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I re-subbed last night and spent a good bit of time checking on my Hore guild which still exists.
My Mom and I were the only ones online, which is pretty par for the course.
Now I just can’t decide what I want to do. I mean, where do I start.
My 70 something Ret Pally is on the Alliance side in the micro guild I set up there. Though I loved playng her I don’t feel like going back to the Alliance again. Ever. The Undercity is Horde side, so that’s where I’ll stay.
MomsĀ  isn’t too stoked about leaving her mage on the Alliance side, I can’t say that I’ll miss her mount. That elephant thing just got stuck on everything.
Mom does have a few alts on the Horde side so it’ll be fun to see which one she chooses. I’m in the same boat really. I have a low level hunter, paladin, shaman, and druid. I have that 50 something warlock who needs her Fel steed. There’s my priest stuck at the unfortunate level 69 and the Death Knight I so adored (stuck at 75).
All of them are talentless, all of them require funding for something, and some of them could use some serious upgrades.

My name is Creep and I am an alt-aholic.

This time around though I think I want to try a Hunter. I loved my lock with pets and my Death Night was really only fun with my little zombie ally. With the guns and the pets it just might be geeky enough for me to enjoy.

Am I looking to hit the level cap and raid? Hell no. In fact I’m looking forward to totally slacking off in WoW. It’ll be fun chasing down pets, fishing, and just plain goofing off with Mom.

PS this was written entirely on my Android.

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    1. By Creep (Post author) on

      I’ve never played a pvp server, so I really can’t say. Since I want to re-roll anyway I can be flexible. It would make for some hilarious video, but who knows.

  1. By Rivs on

    We’re gonna have some fun. Relax, PvP servers are not as bad as they once were.

  2. By Rivs on

    Oh and don’t become the Scary of Androids, and write a novel on it. LOL!

    1. By Creep (Post author) on

      But I love my Droid! That and it’s a lot more convenient than hauling my laptop all over the place.

      I made a hunter on Azgolar named Creepie.

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