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Over the weekend I ended up getting totally absorbed in the Rift beta. By the time I logged off last night (way too late by the way) I couldn’t believe how much I was actually enjoying playing the game.

Oh and I was actually enjoying playing a HEALING class! To me that’s pretty much unheard of in games.

Usually healing classes die faster than a bug on a windshield and do roughly the same amount of damage.

Not so in Rift. Here the Clerics get to wear chain, swing a mighty hammer and get to act more like a tank than a heal-bot, depending on your Soul combo. I was actually enjoying going from solo play to group play on a whim and I never felt like I had to worry about how my character would perform.

In solo situations I just ground out mobs and usually ended up taking on a group of mobs at any one time. In group situations I threw heals when necessary, but otherwise I tried to do what damage I could or just let stuff hit me while everyone else pounded on the rift creatures.

Sadly I couldn’t do a lot of damage, but my Cleric combination mostly just wears down mobs by outlasting them in a fight. Not the quickest way to kill things, but it lets me solo situations where I have several mobs on me at once. Usually as a healer type as soon as I saw more than one mob coming for me I prepared to kiss my butt good-by.

I am totally a Rift junkie. Not just the game I mean the rifts and other spontaneous activities that pop up as you play. The Rifts really take the grind off of the leveling. It also gives you an opportunity to improve your stats. That of course is pretty much an entire post in and of it’s self.

There’s a lot more to rift that I haven’t seen yet and I’m looking forward to the next beta stage on the 15th. I want to pre-order, but before I spend a wad of cash I want to make sure that it’s something I really enjoy. I got totally lost in it over the weekend but I really only saw the lower levels. Though granted, a game that makes the lower levels fun and interesting to play shows some definite promise for the rest of the game.

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  1. By Wasdstomp on

    Well it sounds like OB now for six days before HS. You could really grind out the levels, or just wait another week when it counts. If you are liking Rift I would do it now where you can get the lifetime founders pricing of 9.99 a month to play. If you end up playing for a year or two it will save you $120 bucks at least.

  2. By Creep (Post author) on

    I’m planning on leveling up as much as I can in the next OB phase, just so that I get a better idea of what the game is going to be like. The first few levels are almost never like the last few. I figure can sit on the fence about this until I get some more game time in. I doubt they’re going to worry too much about it.

    Though saving cash is always a very, very good thing.

  3. By Scarybooster on

    I’m having great time with RIFT, but I think I will wait till the first wave of people pass me by to buy the game. I want to get a low population feel for the game to see if it can hold up

  4. By Creep (Post author) on

    It’s actually still pretty good. I was playing at like 3am when there were a lot fewer people online. It was kind of frustrating that there were open rifts that couldn’t be closed o-solo-me-o, but the game still had a bite on me.

    But yeah, until after release and everyone is only focused on the end game it’ll be interesting to see what happens. It’d also be interesting to see what happens to the rifts especially in the lower levels when there aren’t a horde of players there to zerge the rift.

    1. By redsolarmoon on

      Supposedly, rifts/invasions scale to the population on the shard/zone. Not sure which one exactly, but I’m assuming zone-based. That might explain why rifts/invasions suddenly vanish at times. Beta 1 was the initial test on rifts and invasions. It showed that people were grinding rifts so fast that there were practically no invasions occurring. I think that might have been the point they either added in population scaling AI and tweaked the rifts/invasions system.

    2. By Creep (Post author) on

      It’s still pretty neat, it’ll be interesting to see whether they consider zone populations into the AI for the rifts or if they’re just a random deal.

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