Fallen Earth – Level 18 and Dune Buggy Blues

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I finally hit level 18 while working on the quests in Coppermine. That puts me 2 levels closer to Sector 2 as well as raises my crafting up enough to work on crafting 75 stuff.

This was super exciting news because it means I can finally start Dune Buggy research. Though to make the Dune Buggy I also need to work on tier 2 research for the vehicle components as well.

*grumbles* *mutters*

At this point I’ve only started working on the materials required to create the Tires research book. That requires 5 tires, and each tire takes a few hours a piece. That’s the first of four books (Control, Engine, Frame, Tires).

That’s all before I can even start to craft ONE Dune Buggy.

Safe to say I’m not expecting to get it done this weekend, but I am hoping to have my first Dune Buggy done soon. Then of course I’ll be scavenging like nobody’s business. Since I’ll also be working on some armor upgrades before hitting Sector 2 the Dune Buggy will probably come in handy.

So until next time, you’ll find me twiddling my thumbs in the shop, or helping my new friends start their clan.

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Fallen Earth – Mardi Gras in the Wastes

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A player hosted series of events is scheduled to take place over the course of next week called the “Wasteland Mardi Gras“.

The lovely poster here was made by the folks hosting the event. I’m just sharing it here.

In Fallen Earth the players really shine. This is one of the few games where the players advertise in game events.

The events I’ve been to so far have been pretty interesting and this list of events will probably be pretty nuts.

There’s a Bike Rally, a Parade, and topless night? Not quite sure how that one’s going to pan out, but being the intrepid wasteland reporter that I’m turning into… I might as well show up and record the events as others bare all, or at least as much as the game designers will let them.

For which we’re pretty thankful. For the most part.

Here’s the list of events:

Wednesday March 9th – 9pm EST, New Flagstaff cooking facility – Lyssa’s Coffee Hut

Thursday March 10th – 9pm EST, New Flagstaff Beauville’s Tavern – Invicta Bike Rally

Sunday 13th March 2pm EST, Embry Main Street – Mardi Gras Parade

Sunday 13th March 3pm EST, Depot 66 bunker bar -Mardi Gras Bunker Bash

Sunday 13th March 8pm EST, Oilville Triage and Tap – Topless Night at The Rack

I plan on hitting up as many of these as I can. I know I can even hit the first couple in New Flagstaff since I’ve already ridden out to Sector 2. Hope they don’t mind me showing up at the bike rally on the Canyon Bike (aka a Badland Rider). I’m really tempted to pick up the new Flame Rider recently released in the Fallen Earth Item store just for the event. OK that and because flames on a bike is just flipping cool. But not sure if I want to forgo the mileage efficiency of the Badland Rider just for something that looks a little more bad ass, but we’ll see what’s in the budget.

I know I just plugged the store, but hey, I like this game, I want to see it succeed, I don’t mind dropping some hints here and there.

Now, if you’re in Fallen Earth, drop in and say hi!

Now that my reporting is done for the day I’m going to go and get lost in the wasteland. Ciao

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EVE Online – Checking Out the New

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I had received an e-mail from the folks at EVE Online offering 5 days free to step back into EVE. I was almost going to let it lapse but a friend in Fallen Earth mentioned the new character creator tool and it peaked my interest.

Since the last time I’d played EVE some pretty important things had occurred. Lately though CCP is ramping up to let the pilots out of the ships. Now that’s a big deal for EVE folks. The clones have been in the ships since the beginning of the game. I’m pretty sure they’ll be stoked to get a chance to wander around.

I logged into my poorly spelled character Strategiest, and worked through the character creator. It was odd to get to grips with at first, but once I figured out how to get the mouse to drag things around I ended up with something I like ok.

The new character creation screen is pretty promising. That and the screenshots recently released of the upcoming captains quarters has my curiosity piqued.

The thing about EVE is that there’s a lot of downtime in the game, while you’re waiting on skills or things in production, or things in process. Being able to step out of the ship while doing some of the base bound things just sounds neat.

It will definitely bring a new side to EVE.

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Fallen Earth – Working Coppermine

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I’m still getting lost in the wasteland. The last couple of days I’ve been working on Coppermine.

It’s not that there’s a lot of content there to keep me stuck. Currently I’m having a hard time sitting at my computer for extended periods of time. Hopefully that will improve.

Until then I’m just gaming in spurts. It makes me take things pretty slow which is always annoying, but I’ll get to Sector 2. Right now I’m sitting at one bubble from 18 and I’ll probably hit that the next time I log on.

One bug quest in the mine there really boosted me quite a bit. Although I did manage to get myself killed while trying to loot a corpse. *sigh* I was out of bag space just as I was getting attacked by a couple of bugs. Little bastages. I did run back in and complete the quest no problem. I just had to forgo skinning the bugs.

I’m hoping that with this next level or at the very least at level 19, I’ll be up to crafting level 75 items. That will enable me to draw up the research book for Dune Buggies as well as begin working on the research books I’ll need to create the tier two components the Dune Buggies will require.

But right now my back is killin’ meh, so I’m going to go get lost in the shower. The wasteland will be there when I get back!

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Fallen Earth – Quick Break

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The last couple of days I’ve taken a break from Fallen Earth. Not because I’m not enjoying the game, but because I just need a break.

I downloaded and logged into Eve Online just to check out some of the changes and ended up feeling beyond lost.

I have logged into Fallen Earth. Right now I’m feeling frustrated at the fact that I can’t make some things I’d like to make. Then again though I am still level 17 and I don’t want to allocate all of my AP towards Intelligence right now. The more AP allocated to Intelligence, the higher level a person can craft.

I threw some more points in and I’m sitting at a crafting level of 72 right now. I want to get up to 75 as soon as I can so I can start working on some specific armor pieces as well as getting to work on making Dune Buggies.

I have a whole town fullĀ  of quests in Copper Mine to clean out. Though I’m halfway to 18, I haven’t felt the drive to get those quests knocked out over the last couple of days. But there are other things going on that have a stronger grip on my attention right now.

I’m not sure if I’ll get back into the swing of things over the weekend, but who knows. I think I really do need to spend a day just doing some scavenging and making ammo. That always gets me inspired to do anything other than scavenging heh.

Well until next time, I’ll just be getting lost.

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Fallen Earth – Done With Needle Eye

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I mopped up the last of the Needle Eye quests this evening. It’s really nice to get a small town wiped up in an evening, two if I’m feeling lazy. Nothing else really neato to report about Needle Eye really.

Though I did have to do battle with a giant mushroom. That probably should have reminded me of Super Mario Brothers. I hated those mushrooms. I mean the turtles you could use but the mushrooms were just a pain.

But I digress. Now that I’m done with Needle Eye and halfway to 18 it’s time to head up to Copper Mine. I made quick stop at Rest Stop, but there were only 2 quests and a butt load of zombies. Usually I’m a big fan of killing zombies, but since neither quest involved killing the zombies I figured it was time to mosie on.

Until next time I’ll be lost in the Wastelands…

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Fallen Earth – Trivia Night Tuesday

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I got to participate in Trivia Night Tuesday tonight. It was held at Embry Crossroads today.

The event was actually kind of neat. I got a chance to see some of the Game Masters “in the pixels”. I also competed with quite a crowd for some goodies. The interesting thing about the event is that the prizes offered are actually in game items usually crafted and then donated by the players themselves.

So while it’s an event moderated by Game Masters, it’s really made possible by player donations.

I should probably consider setting aside some time to craft some stuff up, for the event. Even lower level people need some goodies. That and it’d be just good fun. There was everything from air rifles to vehicles available as prizes. And the questions ranged from hilarious to total stumpers.

Now I’ve just got to remember to look into how to donate items. I’m pretty sure I could craft up some stuff for folks my level and below. Even newbies need gear!

Until then I’ll be wandering in the wasteland!

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Fallen Earth – Meeting CHOTA in Needle Eye

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This evening I went a little native with some CHOTA out of Needle Eye. The cool thing about Sector 1 is seeing all of the factions interacting. You’re not forced to choose sides yet, you just get to see how they interact.

The Needle Eye quest involving the CHOTA was actually kind of interesting. You start out by helping one guy who’s had issues with his leg and wants to see if the CHOTA can do anything to help him out with that. Then you’re sent to deal with one of they typical CHOTA jerks who send you out on a quest to see if you’re tough enough to be trusted by the CHOTA. But at least I got the chance to insult the guy through wording choices, so that made beating up some NPC’s well worth the time and effort.

When you’re done insulting the first guy you get a chance to move on to the CHOTA shaman. These guys are all right. That’s probably why the jerks are there to protect them from having to deal with outsiders. Safe to say I completed the rest of the quest line with ease since they’re all green to me at level 17.

The interesting thing though was something in the quest text written by the CHOTA shaman. He said “Go now and be free.” Evidently freedom is one of the more important ideals of being a CHOTA. OK that and being able to beat the crap out of any and everything else.

For all their gruffness, there might be an another side to the CHOTA that I could really get into. The more I get into melee the more I’m starting to like the CHOTA way of doing things.

At this point though I’m still too heavily invested in my Rifle skills. Dropping all that for melee would cost me a good chunk of chips. Though I am really grateful that players are able to tweak their AP allocation now.

I am looking forward to Sector 2, but I’m still undecided about what faction I want to end up in. I also want to find a good clan to call home, but I know that the faction I choose could have an impact on which clan will have me.

There are clans that take anybody no matter what their faction. I don’t mind that. But really I’d kind of like to get in with an older clan that’s more tied to one faction or another.

I guess really I’ll have to wait until Sector 2 and see what happens then.

Until that time I’ll have to hide out in the science lab waiting to finish up my motorcycle.

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Fallen Earth – Hitting 17

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Today I managed to hit 17. Both the questing and my leveling started moving along at a much faster pace once I hit Linewood Facility.

Sadly I did end up BACK in Kingman to complete a quest chain starting in Linewood Facility. You have no idea just how much that made me a very, very sad panda.

I boogied through all of the quests though, even the quests that sent me up to Needle Eye and back into Kingman. I even ended up receiving a quest reward pistol that was a match for the pistol I received for completing the Casta Gaunt must die quest chain. So now I’m rocking a pair of 10 round pistols.

After finishing up those quests I got a little bit of a crafting bug. So I decided to go ahead and get the motorcycle built in preparation for the Dune Buggy I want to build. After scrounging for the parts around Oilville I found almost everything I needed and bought the rest of the Science Merchant. I set up the four motorcycle components in my queue and now all I have to do is wait it out.

Thanks to the folks at Demonville Radio I wasn’t bored to tears sitting at the science lab. The in game events really add some flavor to the game. I hope to catch more of them as time goes on, but who knows.

Aside from that I learned that the large quantity of black dye I’ve had sitting in the vault was useless. Evidently they came up with a new system of creating and dying items (including painting vehicles). Personally I like the new system, though it was annoying to have to make new dye kits. I couldn’t help it, that olive shirt was really really ugly, and you’re talking to someone who is a big fan of green.

Not sure if I’ll get much time in tomorrow since I’ll still be waiting out the Motorcycle build. If I do it’ll be time to clean out Needle Eye before moving west toward Copper Mine and hitting everything along the way.

Until then, I’ll have some North Burbs Sage Tea, and look out over the wastelands.

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Fallen Earth – Demonville Radio in Oilville

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So after a long day of questing I hit Oilville to gather some Scrap Steel as the last required components for building a motorcycle. Little did I know that Demonville Radio was holding an event there.

It’s a weekly thing starting at 8pm EST on Sundays. Where folks gather for almost a role play kind of gathering where they drink, listen to music, and use the in game dance e-motes.

I hung out and listened to some tunes via the Deamonville Radio website. I even got my boogie on too. There were some cool tunes and most of the folks attending were level 40 and above. Well aside from myself and a couple other low level folks.

It was a nice diversion while I had some downtime. When you’re bag is full of the materials required for building a vehicle it’s practically pointless to try doing much other than sitting in the shop. So really I’m grateful for the diversion.

There are events like this one pretty regularly in Fallen Earth. It’s one of the more interesting elements of the game. The game it’s self is fun to play, but the game community is really something all of it’s own.

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