers sell a copy of each one of the mutations along with books. The thing is that these books are faction dependent. The Mutagenic trainers for the Lightbearers will only sell mutagenics abilities books for the mutations the Lightbearers specialize in. This goes for the CHOTA and all the rest of the factions.

I found this out the hard way. I decided to swap from Lightbearer to CHOTA. Since my faction was pretty low it really only took me one day’s worth of faction interaction to get from really disliked by the CHOTA to liked by the CHOTA and disliked by the Lightbearers.

Thing is that I didn’t pick up the books to level up the Empathy abilities though Mutagenics. I was kicking myself like crazy.

Fortunately a friend in game got friendly with the Lightbearers and bought the Empathy book for me. I’ve currently got book two in my crafting queue.

In the end I may even end up running as a Vista just so I can work with the one CHOTA and one Lightbearer mutation I want to have as part of my build. Since the Vista are friendly to both, I’d be able to buy the mutations from both.

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Sadly I really, really don’t like the Vista, but if I can get my mutations, I’ll deal.

That is my little mutation run down from the completely noobish point of view.

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FallenEarth Does Mardi Gras

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Walking Parade

The Players of Fallen Earth had their own Mardi Gras celebration this past week. Sadly due to offline conflicts I missed a few of the events.

I did however get to participate in the Parade and the Depot 66 Bunker Bash.

I passed on Topless night in Oilville. I like keeping as much of my armor on my characters as I can.

The Parade was interesting. Folks just walked from Embry Crossroads to Depot 66 where the bunker bash was held. Folks from all different levels participated wearing green and purple dyed gear.

The bunker bash was actually pretty cool. There were several vehicles and lots of armor given away. The DJ also played some authentic Mardi Gras style music along with some Cajun goodness. Invicta radio hosted the tunes.

Hell even a GM stopped by to make an appearance, which was pretty cool.

This was 100% a player coordinated event. There were no holiday based decorations strewn about the towns. There were no holiday based quests or achievements.

Honestly I kind of like it better this way. I’m pretty sure that after an apocalypse people wouldn’t be fussing so much about decorations. But for a brief time, they may put their differences aside so they could get drunk and hopefully see someone half naked.

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Fallen Earth – Finally Factioned

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A little bit of light please?

Though I still have some AP quests in Sector 1, I realized that grinding those out was pretty much sucking the fun out of the game.

That being said I ran up to Haven (the Lightbearer post in Sector 2) and I joined up with the Lightbearers. Now this means that only the hippy vistas and the heavy handed Enforcers will be my only friends. That part kind of sucks.

But hey at least now I have my own light show and I’m kind of digging that.

I had originally planed on going Tech with Geistig to try out the Nano Manipulation mutation. But thing is I kind of like the Lightbearers, even if they really are a bunch of Ninjas. They also have a couple of nifty mutations.

Mutations aren’t really faction specific in the current state of the game. Technically I could have garnered faction with anybody and picked up these mutations later on. Thing is though I like the way the Lightbearers handle things. That and their super secret assassins thing is just kind of neato.

So far I’ve completed two quest lines for the Lightbearers and I’ve already picked up the Empathic mutation that I had my heart set on. Now I’m looking at Telekenetics. While both of these will see changes once patch 1.8 finally lands, I’m not too worried about it.

Since it’s so new to me chances are I won’t notice much difference.

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Fallen Earth – Activitites and Leveling

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No gamers party quite like Fallen Earth gamers.

Tonight I visited the Invicta Bike Rally held in New Flagstaff (Fallen Earth) each Thursday.

I wasn’t really going to visit this week, but I met up with some folks outside Oilville and decided to take the treck. Sadly my computer froze before I could ride up with that group and I showed up later.

Yeah AVG decided to lock up my system whenever I started up Fallen Earth. Bye bye AVG.

I have never seen so many folks in a mosh pit, in game, ever, that was nuts. Pretty friggin’ cool but nuts. See thing is folks set up streaming music so a DJ is actually performing live. So really the only thing that isn’t live is me drinking the gin I was handed after walking in the door. Sadly can’t say it would have been remiss this evening.

After hanging out for a while I started getting the itch to get some game on. I’d logged in with an overwhelming urge to want to kill stuff. So I rode back to Sector 2. I polished off all the quests in the Coppermine area, then ran over to Pass Chris. About halfway through those my buddy showed up to help me cut through the rest of them.

Though I don’t think he’d seen me in “Tex” mode before. Safe to say the word “bloodbath” appeared in text chat. What can I say? I had some fun. OK we wiped out the whole area, but who’s counting, they are NPC’s after all.

By the way when I say “Tex” mode, this is pretty much what I’m talking about:

Sadly one of the quests from Chris Pass sent me all the way back to Coppermine. Bleh. I finished up that quest chain which sent me out to Watertower. Fortunately a few of my other quests had lead me there so poof right where I need to be.

I was sitting at ONE bubble to 19. Well couldn’t leave off like that. I started working out some of the quests there in Watertower just to zap. I can’t really say Ding because in Fallen Earth you don’t Ding you kinda do this zap thing.

I’d run around collecting all of those quests so I’ll start pushing though those tomorrow.

Right now though I’ve got a bike in the queue that I can paint up for the Mardi Gras festivities. They kick of on Saturday with a Crafter’s Market in New Flagstaff. I’m looking forward to checking that out.

Well until next time I’m going to go get my boogie on in the wasteland!

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The Lament of the Hardcore

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I read this over at Massively today “The Soapbox: Classism and the oxymoron of the casual MMO“.

I’ve always been kind of harsh on the “hardcore” gamers myself. Mostly because it does seem like an elitist way to be and elitism is just not something I hang with. This post however showed another side to the hardcore MMO enthusiasts that really hit home for me.

In my opinion, the real issue here has nothing to do with classism and everything to do with a nerd pastime going mainstream and subsequently being stripped of what made it magical in the first place.

Why did this sentence bring me pause? Well quite simply this is how everyone has felt about anything that has ever gone mainstream. When fringe goes vogue everything about it becomes so generic and watered down. Really things have to be just so that people will like them.

I really see where Jef was going with this. There are a lot of games out there that are pretty two dimensional. Flashy graphics or including all the gotchas doesn’t really make an MMO into something that has depth. It can make it a fun game to play though, and in the end that’s what most people pay for.

What makes an MMO something more than “just a game” involves more than epic raids, balanced PvP or intricate crafting. MMO’s can become a home away from home. They can become a second society (no pun on Second Life there).

To me it seems like there’s two kinds of MMO players. There are people that play MMO’s because they love the multi player aspect and they love being a part of something bigger than a one person gaming experience. Then of course there’s folks that maintain a single person view throughout the whole game and are really only interested in what they can get out of the game, not what they can become part of within it.

But hey maybe in time the folks now flooding MMO’s from the traditional single player game formats will come to appreciate what MMO’s can be when viewed from a perspective of “One for all and all for one” as opposed to the perspective of “gimme”.

Just my 2 chips on it, take it or leave it.

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Fallen Earth – Wasteland Crafter’s Market

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Just as a quick addition to the Mardi Gras events in Fallen Earth this week, there’s a Crafter’s Market set this Saturday (March 5) at 5pm EST in New Flagstaff (next to Beauville’s Tavern). (Link)

For lower level people that want to attend, much like myself *cough cough* there’s an escort due out of Oilville at 4:20pm EST.

This event is sponsored by the Wasteland Crafter’s Co-Op.

At this point I’m planning on attending too. Should be neat.

Keep in mind that the Mardi Gras events start up tonight. I’m hoping to check these out so long as I can get my butt up to Flag Staff.

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Fallen Earth – State of Whatever

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Yes, nuts.

I read the March State of Game posting on the Fallen Earth forums this morning. Honestly I’m still trying to piece together what I read.

So far I’m not really getting much out of it.

It looks like they’ll be dropping new content in mid March. However the changes to combat are on a “parallel development cycle” they were not explicitly promised for release along with the new content. Personally I’m cool with the changes either way, but it would be nice to know what’s going to happen and when.

Unfortunately I can’t really even make educated guesses as to what’s going on there. I did hit the PTS and I liked what I saw there, but really I’m too low level to really see the bigger picture when it comes to the full FE combat experience. Without mutations I’m really only seeing about half or maybe 2/3rds of the action.

They did answer some community concearns and questions.

Housing – They’re taking this one to the drawing board but they do want to make this happen. Sweet, this will be awesome and yes making it 100% effective should be key. I really don’t want to see some horrid Sims rendition of a house with a white picket fence sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the wastelands.

Blood Sports – they’re working on it. Personally I haven’t tried blood sports which sounds like WoW battlegrounds anyway and I really couldn’t care less. However there are some issues with it and they’re working on it, sweet.

What about raid content?

What the FUCK? Who said anything about RAID CONTENT? By god the WoWtards are trying to turn the grand canyon into Azeroth.

Now I can assume that an interview with the average WoWtard in Fallen Earth would go something like this:

Do you really think that raids are necessary in Fallen Earth?

“We need something to do when we hit the level cap!”

Have you tried to PvP?

“Yeah but the PvP sucks there’s not enough people.”

Yeah ok, have you tried crafting?

“Crafting is boring it takes too long, just wanna bash stuff.”

So why the hell are you playing a game focused on crafting and PvP if you don’t want to do either one?

“Wanna duel?”


And that would be the end of the interview.

Ok now I can see some need for end game raids in Fallen Earth. Knowing these guys the raids would probably have loot tables full of crafting mats, vendor junk, or recipes. I’m cool with that. Even the State of Game said that they weren’t going to add a gear grind to the raid content. It also says that the raid would be part of the overall story line for Alpha County (sector 4 deal, not due out for a while).

I know I should just grin and bear it. After all it will make the players happy to have this content. Though I’m sure a lot of them will just do it and then be disappointed when their leet helm doesn’t drop, but that’s just me being cynical. Hell I don’t know, maybe once I get to level 55 I’ll want something to do too.

For now though I’ll just work my way to level 50 (if I get that far) and just forget about it until I have to deal with it.

Safe to day I’m not sure what to think of the State of Game address, but hey, I’m just out wandering in the wasteland. While it does give me something to blog about, none of these things are game changers for me and I’m still looking forward to logging in tonight and bashing some heads in.

Well later party peoples.

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